January 6

Tommy Lyttleton was received by our community with much sorrow and regret. This sad accident occurred on Christmas night about 11 o’clock as Prof. Lyttelton and family were getting on board the steamer Ingomar on which they intended to go to Pikeville. The unfortunate child stepped between the wharf and steamboat and was never seen again. Search for the body was begun at once. The next morning ( Sunday) a thorough search was begun and was continued almost without cessation during the day. No services were held at the M.E. Church, South, as a large number of people were aiding in the some way in the search, for the body. Considerable searching was done through the week, but it was ll in vain. Tommy was an exceedingly bright and intelligent boy. of seven years of age. The deepest sympathies and tenderest feelings of this entire community are with the family.

Note from 4/28: The body of Tommy Lyttleton, who was drowned at this place last Christmas, was found one day last week about 12 miles below here, by K ( can’t read), Jas. Pigg and Leander Cox. The body was brought to this place and placed in the care of undertaker McClure. Prof. Lyttleton came down from Pikevill on Saturday, and the body was buried in the Pine Hill Cemetery.


January 13

We are sorry to hear of the death of little Malcolm Dawson which occurred last Saturday at the home of his parents a few miles above this place.


Died- at the residence of Jack Burk, in this city, on last Thursday, Mr Kelly Ferguson. His remains were interred at Fairview Cemetery near Cassville, W. Va. on Sunday.


January 20

Luther Hayes, son of Allen Hays, died on the 17th Inst. Our sympathies are with the father and mother

 |January 27

Died at her residence in Louisa, last Tuesday, Mrs. McKengie. The funeral services were held yesterday at the M.E. Church, of which the deceased was a faithful member.



Feb 3



Feb 10



Feb 17

Ida Salayer, a frail woman well known in this community, committed suicide last Saturday afternoon by drowning. The circumstance are about as follows: She had been living around Louisa until last week when she went to her father’s who lives on the river at the old Potter place, about 4 miles below town. At the time no one mentioned no one was at home except two young children, and to these the girl communicated her intention of drowning herself. They became frightened and begged her not to do it. She quieted them by saying she was only joking and went to another room, saying she would lie down. After taking off her shoes she slipped out of the house, and presently the children saw her in the water, some distance from the shore. They gave the alarm, but too late to the save the unfortunate woman from her untimely fate. The body was recovered late Sunday afternoon. Coroner Weis was notified and held an inquest, at which Dr Bussey made a post mortem examination. The jury rendered a verdict of suicide by drowning. Ida Salyer was about 17 years old, and a girl of more than ordinary personal beauty.


A Tribute of Respect:

To my departed friend Columbus Holbrook:

Again the angel of death passed over our little community and left in its wake a heart broken Father, Mother, Mother in Law and Father in Law with weeping brothers and sisters, besides a sad community of friends and neighbors. This time the All Wise saw fit to call from his labors and sufferings here on earth to a higher sphere, our brother Columbus Holbrook, of Blaine, Lawrence co., Ky was 23 years old, departed this life Feb 12th, 1887 at 2 o’clock a.m. He had been a member of the Christian Church for about three months and possessed what he professed and died in full faith. He was a kind, devoted and loving companion, an open hearted, big souled boy, a friend in need and in deed. Our deepest sympathies are for his Father, Mother and relatives. They have lost a dutiful and business son. He was a true brother and kind neighbor and like all, loved life, yet he accepted death as resignedly and full trust as he had lived. Sixteen days ago we laid his kind and devoted wife ( Carrie Holbrook, daughter of H. H. and Mollie Gambill) to rest. She died in full faith and hope. Three weeks ago we laid to rest their first born and only child, thus inside of three weeks we laid all three in the lonely grave, but feel assured that they are now singing God’s praise around His throne where there is parting, weeping or mourning but rejoicing and praising God for ever and ever more. They have closed their earthy mission and have gone to live with God. The were pure to the Earth. Then look upward Father, Mother, and friends, he is not in the grave but has risen to a higher life. God has promised to never forsake you; then keep yourselves ready for the happy meeting that awaits you beyond the river, on the golden shore and around the great white throne by the pure river of life, on the ever green mountains where there will be no sunken eyes or hollow checks parched by fever, but where we will mingle our voices in praise to God and the Lamb forever.



Mr C M Holbrook, who only a short time ago lost his loving wife and infant child, died on the 12th inst. Typhoid fever along with grief, was the cause of his death. Mr and Mrs Holbrook were both faithful church members, beloved by all who knew them.


