Church History

Church Name: Little Blaine United Baptist Church or Old Log Cabin
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Status: Inactive
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General Condition: Still has the 1840's atmosphere. There is no electric, uses a pot belly stove, original bench seats, and outhouse. The United Baptist Church of Jesus Christ holds to the Old traditions, like the circuit rider who travels from church to church each week to Preach the Word of God. They have an Association which governs the Church body. They do not write their sermons, for they are led by the Spirit of God.  There is no longer a regular meeting time for this Church.  The roof is caving in.
Coordinates:  37.9920353 -82.7251581
Location:  Noris, KY 
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History: Established in 1841 and occasionally still functions. The person who open the Church services is the moderator of Mary Church. 
Transcriptions:  Alice Lauderback and Nita Lewis
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Current Pastor: Who ever is the Moderator of Mary Church takes care of the services of the Little Blaine United Baptist Church