Jan 5


Glenwood: A little child of Mr. Beck died last week of Dipthsra, and was

buried at the Webb grave yard. We sympathize with Mr. and Mrs. Webb in

their sad affliction ( Not sure why it said Beck but then sympathize with Webb…

thinking child was Webb?- also couldn’t find disease when goggled so not sure of

spelling but that is how the paper had it? )


A daughter of Ham Preston, in the upper part of county, died yesterday of



A son of Bryon Martin, of this county died Thursday. He was about 21 years of

age and died of la grippe.


Nan Tolliver fatally shot Dave Clear at Credo Wednesday for making an

improper proposal to her. She defies arrest.


Jan 12


Little Blaine: Johnis Martin, son of A.B. Louisa Martin, was laid to rest in the

Dry Ridge cemetery the 5th inst. We sympathize with the bereaved parents. May

the blessings of God rest on the parents and sisters of the brother that they may

say, “thy will be done.”


Johnson County, Paintsville: A very unfortunate accident occurred yesterday

just below town. While Roscoe Sherman and his wife were visiting some

neighbors within sight of their own home, their little seven-year- old daughter

stood too near the fired, and her clothing caught on fire and burned the child so

terribly, she died last night. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the

entire neighborhood


Will Lloyd, aged 25 shot himself twice through the heart at Ashland recently. He

has been suffering from an unbalanced mine, and fear of the asylum caused the

act. He was a very popular young man and belonged to the Knights of the

Golden Eagle, K. of P., and Oddfellows.


George Franklin of Pikeville, who was beaten up by his father for alleged

intimacy with his stepmother, while the two where in Cincinnati, has died of his

injuries. The father is now a fugitive.


Jan 19


Resolution: James Lakin, born Oct 17, 1825, in Lawrence county, Ky., died of

dropsy at his home on Queen’s Creek, W. Va. Nov 23, 1893. While yet in his

youth he professed the Christian religion and attached himself to the M.E.

Church of which he has been an enthusiastic worked for upwards of fifty years.

He afterwards was married to Prudence Layne, Aug. 29. 1850, an estimable

Christian lady of true worth and character. She preceded him to that unknown

land from whose bourne no traveler ever returns about four years. He leaves

twelve children as well as a great host of friends to mourn his loss.


News reached here yesterday of the death of Jas. Walker, of Floyd county. He

was a half brother to Mr. J. F. Hackworth, of this place.


Dr John Phister, a prominent physician and Odd Fellow of Maysville, Ky., is



Johnson County, Paintsville: Mrs. Elizabeth Dills, wife of William Dills, departed

this life the 12th inst. She was buried the 13th at family burying ground near the

residence of J.W. Turner above town. She was a daughter of Thos. Baldwin, Sr.

had lived an honorable life and leave a husband and a large family to mourn her

loss. The family has the sympathy of the entire community


Jan 26


The wife of Bernice Blankenship died at her home a few miles below this place

last Saturday.


Floyd County, Prestonsburg: Mr. Jim Walker died Tuesday night. He leaves a

wife and several children.





Feb 2- unable to read most of page 1


Bernice Blankenship died of fever at his home a few miles below here

Wednesday. His wife died only ten days ago


W. D. Roffe was called to the home of his mother in West Virginia last week by a

message announcing her death. Se was a very aged lady.


Floyd County, Prestonsburg: Mr. Hill Sumbo of McDowell died at the Branham

hotel Thursday with consumption. He was 20 years of age and a Christian. He

was here attending the school of Pro. Buyington.


Feb 9


Allen Johnson, a miner, was killed by a C&O train at St. Claire mines, West

Virginia. Johnson was walking along the track and did not heed the warning



John. B. Whitt, Sr., died at his home three miles below hear last Sunday, aged

seventy-five years. He had been in feeble health for some time. His wife and

several sons and daughters survive him. He was a good citizen and well



The eleven-year-old daughter of Bryon Martin of Boyd county, died of

typhoid fever a few days ago and was brought to this county for burial. One of

his sons died last month and another of the family is now dangerously ill.


Robt. Clere, died at his home a few miles from Louisa last Monday. He was

about 65 years old and leaves a wife and a number of children. He was a quiet,

inoffensive man who had lived here ever since the close of the war, engaged at

his trade of cabinet-maker. The family has been in destitute circumstances since

his illness.


Edmonds Branch: Died on the 27th ult, Peter Marcum, and aged and

respected citizen.


Also on the 2nd inst. a two year old son of Mr. and Mrs.

James Henson. The many friends and relatives of the deceased have our

greatest sympathies.


