1890 Library of Congress has 1890 but all issues under 1890 are really

1893- also some pages in all issues really couldn’t read - faded and can’t





Jan 6- this issue is from 1893


Review of 1892:


Jan 1st wife of Rev H. G. Reynolds died at Fort Gay

Jan 28th, infant child of J.B. Peters died

Feb 25th, telegram, announcing death of Dr Will Sweinam, a native of Louisa

March 7, Wm. Dawson, aged 78, died in Fort Gay

March 8th Mrs. T. J. Davis died

March 11th small child of Joshua Endicut died

April 11, John Crabtree killed by a train at this place

April 9th, Jas Short Sr., died of paralysis

April 17th, Mrs. H. W. died

April 19th Bob Crabtree killed by Dick Lyons

April 20th, Jas. Mead killed by Wm. Davis on Nat’s creek.

May 21, S. B. Justice died suddenly

June 1st, Mrs. Elizabeth Shannon died, aged 72

June 9th, Roland Sammons, aged 70 years, fell dead

June 17th, Grand Wright drowned while bathing

June 21st, 15 month of child of Miniard Thompson died

June 22 Hugh Spark killed by Nathan Gambill, on Blaine

July 13th, Nicolas McGulet, aged 94, died

July 19th, infant of Dr Murray died

Sept 6th, Thos. Judd a conductor, fatally crushed by a train.

Sept 19th, Rube Lunsford killed by Thos. France.

Sept 24th Samp Smith killed John Chaffin

Oct 15, Miss Mollie Wilson died

Nov 2, Mrs. J.F. Dixon died

Nov 9th, Col. L. T Moore died

Nov 22, Ace Spence killed his cousin Aaron Spence at Peach Orchard

Dec 19th, burial of Felix Garred, who died in Missouri on the 16th.


Johnson West shot and instantly killed Jake Runyon in Pike county last week

while the latter was attempting to arrest him for shooting Albert Blackburn thru

the hip the day before. West knocked J. B. Smith down with his Winchester and

escaped to West Virginia. He is know as a desperado.


Jan 13- this issue is 1893


One of the twins recently born to Lot Wellman’s wife died a few days ago. It was

a boy. ( see below where it says both died)


We inadvertently failed last week to mention the death of Mrs. Jas. C. Castle,

which occurred at her home near Sedalia, Mo., on December 21st. She was 70

years old, the mother of Hon. G.W. and H.W. Castle , of this county, and reared

her family in this vicinity, removing with her husband to Missouri 20 years ago.

She enjoyed the best of health up to a short time before her death, her fatal illness

being of short duration.


While under the influence of liquor Jas. White accidentally shot and killed his

sixteen year old brother in Logan county, W. Va. recently.


John Fleming killed his uncle John Mullens in Logan county, W. Va., recently

and was released on the grounds of self defense.


Jan 20- this issue is 1893


The twins born to the wife of Lot Wellman recently died last week.


Jan 27- this issue is 1893


Flat Gap: We are sorry to note the death of Mrs. Nancy Rice, of this place,

which this week.


Cherokee: The angels called from the home of John F. and Frances J. Cooper

their oldest son, John Henry on Jan 7, 93. John Henry was born May 29, 1878.

He was unwell for several days, and was confined to his room only three. Though

his sufferings were great he bore them with patience and fortitude. His presence

will be greatly missed from his home and school, where he was always full of

play and mirth, and full of hope for the future; but death- the personal enemy of

all the human race marked him for on of the angels of the school of the little ones

in heaven, where he will meet his little sister Minnie Lee, who was called away

when only 15 months old. Thought but a child the deceased put his trust in God,

and called on his father, mother, brothers and sisters to meet him there. His life is

suddenly closed, the spirit has flown, his voice stilled forever, his presence is

missed, and mourned at his much love home. But no call can awake that slumber

whose deep sleep lets the soul into beyond. The left that a little while ago was

chained to an earthy body, soars in realms of light and joy forever. His Sister.


Fallsburg: Died, the infant child of Cornelous Ball. Also a daughter of Melvin

Browning. The bereaved have our extended sympathies.


Rube Stewart Dead: A private letter from Pikeville informs us that on last

Sunday, Reuben Stewart, a notorious desperado of Pike county, committed

suicide at the resident of one Hall on the Cumberland mountains in that county.

There was no one in the room at the time, and when the family heard the report

of the pistol and entered the room, Steward was lying on the floor dead and his

pistol beside him.


Readers of the Courier will remember that in August 1892, this man Stewart

murdered two men by the name of Ratcliffe. Since that time he has been a

fugitive from justice. His death rids Pike county of a very undesirable citizen, and

saves the State a large sum of money that would have been expended in this

prosecution should he have been captured. ( Paintsville Courier)


W. M. Ford died of consumption at Pikeville last week, aged 38 years.


James H. O’Daniels was born July 1st, 1849 and departed this life Jan 7th,

1893. He was made in Odd Fellow in 1891 and was loved and honored by all the

members of the fraternity who knew him, was born and raised in Lawrence

county, Ky., and well know by many of the citizens of the county. He was known

and loved by all. He was converted when a youth and was a true member of the

M.E. Church South until death when God said come up higher. He was class

leader at Cumins Chapel in Kavanaugh circuit until he moved to Ashland almost

one year ago where he remained until his death. We learn that he was regularly

in attendance at lodge and at church while there. He was brought back to old

Cumins Chapel and buried beside his little daughter. He was buried the

I.O.O. F. A wife, one son and one daughter, father, mother, four brothers, two

sisters and many friends to mourn their loss. We will miss him. The fraternity of

which he was an honored member will miss him. May God bless the bereaved

friends and may all meet in the grand lodge above ( R. F. Rice)


Fallsburg: We deeply regret to chronicle the death of the 13 year old daughter of

M. Browning which occurred last Sunday, after an illness of three days. She was

a gem in her family and a shining star with all her playmates, and she will be

greatly missed because of her purity and brightness, and in her death we sustain

a great loss, but our loss is her gain. The bereaved parents have our deepest

sympathy, for it is they who are most bereaved.




Feb 3- this issue is 1893


Bolts Fork: Mrs. Miran Lakin, a very aged lady (85) passed away the 13th.