Died, Feb 10th, Miss Vina Wellman. We sympathize deeply with her relatives.


Feb 24

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March 3



March 10



March 17

James Sloan, who lived near this place was killed near Richardson last week. He was assisting in the work of driving piles for a trestle on the Chattaroi extension, and was struck in the side by some part of the machinery. He only lived a few hours.


March 24



March 31




April 7


April 14

Edmunds Branch

Died, with Typhoid fever. on the 6th inst., Wm. Atkins Jr. He was one of the best citizens of Lawrence County, was true and generous toward everybody, and was highly esteemed by all. He died at the age of 26- the period when life is sweetest- leaving a host of relatives and friends to mourn their loss, which is his eternal gain. Only a few days prior to his death he announced that God has spoken peace to his soul, and that he was ready and willing to die. His wife and other near relatives desire to return their heartfelt thanks to the many good friends who have borne with them their sad bereavement.


April 21

This issue very damaged scan and only 2 damaged pages not 4



April 28

Jas. H Marcum ( nickname Pud)



May 5



May 12

A man named Roscoo Myrtle and supposed to be from Wheeling, W. VA., was drowned near John Ewing’s on Wednesday of last week. He attempted to cross the river in a leaky skiff after dark. His cried were heard by people on both sides of the river, but they supposing it was parties landing timber, pain no attention to it and the fact was not known until Saturday when the body floated up. ( note no location was mentioned except near John Ewing’s)


May 19

Mrs. Hammond, who was wounded some time ago by the Smith’s on Cat’s Fork, in this county, died a few days ago from the effects of her injuries. She was suddenly attacked by a pain in the portion of her body which was pierced by a ball, and lived only about an hour.


Died, on the 6th inst., H. F. Adams, commonly known as Fisher Ben. The remains were interred in the family grave yard. He leaves a wife and large family to mourn his departure. He was 8 ( think says 81 but hard to read) years old.


May 26

Died on the 17th, Benj. Spradlin, aged 94 years. Measles caused his death. Also. on the same day, a little daughter of Mr Dixon.


Died, on the 18th, a little child of David Lyons



June 2

Died, last week of brain fever, Gertie, a three year old daughter of J.B. and Dema Riffe. She was interred in the family grave year near the place


June 9



June 16



June 23

Died, in Fort Gay, on Tuesday afternoon, Mrs Samuel Ratcliffe



Died, of Scrofula, on the 15th, inst., Mrs Lucinda Webb, wife of Allen T. The deceased leaves a husband and eight children to mourn her loss: Our deepest sympathies are extended to the bereaved. She is the twelfth out of a family of fourteen children that are now dead.


Died, in Gallipolis, OH. on the 11th inst. Mr J. C. Duvall, who had formerly been making his home at this place, but on account of his illness returned home recently. He was a gentleman, respected by all who knew him, and we are pained to hear of his death.


June 30

Died yesterday morning, a little child of Albert Copley and wife.


In Memoriam-Died, on June 20th of consumption, Addie, wife of Esquire John Compton, after an illness of four weeks. She was 27 years of age and leave a husband and 3 children to mourn the loss of a wife and mother, but it is not as with those who have no hope, for the the writer visited her during her illness and talked to her concerning her soul. He last words were that she was resigned to the will of God, he knowing best ( Rev. D. K. Leslie)


Edmonds Branch:

Measles is playing sad havoc, throughout this vicinity, Miss Sarah Yates, daughter of Jas. Yates died of the disease on the 20th inst, and several other cases are reported from different parts of the neighborhood. The red flag is not an unusual scene at almost any home.



July 7

Two boys named Wooten, were drowned a few days ago while swimming in the rives at the mouth of White’s Creek.


July 14



July 21



July 28



August 4

Mrs Bond Demise

It becomes the painful duty of the Herald to recored the death of Nancy Josephine Bond, wife of H. M. Bond of this city. The lady had been suffering for several weeks past from Rheumatic fever. From the first her condition has been serious, although at times the hope of her friends were raised, and her speedy recovery looked for. At 3PM yesterday, however, she passed away peacefully. It is a remarkable coincidence that she was born at 3P. Mrs Bond was a woman of admirable qualities and the circle of her friends is very large. Her protracted illness had shown how much she was respected, for from every hand came friends anxious to do something to alleviate her pain and assist the family, the lady’s age was 39 year, 6 months and 12 days. She leaves 3 children. The funeral ceremony will be conducted at the residence on Spring St, between 3rd and 4th, on Monday July 25th at 2 PM. Friends are invited to attend ( Ogden UT Herald).
The Mrs Bond referred to in the above was the wife of H. M. Bond, formerly of the Big Sandy Herald. She was a daughter of K.N. Harris and was born in Paintsville. Mrs Bond was a lady of great amiability of character, a most devoted wife and mother and her many friends and relations in the Sandy Vally will sincerely mourn her death. To the bereaved husband we extend our heartfelt sympathies.