Floyd County, Prestonsburg: Mrs. Lottie Leslie died at her home yesterday of

fever. Her death was a very sad one. She was only 17 years of age and bride of

one month.


Johnson County: Paintsville: Uncle Harrison Litteral one of the oldest

citizens of Johnson county died at his home at Oil Springs last Wednesday night.

He lived a consistent and Christian life from his youth up, having been identified

with the M.E. Church all his life. On account of his cleverness he has been called

uncle by the people of this county many years. His children has our sympathy.


Feb 16


Miss Cora Arnold, a young school teacher of Belleville, W. Va., drowned

herself. No cause.


D. C. Spencer and John Crutcher and their wives attended the burial of Henry

Castle’s child at George’s Creek Monday.


Feb 23


Dr Atkinson was called to Paintsville Saturday by the illness of his wife. A letter

received from him Tuesday evening stated that he had given up all hope of her



Later: Mrs. Atkinson died Wednesday evening. She leaves five sons, the

youngest being only about three months old. The deepest sympathy prevails for

them and the Doctor. ( see below for more info)


Mrs. Wm. Long died one day last week of consumption. She was taken to the

Faulkner graveyard near Mt. Savage for interment.


Mrs. J. P. Riffe, of Vessie died last Monday. Mrs. Riffe was a highly respected

lady and leaves a kind husband and several children, most of whom are grown,

to mourn the loss of a good wife and loving mother.


Judge W. Co. Ireland died at his home in Ashland Wednesday. He was a man

of considerable prominence in this section, having been Circuit Judge of this

district a few years ago.


W. Thompson, an honored grand army veteran and respected citizen of

Petersville met with a terrible death. He was chopping down a tree, when a limb

became detached and fell end downward, striking Mr Thompson on the head and

piercing his skull.


MARCH 1894


March 2


John Martin of this county, died last week of typhoid fever. He was a good

citizen and was about 35 years old. He was a brother of D.S. and Bryon Martin.

of Catlettsburg. The later has lost two or three members of his family lately by

typhoid fever. Son of Morgan Martin, departed this life Feb 23, 1894. He was a

widower and leaves two small boys, father and mother and a host of friends to

mourn his loss. The little orphan boys and parents have the deepest sympathies

of the community.


The Paintsville Times: We are pained to announce the death of Mrs. Sallie

Atkinson, wife of Dr. W. T. Atkinson, which occurred at the late residence, in this

city Wednesday morning Feb 21st at 10:30 o’clock a.m. after a short illness of

pneumonia. Her death was sudden and unexpected and the news was a very

sudden shock to the people of the town and the sad news will cause deep grief to

a host of friends and this and adjoining counties in the Sandy Valley.

The deceased was born in 1853 and was at the time of her death 40 years old.

She was raised in the native country, and at the age of 24 married to Dr. W. T.

Atkinson. They continued to make Magoffin county their home until about fifteen

years ago, then they moved into our midst, where they have lived ever since. At

the age of 21 she embraced the Christian religion and joined the M.E. Church of

which she has even been a consistent member and a true Christian woman. In

her habits of life she was plain and unassuming. As a neighbor she was kind and

obliging, as a friend, true and faithful. Her life was full of charitable deeds and we

don’t suppose she had an enemy of the world. She was a woman who made

friend wherever she went. She leaves a large family, children, her husband and a

host of friends to mourn her loss.

The funeral services were conducted by Elder Ramey assisted by Revs. Jane

and Robinson. The esteem and respect for her was shown by the large

concourse of people who followed her to her grave. Many flowers were carried to

private houses to decorate her casket. ( this was taken from several different

sites of paper and condensed into one)


Mrs. Jennie Bloss of Wayne county, W. Va., daughter of Wm. Prichard, died at

her home Sunday night. Her remains were placed in Kavanaugh cemetery. Her

family has the heartfelt sympathy of the community.


March 9


Sulphur Springs: B. F. White’s family, consisting of three children, has been

dangerously sick but through the skill of Dr Allen Prichard, J., two of them are

better. But little Birtha the one and one half years old girl, died in spite of all

medical aid that could be rendered. She was the pet of the Sulphur Springs

vicinity and is very much missed in the neighborhood. Her parents have our

deepest sympathy.


Johnson County, Paintsville: Mrs. Johnathan Stambeaugh died the 5th inst.

She was very esteemed in the community where she resided. She leaves a

husband and several children to mourn her loss, all of who have our sympathy.

( see below for another entry that I think is the same person but spelled



Mrs. Thos Burchett died of consumption last week at her home a few miles from

Louisa, leaving a husband and four children. She was a daughter of Samuel

Burton, Sr.