A man by the name of J.H. Tackett came to his death in a very mysterious

manner one night last week at Thacker, Logan county, W. Va. He was found

dead in one of the railroad shanties near Shang Farrell’s. The shanty was on fire

and the man was burned nearly to death before any aid could reach him. The

detectives say that there is something mysterious about this matter.


Another murder occurred in Pike county last Monday. Issac Moore, living on

Elkhorn, killed Wm. Kelley and seriously wounded his, Moore’s wife. Kelley was

a moonshiner and had been in the habit of taking Moore’s wife, and keeping her

as long as he wanted to and then sending her home. At the time of the killing,

she had been gone some time and came home on the day of the killing. Moore

told her to get her clothes and leave the house, as he did not want her there any

longer. She raised a row with a cook that Moore had employed and she tried to

part them. Keely then took a hand in the row, and putting his hand in pocket

drove Moore from his house and followed him out in the yard, still coming

towards him, when Moore shot him three times, once in the neck. once in the

thigh, hand the third shot taking effect in his bowels, and he fell. He died Tuesday

afternoon. Moore’s wife seeing Kelley mortally wounded, came at her husband

with a large butcher knife, when he shot her, inflicting a would in the thigh.

Though badly wounded, it is thought she will recover. Moore would have killed

both of them, but he had only four cartridges in his pistol. He was arrested

Tuesday, and is now in the Pikeville jail awaiting trial ( Paintsville Courier



Feb 10- this issue is 1893


John Pyles, vice-president of the State National bank of Maysville, died of

paralysis. He was in his 71st year, and was one of the wealthiest men in the

county. Deceased leaves four children.


Unable to read first name…. Allison, a colored girl… this place, took poison at …

sburg Tuesday, her body was brought here for internment. ( Assume this might

be Catlettburg?)


Dan Friley died a few days ago at the home of Dan Vinson, seven miles

above here of consumption. … Unable to read rest of obit.


A Negro killed by a little girl:

Cuzzie Harvery, little nine-year old daughter of Wm. Harvey, who lives about

nine miles up Tug River, accidentally shot and killed George Turner, a 20 year

old colored man employed about the place. It occurred yesterday morning as

Turner was about to start out to work. The children were accustomed to playing

with his two revolvers which were kept empty. The night before the accident,

however, he had place one cartridge in on of the revolvers and laid it on the

mantel. The little girl got it, and playfully pointing at him, said she would shoot

him. She pulled the trigger and sent a ball into his forehead, killing him instantly.


Nolan WV: The residence of Mr. Mike Young of White Post, Ky., was burned

at 1;30 o’clock this morning. The first was under full headway when first

discovered by Mr. Young.


There were four children, the oldest ten years of age, sleeping in the second

story. When Mr. Young discovered the fire he made a rush for the children and

succeeded in getting two little girls started down the stairs. By this time the

flames were reaching the room and the smoke so blinded him that he thought he

had them all out. As the reached the bottom, his oldest body came rushing past

him with his clothes on fire. They then discovered that there was one child yet in

the burning building but the first had made such headway that is was found

impossible to save the child. By this time help had arrived and every effort was

made to rescue the child of no avail. He was burned alive in the flames.

The family was taken to John B. Goff’s a short distance away, a physician

summoned, and it was found that the oldest boy was badly burned and could live

but a short time.


This morning the remains of the youngest was found in the basement. At

1:30 o’clock the oldest boy died and will be buried tomorrow in the grave

with his younger brother.


Mr. Young was burned very badly but the doctor thinks not fatal.


Mr. Young married J.B. Goff’s oldest daughter and is the father of six children. He

is an honest, intelligent business man and his loss is mourned throughout the

surrounding country.


Wm. Remmele was called to Huntington last week by the sudden death of

his father. He was up in the seventies in age, and was known her, having spent

a portion of his time with his son.


Feb 17- this issue is from 1893

Double Tragedy: Yesterday morning never Savage Branch, almost twenty two

miles below here, Sheeler Quillen and James Ewing met on the railroad track,

and, without a work, began shooting at each other. The latter was killed on the

spot and the former fatally wounded. One shot only struck each, thought several

were fired. There was trouble of long standing between them, which had been

renewed the evening before. Quiden was employed as a “track walker’ and his

wife was with him when the tragedy occurred. Ewing was about twenty years of

age and unmarried. ( see 3/10 for info on Sheeler death)


Lick Creek:

A loved one from us has gone,

Her voice we loved is stilled,

A vacant place is in our home

That never can be filled.

Died at her home at this place, Feb 10th, the wife of James Compton. She

leaves a husband and your children and a host of friends to mourn her loss. We

wish to extend our deepest sympathy to the bereaved husband and babes.


Feb 24- this issue is from 1893


Horseford KY: The aged mother of one of our citizens, Eli Frashier, died at her

home at Forks of Hurricane WV, this week. Our sympathy is extended to the



Little Blaine: Death invaded the house of Joseph Tomlin and took his infant

child on the 15 inst.


A Black Demon: Meets a Death Less Horrible than he deserved.

Last Sunday in Pike county, on Tug River, Bell Deskins, a good citizen of that

neighborhood, accidentally came up on a negro man who attempting an assault

upon his (Deskins) little four year old daughter. He was unarmed , but attacked

the negro in a crazed sort of way. The negro at once begin to fight and a

desperate struggle took place which lasted from some time. Finalley Deskins got

the fiend down, and seeing a rock within reach he seized it and beat the negro on

the head until he was dead- not stopping until he was certain the job was well

done. Mr. Deskins carries a number of bruises and marks about the face as a

result of the combat. The negro had been in Deskins Employ for two or three



When will it stop?

We regret the necessity of reporting another murder case for Lawrence county

this week. This thing reach an alarming state some time ago and seems to

gather impetus as the months go by. If something is not done to stop it, what can

we promise ourselves in the future.


This last awful affair occurred on Canes Creek, near the Elliott county line. John

Ferguson a desperado who left this county some time ago on account of the

number of indictments against him, came back recently and on last Sunday was

in company with several others engaged in drinking.


Ferguson made an attack upon David Williams with a knife and injured him

badly. Williams drew a knife and cut Ferguson through the heart. He ran a short

distance and fell dead. Williams is dangerously wounded.


MARCH 1893


March 3- this issues is 1893


In a free for all fight in a county store seven miles north of Ryan, Ky., John Jones

and Ham. Ratcliff were fatally cut with knives. Hayden Holtz, Sam Parks and

Wilson McCade were also dangerously hurt by being hit over the head with

clubs. The fight grew our of shooting match, in which two men fatally wounded

were winners.