Died, in Fort Gay, W. VA, last Tuesday, the infant child of Mr and Mrs Harry Lawson.


Died this morning at 10 o’clock at his residence in Louisa, Judge John J. Jordan of heart disease. He was taken suddenly ill Tuesday evening and suffered greatly until his death. He was for two terms County Judge of this county. His estate is worth quite a large amount. ( see below on 8/18 for another obit on this person)


August 11

Died, Little Johnnie, son of George and Sophia Caines at their home, this county, Monday, August 8th, aged 1 year, 10 mo.


August 18

On August 4th, 1887, Judge John. J. Jordan departed this life, His death is lamented by his multitude of acquaintances.

The deceased has served as clerk Lawrence County and Circuit Courts, once faithfully represented this county in the Legislature, was twice elected County Judge, and has served as a Justice of the Peace; and in all these capacities he has acquitted himself with satisfaction to his constituents and honor to himself.

At the time of his death he was Treasurer of Lawrence County. His many friends deplore his loss to the county.

He leaves 10 living children-four sons and six daughters-of who eight are married. He was a member of the Christian church and his last words were a profession to his faith in the Saviour. The sympathy of the community is with the family.



Died, on the 10th inst. Mrs John Kind after a long illness. Also Johnny Vaughan, an aged resident of this country.


August 25


Died, on last Thursday of Flux, Willie Carter, age 11 years.




Sept 1

There were 3 deaths in the county Sunday. One of Bernard Holt’s children, and Wm, Adams died. Also a child of on the of Hughes.


Died in Louisa, Wednesday morning, Aug. 31st, 1887, Mr. C. H. Burgess, aged 54. About three weeks ago Mr Burgess was seized with acute dysentery and in spite of medical skill and the most attention of his family and friends, he succumbed to the dread disease. He died quietly and without pain, and in full possession of his facilities. Mr Burgess moved from the old home place to Louisa a few years ago and was in every sense one of our best and most useful citizens. He was a sober, industrious, honest man, a consistent member of the M.E. Church South, a most devoted husband and father. He leaves a widow, one married daughter-Mrs Aug. Synder-two daughters just budding into womanhood and one little boy to mourn an irreparable loss.

The funeral services will be at the M.E. Church South this Thursday morning at 10 o’clock. He will be buried with the honors of Masonry.


Sept 8

Edmonds Branch:

Revs, Issac Fannin and F.R. Rice preached the funerals of John and Elizabeth Foster, son and wife of William Foster, at this place on last Sabath.


Sept 15

Jas. W. Meeks was murdered in Greeup county last week by Wm. Harris


J. M. Greenwade of West Liberty was found dead in his bed a few days since.


Died on George’s Creek, last Friday, the five year old son of Gordon C. Burgess and his wife. We are informed that a child of Prof. G. M. Elam of Blaine, died last week of flux. Both children died of Flux.


Sept 22

This paper was very damaged… think there might be an obit on page 3 but cut off… can just read… Tuesday, near Cassville, …o year old son of J.H. Well-

Our community was greatly shocked early Tuesday morning by the news that Eugene Wallace had ended his life by shooting himself with a pistol. Many friends and relatives at once hurried to his comfortable home only to find the sad news true. The deed was done shortly after 6 o’clock and the unfortunate man lived until ten minutes past eight. He never spoke after firing the fatal shot. Dr Wroten was summoned and found that the ball had entered the right side of the head, about three inches above, and a little in front of the ear. The ball went straight through, passing beyond the reach of the probe.

Mr. Wallace was in town the afternoon previous to his death, but gave no sign of more than ordinary illness. He had been in bad health some month, and would, if he had lived, gone to Cincinnati this week to consult with a specialist in nervous disorders. he at his breakfast as usual Tuesday morning, and after finishing the meal started up stairs alone. Directly afterward a shot was heard and his wife and aged mother went up the stairs in search of the son and husband. Right at the head of the stairs they found him lying in a pool of blood, his brains oozing from a ghastly wound made by a a 38 caliber ball.