Mrs. Early Stockwell died at Catlettsburg yesterday. She was the daughter of

the late Keene Prichard.


Mr. J. F. Hackworth has returned from Floyd county where he was called by the

illness of his mother. She died and was buried while he was there. She was past

88 years old


Galen: Died, on the 5th, Mrs John Stambough,. She leaves a husband, one

child and a host of friends and relatives to mourn her loss.


March 16


Derefield: Died on the 8th , a little child of Elisha Jobe. The many friends and

relation have our heartfelt sympathy.


Thrown from a Horse and Killed: On last Saturday Martin Branham was killed by

being thrown from a horse, and Bud Ingalls, who was on the same horse,

received severe but not dangerous injuries. The accident occurred near the falls

of Tug, in which vicinity both parties lived. Ingalls was under the influence of

liquor and Branham got on behind him to ride about a mile. They started at a

pretty rapid gait and it is supposed the they lost control of the hours. Both were

thrown and Branham’s head struck a large rock with great force fracturing his

skull and causing death. His companion was thrown against a rail fence.

Branham was in his 22nd year and was a son of “Wib” Branham and a brother of

Mrs. W. A. Copley of this place.


Blaine: Died, at the home of her father near this place, Miss Sarah M. Edwards,

aged sixteen. She leaves a host of friends and relatives to who we tender our

heartfelt sympathies.


March 23


Milton Short of Brushy Fork, died of diabetes at his residence on Monday night

March 12, after being sick a few hours. His bereaved family has our deepest



Sulphur Springs: The monster death has again visited our neighborhood and

taken away an infant child of Harvey Workman’s. Throat trouble, from which

the little one suffered, increasingly for about one week was the cause of his its



John Mayes and his wife also lost an infant from the same disease, The

parents of both children are highly respected citizens and have our heartfelt



The wife and child of Wm. Fanin,( hard to read last name but pretty sure it is

right what I put) on Mud Lick, are very sick and their six months old baby died

last week.


Cherokee: Died, recently of whooping cough the infant child of Wilbur Chaffin.


Deerfield: Died, on the 8th of March, at Elisha Jobe’s, one of his loved ones,

May God be with the bereaved family.


Morgan’s Creek: The sad news has just reached us of the death of honorable

Randsone Hollbrook, of Whitesburg, Letcher county. We did not learn the

cause of his death. He is a brother-in-law of Wm. Hughes and was once a

resident here. He has many friends and relatives here to mourn their loss. They

have our sympathy.


March 30


Mrs. Milroy Fuller died nine miles above Louisa Tuesday of consumption. She

was a daughter of Mr. W. A. Dobbins.


Fatal Fracas: At Fleming, Wayne county, W. Va., a few days ago, Henry Collins

and Hoke Napier, neighbors and young men, quarreled. The latter wanted to

pass through the former’s place with timber, and Collins refused him the

privilege. When Napier heard this he was offended, and the two met, and, after

some words, pulled revolvers and began shooting. A dozen shots were fired.

Collins’ heart was pierced by a bullet and he died instantly. Napier was shot in

the bowels and lived but two hours. Both men leave families.


Horseford: Died, on last Saturday, little Fred, son of Mr. and Mrs. B.

Workman, of Newcomb.


APRIL 1894


April 6


A telegram was received by the Loar brothers Monday announcing the sudden

death of their niece, Mrs. Nannie Richmond, wife of Judge Richmond. She was

a daughter of Mr. S. G. Loar. Mr P. H. Loar left for Prestonsburg upon receipt of

the news.


2nd article on same obit: Monday at six o’clock a.m. the soul of Mrs. Judge

Richmond left this world for eternity. It was a great shock to all or her many

friends, as she had only been sick for a few days. Her father was telephoned to

and her father arrived several hours after her death. She was a daughter of Hon.

Stephen Loar of Salyersville and the wife of Judge Richmond. She leaves one

child, a boy of nine years.


Deerfield: Died, on the 28th inst,, an infant child of Delila Adkins.


Deerfield: Died at her home on Cats Fork, a few days ago, Toria, wife of Wm.

Wright, age 27 years. She leaves a husband and three children.


April 13


A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. W. M. Stewart last Saturday and died

Tuesday morning.


“Jimmie” Ferguson died last Monday at his home a few miles over in West

Virginia, at the age of 90 years. He leaves a wife 84 years old. The were

probably the oldest couple in this section. Mrs. Jas. Vinson, of this place is a



Armstead Burchett: Born May 20th, 1815: died April 8th, 1894. Then began,

then ended the mortality of him whose name is written above. More than three

quarters of a century amind the changing scenes of life. Floyd county gave him

birth, Lawrence county gives him a resting place until time shall be no more.