At Bigton, T. D. Glore killed himself with a shotgun pulling the trigger with his

toed. He left a letter to his wife, stating that he hated to do anything wrong, but

couldn’t throw “it” off any longer, and hoping to meet her in Heaven. He was a

prosperous farmer. ( could not find where Bigton is?)


Near West Liberty, the other day, an old feud between the Caskrrys was

renewed. Sam Caskry, a brother of Jeff Casskry, an uncle, and Jesse Caskry,

fought. Jesse and Jeff were both killed, and Sam fatally wounded.


March 10- this issue is 1893


Grave’s Shoals: An infant child of John. L. Leis died on the 27th ult.



Cherokee, Ky.: Died, March 3d. Mary Wheeler, the wife of Joshua M. Wheeler.

The bereaved husband has one deepest sympathy. He is a Deaf Mute.


Sheelar Quillen, who killed Jim Ewing near Savage branch recently, died

Wednesday from the wounds received at the hands of Ewing.


Died, Wednesday, at this place, Mrs. Viola Jones Allen, wife of John Allen. she

was taken suddenly and violently ill last Saturday and suffered between that time

and the moment of her death. She was a daughter of Mr. F. A. Jones. He age

was 21 years. The funeral took place from the M. E. Church, yesterday, and the

interment was made in Pine Hill Cemetery.


An eleven months old son of W. D. See, of Walbridge, died yesterday.


Little Blaine: Died on the 24th ult., an infant child of B. Z. Jordan and wife.



Died , on the 25th ult. Mrs. Ellen Derefield. She leaves a husband, several

children and a host of friends to mourn their loss. The bereaved family have our

heartfelt sympathy.


March 17- this issue also from 1893


Prosperity: Died, recently a little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeal Jordan. We

extend our sympathy to the bereaved parents



Adams KY: the death angel visited the home of B.Z. and Labitha Jordan, on

Rich Creek, on the 25th day of February last, and took from their kind

embrace little Golda, who had only been with them for about seven months.

She died with croup, very suddenly, and was interred in the Moor graveyard in

Little Blaine to sleep there until awakened by the trumpet of God. How many

mothers would have the wheels of time reversed to have their loved ones back

again, if it were possible. But let us remember that all things work together for

good to them that love and fear the Lord. May the good Lord comfort the young

father and mother in this sad bereavement. ( W.H. C. McKinster)


March 24- this issue also from 1893


It now seems almost certain that Jas. Ratcliffe, who was missed from a

steamboat near this place about two weeks ago, was drowned, though his body

has not been found.



John Fleming, a Logan county, W. Va., murderer was captured in Wayne last

week. He had been in Kentucky since the crime was committed, but his wife

died a few days ago in West Virginia and he ventured across to see her and was



March 31- this issue from 1893


Ulysses, KY: Mrs. Noah Mead of George’s Creek died a few days ago with

consumption and was laid to the rest in the Burgess graveyard. She was a good

Christian woman, a kind companion and loving mother. She leaves a husband

and two children and a host of friends to mourn their loss. We truly sympathize

with the bereaved family.


Dr Jas. W. Fulton, formerly a resident of this place, died at the home of his son

in Elliott county, last week, aged 83 years.


The last term of the Pike Circuit Court was an exemplary session in points of



Henry Hall was sentenced to hang for the murder of his brother Ran Hall a little

more than a year ago. The brothers were sitting on the floor playing cards and

Ran won one dollar from Henry, when the later got up and threw a dollar down,

and at the same time drawing a pistol and shooting Ran thru the head.


Howard Little was given a life sentence in the penitentiary for killing Jake

Kinney, as were also King George Branham for the murder of Will Fouch and

Joe Johnson for the killing of Wm. King. Joel and Levi Wright, aged thirteen

and fifteen were given three years each for killing an older brother about two

years ago.


APRIL 1893


April 7- this issues from 1893


Mr. Freese, only brother of Capt. M. Freese of this town, died in Lexington last

Saturday. His remains brought to this place and buried from the residence of his

brother Tuesday morning, after religious services by Rev… (unable to read 2

names-maybe Hines and think for sure Cox since mentioned later)… The body

was interred at Pine Hill, being followed by the grave by a large concourse of



Mr. Freese was well knows to our people as a man of most genial and kindly

disposition. He was well known in business, circles in La Fayette, Ind., and

Danville, Illinois as a man of strict integrity and fine business qualities. He had

been in bad health for some time, but his death was some what unexpected. Mr.

Freese was about 70 years of age.


Hon. R. M. Farrell died at his home in Pikeville last week. He was one of Pike’s

leading citizens, aged 50 years.


April 14- this issue from 1893


Richardson KY; Liman, son of Wm. and Julia Vaughn died Feb 24, aged 12

years, 9 months and 24 days. He was a kind and loving boy and obedient son

was loved and respected by every one, he had no enemies, but had a host of

friends. He was too bright a flower to bloom on earth and the good Master

claimed him for his own, and amid the sighs and sons of loving friends angels

carried him in mansions of eternal rest. Little Liman will be the first one to extend

a welcome hand to father and mother and little sister …. ( can’t read rest of

sentence). Dry your tears father and mother you will soon clasp your beloved son

in the arms of everlasting felicity and continue one undivided family in the realms

of eternal bliss ( W. H. D. Davis)


Myrtle KY: Mrs. Neal Meek has entered into rest and leaves a loving husband

and many friends to mourn their loss.



April 21


A Sad Occurrence: A Hallucination Results in a Killing

An unfortunate affair occurred at the residence of Mr. John Burgess, twelve miles

above here, on last Friday morning. Jas. Hatcher of this place, had stopped there

Thursday evening to remain over night. For a year or two he had been constantly

possessed of a morbid fear that he was in danger of being killed. He imagined

his wife was about to poison him and has not lived with her for some time

because of this. At Mr. Burgess’ he was assigned a room which we the only

outlet to a room in which Butler Pack ( a rather weak-minded young man who

made that his home) always slept. Before retiring Hatcher locked all his doors

and placed a revolver under his pillow. About three o’clock in the morning Pack

got up and tried to open the door, desiring to pass through Hatcher’s room. The

later got up with his pistol in his hand and opened the door. As Pack entered

Hatcher rushed into Pack’s room. The latter turned and followed, probably not

understanding Hatcher’s action. He took hold of Hatcher, who fell back on the

bed and began firing, not knowing who his supposed assailant was. He emptied

his revolved and Pack was killed instantly. Hatcher came home on the morning

train and was brought before the Circuit Court on the same day and adjudged to

be of unsound mind. He was ordered to the asylum and was taken to Lexington

by Marshal DeRossett and J. Q. Lackey.