As above mentioned Mr Wallace has been sick for some months. That his mind was impaired was evident to all who knew him, and there can be no doubt that while laboring under his mental aberration he took his own life. He had just finished an elegant home, happy in his family relations, was loved and respected by all who knew him, and enjoyed the confidence of his fellow-men.

Mr Wallace was sober, industrious, a most devoted husband and father. He was a member of the South Methodist Church, an active devoted Christian. He was a member of the Apperson Lodge No 195, A.Y. M. and of Louisa Chapter No 95, R. A. M.. He was 33 years of age and leaves and widow and 4 children.

Later issues have mention of his death— born day of April, 1854, died September 20th, 1887


September 29




October 6

Lawrence County: On last Thursday night Samual B. Davis wen to the home of Vina Pack. on George’s Creek, in this county, and finding John Daniels in conversation with Vina, he immediately drew a revolver and fired five shots at the parties. The woman received wounds from which she died on the following morning but Daniels escaped injury.


October 13


October 20

Page 3 damaged so missing over 1/2 page.

Could read this only partially:

Died, at her home in this… Tuesday of last week, Miss S… of our brightest and best yo… she was a faithful member of… Church South and her deat… day School loses one of its mos…workers… The sympathies of … munity are with the family.


October 27

Edmonds Branch:

Uncle” John Hughes dies of the flux on the 21st inst., at the age of 76. He leaves an aged widow, several children and a host of friends to mourn their loss, which beyond a doubt is his eternal gain, as he was praising God in the highest up to within a few minutes of his death. The widow had the heartfelt sympathy of the community.


The funeral of Charles Hampton, who dies some time ago, was preached on last Sunday by Rev Lee Wilson of W. Va



November 3

Hon. K.F. Prichard, died at his home in Catlettsburg on Saturday evening, October 29th. He was taken ill on the Wednesday evening preceding his death and on Thursday evening was seized with an epileptic fit, from which he never recovered.

Mr Prichard was one of the most talented and prominent lawyers in Eastern Kentucky. His reputation as a criminal lawyer was not confined to his locality, but extended over the greater part of the state. He practiced largely in the Stated and United States Courts, and when stricken down was engaged in several important cases in those Courts.

The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Black of the M.E. Church South on Monday.

Several persons from Louisa attended the funeral. They were as follows: Col. Jay H. Northup, Mr. and Mrs, R. T. Burns, Messrs, R. F. Vinson, R. J. Prichard, H. W. Ferguson and W.W. Marcum.

Capt Alex Hanley, who died at Ceredo, W. Va., last week, from injuries received by being thrown from a horse, was once a resident of this place. He married a sister of Judge J. M. and R. T. Burns. In the Cincinnati Commercial Gazette he is spoken of as follows: “Capt” Alex Hanley, who died a few days ago at Ceredo, W. Va., was an old time pilot, but for many years past engaged in the timber business. He had many warm friends on the river, and was at one time a partner at the wheel with Com. Wash Honshell. He was also a close friend of Com. C.M. Holloway, who always spoke of him as a gentleman of liberal views and a generous heart. Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Burns of this place attended the funeral.


Nov 10

Mrs. Giles Roe, living in Fort Gay, W. Va., our neighboring town, was burned to death this morning. She was just recovering from a spell of sickness and was very weak. There were only some small children at the house at the time of the sad accident and it is not known how it happened, but it is supposed that she fainted and fell into the fire, which was in a large wood-fire place. She died within 2 minutes after assistance reached her.


Nov 17

Another murder occurred in Floyd County a short time since. A fellow named Howard killed his wife and is now in jail in Prestonsburg.


Nov 24






December 1

Died, at Mr J. W. Jones’, yesterday morning, Miss Rosa Smith of consumption. She was a sister to Mrs. Jones.


James Whitt, who had long been suffering from Consumption, died last week at the home of his father about 3 miles below this place.


Wm. Davis died on the 23 ult. of pneumonia. He was a successful farmer and merchant and leaves a large estate. Mr. H. H. Gambill has been chosen administrator. the people of this neighborhood sympathize with the bereaved family in their trouble.


Andrew Burton died at his home on George’s Creek one day last week.



Dec 8



Dec 15



Dec 22



Dec 29