Those seventy odd years of Mr. Burchett’s life were mostly spend in Louisa,

where he was a familiar figure. Once coroner, twice jailer. This Tells the story of

the trust of his fellow citizens. These were the duties incumbent upon him, and

those who knew him best say he performed well. He hearkened to the call of his

country in the hour of peril, and the rolls of the old 14th Kentucky bore his name

until he honorably mustered out in 1865. Mr. Burchett was a man of strong frame

and great vitality, else he would long ago have succumbed to the inroads of

disease. He was sick about a year, and his death last Sunday morning was but a

release from much physical pain. His suffering was soothed by the tender

ministrations of his wife and children, and his end was peace. Religious services

were held at the residence and at the M.E. Church, attended by a large

number of friends whom the steady downpour of rain could not keep from paying

this last tribute of respect to one whom they have known so long. Mrs. Levi

Atkins, Mr. Tom Burchett and Major D. J. Burchett, late United States Marshall

for Kentucky, are children of the deceased. To these and all the family and

friends we tender our sympathy in bereavement.


Lost and Found: On the 4th of last May and man named Tip Childers, living on

the river about four miles below Paintsville, left home to go to the river rafting.

Shortly after he left the house his little daughter, a child of about four years,

disappeared in the direction of the river, and when the house dog, a play fellow of

the little one, trotted off in the same direction it was supposed he had followed

the child. Search was made for the girl with no avail. The dog’s tracks could be

plainly seen gong down the steep banks of the river, and as the animal was

devotedly attached to the girl it was reasonably inferred that it had followed it,

and as the tracks ended at the riverside it was as reasonably supposed that the

child had fallen into the swollen river and was drowned. Diligent search was

made by thoroughly dragging the river. Months were spend looking and

watching, but in vain. No trace of the household pet was found, and up to last

Sunday all was completely hidden. On that day however, the completely

denuded skeleton of a child was found in the river about four miles above

Richardson. A young man was rowing in a skiff near the shore when something

half covered by sand and drift attracted his attention. He called for assistance,

and the ghastly find was made. Taken altogether it is extremely probably that the

skeleton is that of the little one who met her untimely fate nearly a year ago. By a

singular coincidence the man who found the remains is also named Childers.


Fallsburg: A little grandchild of Mrs. Sallie Ferguson, died last week, and was

taken through here to the Marcum graveyard for interment.


April 20


Galen: Died on the 14, Don, son of Dr. L. B. Jones, age 13 years. He was an

intelligent boy and loved by all.


Judge Asbury Hawes died suddenly at his home at Prosperity last Tuesday. He

was in Louisa on Monday of last week and in going home was caught in a heavy

rain. He was then sick for several days but apparently much better on the day of

his death. He had been away from home and died in the yard soon after

returning. He was about seventy-six years old and leaves a large family, most of

whom are grown. Judge Hawes had moved some of his household goods to the

Botner place near Louisa and expected to be living there within a few days. He

was buried yesterday by the Masons.


Samuel Doss, aged about 56 years, died at Fort Gay last Friday and was buried

by the Masons. He had been sick about a year. A very large number of people

attended the funeral.


John M. Justice, colored, died near last Sunday morning of consumption. He

leaves a wife and five children. H was from Virginia and was a son-in-law of

Burke Ewing


April 27


Foster Hall, a sixteen year old son of Elisah Hall, died last Saturday, near

Prosperity and was buried Sunday.


Died, last Sunday, at David Thompson’s, on Horseford branch, about five miles

below this place, Jno. D. Elkins of fever. He was about fifty years old, and was a

good citizen.


Johnson County: Paintsville: Mrs. Obrien, aged 77 years, died yesterday and

was buried today at the family burying ground at Flat Rock just below town.


MAY 1894


May 4


Deefield: Died, on the 13th, Lafe Jobe. Also on the 17th, Deliida Adkins. Also

on on the 26th the wife of John Hughes. She leaves many friends and relatives

to mourn her loss. Her age was 19 years. She has gone to the glory land where

she awaits to welcome her husband.


Johnson County: Paintsville: Died, yesterday, an infant child of S.P. King,

and was taken to Miller’s creek today for burial.


May 11


Floyd County, Prestonsburg: Mrs. J. Q. Harris, died at her home above here

Friday with consumption. She had only been married a year.