Little Blaine: Lace Martin, wife of Johny Martin, departed this life on the 8th

inst., after a long illness. She leaves a husband and two small children to mourn

their loss. Also, a host of friends, but their loss is her eternal gain.


Also a small child of L/T. Moore’s died on the 10th inst., It is gone to dwell with him who said: “Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the

kingdom of Heaven”.


April 28- this issue 1893


Bro. J. T. Bunyard deceased was born Jan 29, 1844, was a son of James

Bunyard of Carter county, Ky., departed this life April 18. 1893, He was initiated

into the Independent Order of Odd Fellows January 16, 1892. Since his initiation

he has been a faithful member, zealous to his duty, and ever ready to defend the

principles of Order. He was elected Vice Grand of the lodge at Flat Gap, July

1892, which office he held until his death


MAY 1893


May 5- this issue 1893


Charley KY: Mr. Wm. Bryant has passed away and left his friends to mourn his



Lick Creek: Died last Friday afternoon, at her home near Louisa, the wife of

Manelaus Wellman. The burial took place on Saturday. The ceremonies were

conducted by Rev. S. Cox. Deceased leaves a husband and seven children, the

youngest being a babe of few weeks. Mrs. Wellman was highly respected

Christian woman and the community is in deep sympathy with the bereaved.


Jas. Martin of Crown City, W. Va., was drowned off the Chevalier near Ashland

a few days ago.


The two bodies found in the river near Cincinnati recently are doubtless those of

Ira Stansburry and Jas. Ratcliffe, both of this neighborhood. The Enquirer

says: A floater was found in the river yesterday morning near the Newport Water

Works. The body was found not ten yards from the spot where the remains of a

raftsman were found less than ten days ago. The find of yesterday is a man

apparently about fifty years of age, of medium height and evidently he was

employed in some capacity on this river. The corps was taken to an undertaking

establishment in Newport. The man was attired in heavy suit of brown clothes, a

chinchilla overcoat and heavy boots. In the pocket of the overcoat were found

heavy woolen gloves and ear muffs. A ticket from Catlettsburg to Louisa, KY. on

the steamer Frank Preston was also found in one of the pockets. Coroner Davis

thinks the man was drowned several days ago.


May 12- this issue is 1893


Justice Jas. Stepp died at his home in Martin county last week.

The wife of Thomas Thomas ( Yes it had the same name twice!) of Ashland

aged 44, was found dead in her bed at her home in Ashland a few days ago. She

was apparently good health when she retired.


Zelda KY: The burial of Mrs. Nelson Bevins took place at Cummins Chapel May

3, We extend our deepest sympathy to the bereaved husband and friends.



May 19- this issue is from 1893

A two year old child of Perry Childers, living on the Big Sandy river, five

miles below Paintsville, Ky., walked into the river Sunday while the family were at

dinner and was drowned. Only tiny foot prints remained to show its fate.

May 26- this issue also 1893


Raftsman has found the petrified body of a man named Graham who

disappeared eight years ago, in the Big Sandy river, W. Va.


Bolts Fork, Ky. : Many went to the funeral of Mrs. P. S. Fannin last Thursday.

She leaves a husband and family and a host of friends to mourn her loss. The

funeral was preached by Rev. Issac. Fannin from the text, “man dieth” to a large



Died, Tuesday night, a few miles above hear, Mrs. Garred Maynard. The burial

took place yesterday.


A man named Pasly was arrested in Hampton City ( just about Catlettsburg) on a

charge of having murdered a man named Blackburn, from East Point, Ky.,

recently. Blackburn’s body was found floating in the river and he was at first

supposed to have been drowned, but later developments indicate murder.


JUNE 1893


June 2- this issue from 1893


Mary J. Gardner, daughter of William Gardner, of White House, Ky., was born

May 16th 1876 and died May 10th 1893. She was converted January 18th, 1892

and joined the M.E. Church South. She has lived a devoted Christian until the

death angel called for her and she declared ready. She was only sick a few days.

Her death was unexpected to all her friends, as she was never confined to bed.

She was always in her place at Sunday school and at church was always ready

to take up her cross when called on. She will be greatly missed in her Sunday

school class meetings. She is missed by her pastor; her bright face is missed by

all her knew her; she will be missed by her parent but their loss is her gain. May

God bless the bereaved ones and may they meet her in heaven.


June 9- this issue from 1893


Wm Foster, colored of Maxville, N. C. was arrested at Naugatuck, last Friday for

the murder of Charles Bridge, colored at Dingess on last Thursday night.

Deputy Sheriff Mead made the arrest. He is in jail here ( Logan Banner)


June 16- this issue also from 1893


Robt Spencer, one of the country good citizen’s, living on George’s creek , died

on Monday, aged forth years. His death was caused by typhoid fever, from which

he suffered fro six weeks. He was a brother of D.C. Spencer, of this place.

( another article later said Charley KY- added he was an Odd Fellow)


Johnson Ferguson who killed Jimisom Thompson without provocation a few

months ago and made his escape, was captured in Washington and is now in the

Wayne county, W. Va., jail. The crime was committed a few miles from this place.


Lewis James, a 16-year-old colored boy was drowned in Catlettsburg while

swimming Sunday.


A farmer name Marion Hitchcock, living in Johnson county, died recently from

hydrophobia caused from a dog bite received nearly two years ago. His death

was a horrible one.


June 23- this issue is from 1893


The friends of a very estimable lady, well knows in Louisa, are mourning her

sudden death. Mrs. Mary Jane Mathers of Cincinnati, died at her home on

Walnut Hills on last Tuesday morning, after a very brief illness. She had been in

bad health for some months, but no one suspected the end was so near. Her

sister, Mrs. M. Freese, was in Cincinnati when Mrs. Mather died. The burial

occurred yesterday morning. We war without further particulars. Mrs. Mathers

was the daughter of Nicholas and Eliza McGuier, and she survived her venerable

father about a year. Her is mother is very old and infirm, but her mind is

apparently strong and as bright as ever. Mrs. Mathers was a very superior

woman in may respects. She was well-educated , gentle and refined in manner,

and devoted to those of her blood. Her kindness and charities were not confined

to home, however for many who were bound only by the ties of a common

humanity have reason to call her blessed. Mrs. Mathers was in her fifty-ninth year

and leaves no children, her only child dying many years ago. We tender our

sympathy to her bereaved kindred.


Stephen Hensley died as his home near Buchanan last week from the effects of

a wound caused by a plow handle striking him in the stomach while plowing. He

was seventy four years old.


Dr Dibble an aged dentist of Ashland died a few days ago.


June 30- this issue from 1893


Friday morning June 16, 1893, fifteen minutes after the clock had rung out the

hours of one, the spirit of Miss. Emma Turman, one of the most beautiful and

accomplished young ladies in Eastern Kentucky, took its flight to “ That beautiful

city, the kingdom of God”.


Miss Turman, the daughter of Samuel A. and Rachel Turman was born at

Buchanan. Lawrence county, Ky., December 4, 1873 and died June 16, 1893,

aged 18 years, 6 months and 12 days.


Emma was always an extraordinary bright girl. Prior to 1889 she had only

attended the public schools. In 1889 Prof. G.W Chapman opened a school at

Buchanan, Ky., for persons wishing to prepare for teaching, and Miss Turman

was one of the number who entered this school. Later, she attended the High

School at Louisa and in 1892 the A&M College at Lexington.

She was unexcelled in her studies and made rapid progress in school. At the age

of 15 she obtained from Lawrence county Board of Examiners a certificate to

teach school and became one of the best lady teachers in the county.

Her beauty, simplicity, and lovely disposition drew around her a host of admirers

wherever she went. She was taken sick last August while teaching school seven

miles above Louisa. Ever since that time she slowly grew worse until the

summons came. where her soul took its flight to the Christian’s “Haven of Rest”.

Although her suffering was intense, she bore it patiently and uncomplainingly.

During her illness of ten long weary months she often expressed herself willing to

die; but anxious for the blessed Savior to take her to the “land where sorrow,

sickness, pain and death are felt and feared no more”. Her relatives and many

friends deplore her death but are consoled with the blest assurance that “it is well

“her” soul”.


In May 1892 she joined the Methodist Episcopal South. One Saturday, June 17,

1893 her funeral was preached at Kavannaugh church by Rev. John T. Johnson

at Round Bottom, W. Va., to a large and sorrowful audience. After the funeral the

last remains of the lover, daughter, sister and friend were deposited in the pretty

Kavannaugh Cemetery. Then ended the short life of a beautiful, intelligent, pure

and promising young woman. May God sanctify her death to the eternal good of

all who mourn her departure.


JULY 1893


July 7- this issue also from 1893


Ulysses: Died at Lowmansville, near this place, Martha Green the wife of Jas.

Green. She was a daughter of Arch Brown, one of Johnson’ county’s leading

Democrats. She was about 40 years of age and has been afflicted for several



Died, at her home near this place, on Thursday evening of last week, the wife of

Mr. Fred. Asch. Dropsy caused her death. She was taken to Cincinnati for

treatment only a short time since but received no relief. The burial took place on

Friday evening the family ground. Rev. Cox conducted the ceremony. Deceased

was 60 years old, she was a good Christian women and the mother of several

children. Her husband survives her. ( see below for more obit)


Wallace Preston died suddenly at Richardson Wednesday. The cause of his

death is a mystery, but it is thought to have resulted from a dose of laudnum

taken by accident or with suicidal intent. He complained of feeling unwell and

spoke of taking a does of Batesman’s Drop and it is thought possible that the got

the laudnum bottle by mistake. He was about 20 years old and unmarried, a

brother to Arther and Lafe Preston.


July 14


Sam B. Auxier, formerly of this county, and a son-in-law of A. J. Webb, died at

his home in Johnson county last week.


W. H. Elkins, an N.W. freight conductor was killed by a passenger train, near

Williamson, W. Va., last Friday morning before daylight. He went out to flag the

train and went to sleep on the track.


A special from Inez KY to Louisville Time says that Andy Farmer shot and killed

Wallace Deskins at Nolan, W. Va., on the 3rd inst. The assassin was pursued

by a force and overtaken Monday night, but he fired on the pursuers and fatally

wounded Geo. Deskins and a man named Thompson, and made him escape.



Geo. Kerrick, postmaster at Bead’s Station shot and killed Ross Leonard. a

young farmer of this county. Leonard was drunk and raised a quarrel in Kerrick’s

store. After going home he returned and renewed the quarrel. Finally he hurled a

chair at Kerrick, which missed aim and struck Mrs. Kerrick. Kerrick then fired at

Leonard with a shot gun and, the charge taking effect in Leonard’s breast, he

died instantly.


A Good woman gone:

Mrs. Calistia Asch, the wife of Frederick Asch, who lives about two miles above

this place, died last Thursday evening June 29, 1893 about six o’clock. Mrs Asch

was the daughter of John and Mary Stafford, who were so well know to all the

pioneer families of the Sandy Valley, and was born in Johnson county, Ky., Sept

5, 1832 and died June 29.1893, aged 60 years, 9 months and 24 days. She was

first married to Mr Wilson who was drowned and not long after the marriage. On

September 14, 1864 she was again married, this time to Frederick Asch. Shortly

after their marriage they moved to Lawrence county to the present home of the

family. Dropsy fastened it fangs upon Mrs. Asch, but up to last February it did not

trouble her much. About the last of February the disease began its deadly work.

She was taken to Cincinnati for treatment but was informed that nothing could be

done for her. After her return her suffering was intense at times. The day of her

death she thought she was getting better. The end came without any of those

“death struggles” that are sometimes seen. She apparently fainted but it was

soon discovered she was dead.


Mrs. Asch was a Christian in the full sense of the work and her life was one that

has been a blessing to others. Ever since the writer of this article can remember

of hearing her name mentioned he learned to love her because of the word’s of

praise which accompanied her name. Strangers who stopped at her house went

away praising her. Old and young, rich and poor, ALL respected her and will hold

her name dear to their memory. She was a genuine Methodist, but wished all

other Christian church God Speed. She was not able to attend church often, but

remembered the minister and sent him her contributions. Other denominations

were remembered also. Although quite old, she enjoyed having young people

about her and invariably had them to sing some religous songs in which she so

much delighted. There was something about her that made the young love to be

with her. To live the life she lived is to make other people happy, and prove that

the faith and hopes of the Christian are not mere phantoms. She was buried

Friday afternoon, June 30. Rev. J. Cox conducted the services. She leaves a

husband and seven children, the oldest of which is married, and a large circle of

friends to mourn her death. Her youngest N.G. Asch is in Florida and has not

seen his mother since he went there in January 1892. The family has the

heartfelt sympathies of friends in this bereavement. May the pure Christian life of

the departed have its influence on those now living, and be an incentive to a

better life. And may God, as He alone is able , comfort, and heal the bereaved

sons of the family in their grief.


July 21- issue from 1893


A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Tislow last Friday, and died in a few

hours. It was buried in Pine Hill Cemetery in the afternoon.


W.E. Wilkinson, a prominent man of Wayne county, W. Va., died suddenly a few

days ago.


Lick Creek. The funeral of Mr. Frank and Wilburn Wooten’s little children will

be preached the 15th Sunday in this month at the Wooten grave yard near A. L.

Shannons. Also, the funeral of old Mrs Hurley. Her son’s and daughter’s will

be preached the 2nd Sunday in August at Mary’s Chapel by Bro. Sweetnum and

Bro. Miller ( Not sure if these are obits?)


July 28- issue from 1893


Mr. Stephen Marcum, died at Catlettsburg last Monday, after several months of

suffering, Up till about two years ago he lived just across the river from this place,

where he raised a large family. He was seventy-five years old.

The body was brought up Wednesday and buried in the Fairview grounds across

the river. A large number of relatives and the immediate family were present. The

ceremonies were conducted by Rev. Akers of the Baptist church. His wife

survives him.


Dick Hall, a noted Letcher county desparado, was killed in Pike county last week

by John Wesley Belcher. The trouble was over the latter’s wife.






August 4- issue from 1893


Edmonds Branch; Born of the30th ult. to Mr and Mrs Compton twin girls, both

died shortly after their birth, and was buried in one grave. The mother is faring

well. Mr. Compton announces his thanks to his many friends for attentions in the

times of trouble.( not 100% sure on date … really hard to read but think it is 30)


August 11- issue from 1893… can’t read page 1




August 18- this issue from 1893


Henry Hall was hanged at Pikeville last Friday for the murder of his brother.

About 3,000 people saw the execution.


August 25- this issue from 1893


Mrs. Andy Williams, a respected lady of Strait Creek, died one day last week,

mourned by many friends.


Justifiable Homicide: A killing in Floyd County:

On last Saturday evening in Floyd county, near McDowell post office, on Beaver,

Wm. Jones ( son of the notorious Cable Jones) and Henry Bentley went to the

residence of old man Morgan Turner, one of the best citizen of the county, about

dark. They found him and his wife and a servant girl sitting on the porch. They

approached slowly and suddenly grabbed the old man, at the same time shouting

to the women that tens companions were coming and that they would better run

for their lives, which they died. While Jones searched for the old man’s clothes

Bently was firing into the house. Jones found about nine dollars on Turner’s

person to make him tell where more money was he placed a robe around his

neck. As the two men were drawing him up a young man named Martin ( son of

Judge Martin) who was living with Turner, appeared on the scene with a

Winchester rifle and shot Jones through the body, killing him. Bently was given

three slight wounds which he carried away hurriedly. He has not been captured.

There is a reward of $ 175 for him. He is thought to have gone to Elliott county


Died, August 15th 1893, Vashti Wilson the darling babe of Harrison Wilson

and Susan Wilson, deceased. Vashti was a sweet babe about four months old,

and was tenderly kept by her father and grand parents- her mother having died

but a short time after Vashti birth. We heartily sympathize with the bereaved

father, and say for his consolation:

“ Twas met in cruelty, not in wrath

The reaper came that day,

Twas an angel visited the green earth and the took the flowers away.


There is more written but can’t read well. Hopefully this part above will be



No more issues loaded for this year


( See under 11/5 and 11/26 for 2 items that couldn’t read well)

Reminder: 1890 was really all issues for 1893


There are no issues for 1891 and 1892- do you know of anywhere I can check on this besides the Library of Congress… Chronicling America?


1893- no issues under this year till September (previous 1893 issues sent under 1890)




September 1

Mrs. Martha Banfield, of Garner, Boyd County, died on the 25th inst., after a long and

painful illness.


A Sad Accident: Ashby Robertson Killed from a Train.


Ashby Roberston, who married Mr. J. A. Abbott’s daughter, Miss Cora, at this place about three years ago, met his death in an unknown manner while returning to his home in Culpepper county, Va., last Monday night., He was missed from the platform of coach and his dead body was found by the track. It is not known whether he lost his food hold and fell off, or had a stroke of apoplexy. The later is thought probably, as he was a sufferer from heart disease. He fell on his face and was much disfigured. A wife and small son survive him. The deepest sympathies of the community go out to them.


Near Beaver, Ford County ( couldn’t find where this is?), William Jones, son of Caleb Jones, the notorious fend leader, and Henry Bentley went to aged Morgan Turner’s resident and put a rope around his neck to make him tell where his money was. About the time he was drawn up a young man named Martin, who was living with Turner, appeared on the scene with a Winchester rifle and shot Jones through the body, killing him instantly. He then shot Bently three times, but not fatally. Bently escaped.


September 8


The wife of Robert H. Kilgore died at her home in Catlettsburg last week.


Will Pigg, son of Wm. Pigg of this county was shot and killed in Indiana last week. The killing is reported to have been the result of a difficulty. He was unmarried and had been in Indiana about eleven years.


September 15


Salt Peter, W. Va., Died, Saturday at the house of her son Aunt Bettie Workman. Her remains were laid to rest at the Roberts grave yard by the side of her husband who had a short time gone before. Also died below here, little daughter of Sam Webb last Friday.


September 22

Edmonds Branch: A two year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Short died of whopping cough a few days ago. The bereaved family have the the sympathy of the community.


In Memoriam: Bro. John Polhemus was born in the state of New York in the year 1836 and departed this life in Boyd County, KY. on the 10th of September 1893, caused by heart trouble. He was a honored member of the masonic and old fellows fraternities and leaves a wife and five children and host of friends to mourn his loss. ( these appear to be the Lodge that prints these with a bunch of other info etc. just put the obit info)


Gone to Rest: A Long and Active Life Comes to an end

Dr. Hamilton S. Swetnam was just entering the fourth quarter of a century’s existence when death the conqueror came. He was 75 years old on June 1st and was unusually well preserved for one of his age. He had enjoyed good health and was able to attend to his practice until two weeks ago, when an attack of pneumonia fell upon him. His aged form lacked the vitality to withstand the ravages of the severe diseases, and on Wednesday morning at 2 o’clock he passed away, surrounded by all of his family who survive him-a wife, a son and a daughter. The funeral will take place from the M. E. Church. Today at 10:30 o’clock and the burial will occur immediately afterward in Pine Hill Cemetery.

Dr. Swetnam was an ordained minister in the Protestant Methodist Church. As a physician he had a lucrative practice and accumulated considerable means. He was a good citizen and an indulgent father and husband. He was born in Lawrence county and has resided in Louisa continuously for 28 years. In 1848 he married Mary J. Williams and to them seven children were born, five daughters and two sons, only the youngest daughter and the older son are now living.


Lonny Snoddy, of Ashland, 18, was trying to board a moving freight train Sunday afternoon. He fell under the wheels and was instantly killed,


Sept 29


Auther Allender’s little boy was accidentally shot and instantly killed by his cousin near Red House, W. Va.,. Both children are under six years.


Thomas Ferguson of Mill Creek, W. Va., died Saturday at the home of his daughter. He has resided in Wayne county all of his life and was a highly respected and honorable citizen. He was a carpenter and wagon maker by trade, but for several years has been unable to work. A.P. and A. J. Ferguson of this city ( Louisa) were his sons. The funeral took place at Fairview cemetery. He was 71 years old and a member of the Baptist church.




Oct 6


A little daughter of Issac Archer and his wife died on September 28th near this place.

Frank Reeves, aged 16, was killed at Ashland a few days ago while riding a race horse, the animal falling upon him.



Floyd County Teacher’s Institute: Since our last meeting R. C. C. Johnson has died.


Oct 13


A two-year old daughter of George Castle died Wednesday at Gallup.


John. F. Maynard, aged 50 years, died at Richardson on the 9th leaving a family. He died of dropsy.


Died. last Saturday morning, Miss Mary J. Baker, daughter of Samuel Baker, of this place. Remittent fever caused her death. The burial took place Sunday afternoon near Fort Gay, the former home of the family. Rev. Cox conducted the ceremonies. The deceased was twenty one years old, a good Christian young lady, member of the Baptist church. The family have much sympathy in their bereavement.


Oct 20


The man of who was found dead near Maysville, has been fully identified. His right name was James Bivans, although he had given his name as Martin to different parties. He was assessor of Greenup county some years ago.


Calvin Holbrook, who has lingered with dropsy for over a year, died one day last week, aged 63 years. He was buried by Masonic orders. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Issac Fannin. Different section in paper adds: Died at his home on East Fork, Oct 1st, Uncle Calvin Holbrook. He had been confined to his room for a year, but at the last final summons came which bade him take up his abode in a better world, where there will be no more suffering. He was a consistent Christian and honored and esteemed by all


Oct 27


The little fifteen-month- old daughter of Jas. Simpson died Wednesday of fever.


Old Citizen Dead: Peter L. Skaggs, one of our oldest citizens, died at his home in this place yesterday evening, after an illness of several days. Had he lived until December he would have been 79 years old. He leaves two daughters- Mrs A. P. Ferguson and Mrs. David Wellman. His wife died several years ago.


Jas. E. Murray, baggageman at the Kenova Depot, shot and killed Harvey Smith, an employee of the Kenova Milling Co. The latter was a tough. ( have no clue what tough is but that is what it said)




Nov 3


Death: A telegram was received here Tuesday conveying the sad intelligence of the death of Mrs. Emma Garred Muncey, which occurred at Lexington, Ky., the evening before. Her death was sudden and unexpected. The remains were taken up to the old home place eight miles above here on Tuesday afternoon, and the burial was arranged for Wednesday; but a telegram was received that morning from Mrs. Muncey’s sister, Mrs. A. J. Reese, stating that she would arrive from Missouri Wednesday evening, which she did, accompanied by her husband. The burial was then postponed until yesterday at noon. A number of people from this place attended, and the number present at the burial was exceedingly large, testifying to the high esteem in which she was held. The deceased was the last but one of a family which stood among the first in the county. She was the youngest of three daughters of Ulysses Garred, deceased, than whom there was not a

more highly respected man in this section. A little more than two years ago she was happily married to Mr. V. E. Muncey, one of the faculty of the State College, and a young man of the highest worth. She was in every sense a most estimable young woman, a devout Christian, and enjoyed the respect and admiration of all acquaintances. Her untimely death calls forth the deepest sympathy.


James Hulett died at his home four miles below this place Tuesday night of fever. His wife and two children are down with the same disease. Mr Hulett was about 50 years of age. He was a plain, unassuming man and one of the county’s best citizens.

Mrs. S. J. Talbert, a widow woman, aged 54 years, died at Peach Orchard Wednesday

evening. The body will be brought to Louisa for burial in Pine Hill cemetery today. The services will be held at the M. E. Church South this morning.


The thirteen-year-old daughter of Richard Childers, of Lick Creek. died Wednesday


Nov 10


At Combs Mountain ( I can’t find where this is?), a 14-year-old-boy named Coyle, was killed while hunting by the accidental discharge of his gun.


The little daughter of Lou Estep, of Adams, died Nov. 2, aged one year and five months.


An Up Sandy Killing:

Thursday morning Deputy United States Marshall Jones with a posse consisting of David Long, John Harris and Will Wright, all of Inez, Martin county, went to the house of John Moore on the head of Rockcastle creek that county to search for Peter Collins, a moonshiner. While the marshal was in the house, an altercation arouse outside between Harris and William Moore, sons of the old gentleman and in the melee young Moore was shot and instantly killed. Warrants have been issued for the marshal and entire posse, and the county sheriff is after them.


We are sorry to hear of the death of our friend Mr. Harmon Compton, who was on the Big Sandy Division so long.

Nov 17


Jas. M. Dixon, died at his home on Georges creek last Saturday, after a confinement of three weeks with typhoid fever. He was buried on Monday at the old Dixon home place, near Paintsville. The burial was conducted by the Brushy I. O. O. F. lodge, assisted by members of the order from Paintsville. Mr. Dixon was thirty-eight years old, and leave a wife and four children. He was a brother to Robt. Dixon, our County Clerk, and married a daughter of John R. Chapman of this county. His death is a loss to the good citizenship of this section. ( see more information below)


John R. Melville, 23 years old, accidentally shot himself while hunting near Catlettsburg a short time since and died last Monday.


Nov 24


James M. Dixon departed this life, Nov. 11, 1893 of typhoid fever. He was a member of

Charley Lodge, No. 284, I.O. O. F. and a member of the Christian church. He was born in

Johnson county, Ky., and lived there until 12 years ago when he moved to Lawrence county and has been engaged in the good business ever since. At his death he was 40 year and 7 months old. The was buried in Paintsville in the grave yard by the members of the order of which he was a worthy member.


Killed by a train: Lazarus Vinson was struck by a Norfolk and Western train near Danlow, W. Va., last week and killed. He lived a few miles up the Tug and was knows to most of our citizens. He was about forty years old and leaves a wife. but no children.




Dec 1


Floyd Vandal, a prominent business man and well- know hunter living at Creston, W. Va., killed himself. He was walking along with his gun, when he fell and the gun discharged



A Fatal Fracas: On Thursday evening of last week Richard. A. Stone. a young man of this

place, shot and killed S.V. Dingess, at Dingess, W. Va., Dick had been at work in that section for a long time. Recently he was appointed a special constable and assisted in arresting Dingess, who was something of a “bully”. On the day of the killing Dingess raised a row with Dick and the later avoided him as much as possible. In the evening when he was sitting in Dr L. T. Loar’s office, when Dingess came in and attacked him. Dick dodged the blow and shot him. Jumping up he fired three more shots, two of them taking effect. Dingess was attempting to takea revolver from an inside pocket when a ball struck him in the arm and disabled it. Dick started at once for Louisa, stopping at an officer’s hours for a short while. He arrived at home the next day. Dingess lived several hours. Reliable reports say the killing was a case of self defense.


Dec 8- unable to read Memorial on page 4


Little Blaine: Died, a few days ago, Trinnie Carter, wife of Jas. Carter, Jr. She leaves a

husband, four children and a host of friends.


Also the wife of Ed Rose departed this life on the 16th inst. She leaves a husband, six children, and many friends to mourn their loss, but their loss is her eternal gain.


Also the wife of E.L. Moore, departed this life on the 18th inst. leaving

a kind husband and one child. She was a daughter of John B. Spencer.


Also, an infant child of Lucinda Eastep died on the 12th inst.


And of infant child of David Curnutte, died on the 17th inst.


Crockett Kirk, of Martin county, was accidentally killed in Logan County, W. Va., last week by the discharge of a pistol which fell from his pocket. He was 20 years old and working near Man, W. Va.


Resolution of Respect: ( Vinson Lodge)- Brother Thompson Crabtree was born in Wayne

county, W. Va., Nov. 11th 1851 and died near Echo, Wayne county, W. Va. , Nov 18th, 1893, aged 42 years and 7 days. Brother Crabtree was a member of the Baptist church for several years before his death and was made a Master Mason in Vinson Lodge No. 66, April 9th, 1881. He was buried Masonically by Vinson Lodge, assisted by Wayne lodge No 18.


Dec 15


In Memoriam: John N. Price fell dead while at work in the mines near Dunlow, W. Va. He was a member of the Peach Orchard Lodge, No. 280, I. O. O. F>, and had filled the chairs of the order with capacity and honor. He was a native of Lawrence county, Ky., where he has worked at the coal mines for some years. He was buried at Richardson, by the members of the order of which he was a worthy member


Eliza Taylor, a woman of low intelligence and depraved character, was run down by an B & O S train near Catlettsburg a few days ago and killed.


At Galen, Johnson county, last week, Vint Slayer, aged 15, and a companion named Conley were playing with a cart wheel by rolling it down a hill at each other. Salyers foot slipped and caused him to fall, and the wheel struck him on the head and killed him.


J. Lee Ferguson, county attorney of Pike county, died recently after a month illness.


Dec 22


Miss Rebecca Caldwell, who died near Mays Lick the other morning, was a rather remarkable woman in one respect. She was 76 years old, and had never been ill until a few days ago, when she was taken down with the grip and pneumonia.


Early the other morning, near Webbville, John McKinney, a well known citizen, shot and

instantly killed Seymour Mosely, his son-in-law. For some time the domestic relations of the Mosley’s have been anything but pleasant, and it said that Seymour abused his wife shamefully. This came to the ears of Mr. McKinney, who several times had remonstrated with his son-in-law. The other morning the abuse was continued, and McKinney took a hand. A quarrel took place between the father and son-in-law, ending in the killing of the latter. Both were well known throughout the county


Dec 29


C. C. Ferguson, an N&W , brakeman living at Wayne, W. Va., fell from a moving train near Pigeon a few days ago and was killed, his body being horribly mangled.


Johnson County: Paintsville: Two of Mr. Rank Wiley’s children died of typhoid fever last

week, also, Mont Vanhooses’ baby, from the effects of a burn. The bereaved parents have our sympathy. ( see more info below on baby)


Sulphur Springs: Died on last Saturday, on infant child of Edmund Price, on Rove Creek,

and he was buried in the Ogles grave yard on Sunday. Also an aged gentleman known as

Uncle Dick Robision. He was a highly respected gentleman.


The five year old child of Mansford Vanhoose was burned to death in Johnson county, bit its clothing catching fire.


On the 15th inst. the pale horse and rider visited the home of Silvester Jordan and took from them a cheerful loving wife, who had lived just long enough to find out the burdens and pleasures of life, but bowed fervently to the will of him who always knows best. She left a husband and two small children and a host of friends to mourn her death. But our loss is her gain and we can only depend on her meeting her in the paradise of God. We trust the dear brother she has left behind will prepare to meet her at the golden gate, to part no more, where she is waiting to welcome them into its pearly portals. We miss thee Bell, as a neighbor, we miss thee as a friend, But meeting thee in glory, on this our hope depend.