2nd article: Dwale: The people of this community were made sad at the death of

Mrs. Dollie Harris. She departed this life May 3, 1894, Mrs. Harris was a

daughter of J. K. Leslie, of this county. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved

husband, parents and the host of friends who mourn her loss.


Dwale: News has reached here that Jas. Butcher, a well known farmer of this

county, who moved to Fleming county a short time ago was found dead on his

farm May 3, We are sorry to hear of his death and deeply sympathize with the

bereaved family.


In a battle at the head of Tug River, in West Virginia, Friday, William L Freeman,

a member of the West Virginia Legislature, was killed and his brother fatally

wounded by Taylor Herman. The little affair was in settlement of a twelve year

old boundary line dispute


May 18


On the Virginia point opposite Catlettsburg last Sunday James Prince struck

Frank Loar on the head with a brick and killed him. The trouble came up over

fifteen cents involved in a game of cards. Both the men lived at Catlettsburg The

murdered is now in jail at Catlettsburg, being held for a requisition. They are two

of a large crowd of toughs who assemble every Sunday at that place to drink and



Dwale: News has just reached us that Angie Stephens, daughter of Capt. Isaiah

Stephens, died on Beaver Creek, this morning, May 14. Miss Stephens leaves a

kind father and a loving mother to mourn her loss. To the bereaved family we

heartily offer our sympathies and land a helping hand in time of need.


May 25


The little two year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. McClure died Tuesday

morning from an abcess on the brain. She had been sick almost since birth. The

remains were buried in Ashland yesterday where the parents have another child



Fallsburg: Died, last week, Charlie, little son of Frank Cochran. The little

fellow endured his suffering bravely, as he was sick but two brief days, when he

found he must die earnestly besought his parents to go with him, when informed

of the impossibility of that, he then said Jesus was with him and he was glad to

go, he turned to his parents and asked them to be good, and quietly passed

away. He was only two and a half years old. He was buried with all the ceremony

and respect that the parents and Sunday School could summon. Each member

casting into the grave a bunch of flowers as respect for the deceased. The

bereaved family have the sympathy of our entire neighborhood.


Patricide: Calvin H. Scott, Postmaster at Olive hill, Carter county was killed by his

son James last Tuesday. The father was drunk and quarrelsome and had a

revolver in his hand at the time he was shot. The was 55 years old, leaves a wife

and nine children and was once a man of wealth. He had killed a man several

years ago.


JUNE 1894


June 1


Con Brady killed: An Irish peddler who formerly made Louisa his headquarters

for two or three years, was murdered on the left fork of Twelve Pole, Wayne

County, W.V., a few days ago. There is no clue to the murderer, but it was

evident that the object of the murder of the robbery. He often carried a large

amount of money. He was well known here as a liberal and good hearted fellow.

(no name given except Brady part).


June 8




June 15


Dwale: Mrs. Coon Holt, wife of Evan Holt, departed this life, last Saturday

morning. Just before she died she told friends that Heaven was her home. She

was buried at the Mayo grave yard Sunday morning.


Peach Orchard: James Y. Brown, one of the counties oldest and best known

citizens, died at his home, near Gallup on the 13th inst. Deceased was about 90

years old. He leaves 12 children to mourn their loss. We as a community, extend

to the bereaved children our deepest sympathy. ( another article states he was 85)


Bennett Cox, aged 84 years, died last Tuesday at Walbridge.

Broke His Neck, Sixty Hours before Death brought relief: E. R. Westlake

died at this place yesterday from injuries received last Monday night while

bathing. In company with some friends he went to the river: and being the first to

remove his clothes he was first to go into the water. Thinking the water was

deep, and without investigating, he ran across the front of the wharfboat and

sprang head first into the water, which was only about 18 inches deep. His neck

was broken and consequently his entire body was paralyzed. He did not lose

consciousness, however and held his breath until his companions suspected

something was wrong and went after him, which was about five minutes after he

leaped. He was taken home and the physicians pronounced his case hopeless.

He lingered for sixty hours, and was perfectly rational up to the moment of his

death. An autopsy showed that the injury was a complete fracture of the



Mr. Westlake was a civil engineer and a commendable young man in every

respect. He was a native of Ironton, Ohio and about two and a half years ago, he

married Miss Daisy Atkins, a daughter of Lewis Atkins of this place. The lived in

Boston until a few months ago, when they came to Louis. He was twenty five

years old. The funeral will take place from the residence this afternoon and burial

will occur in Pine Hill Cemetery immediately afterward. The sincerest sympathy is

extended to the relatives


June 22


Struck by Lightening: Wednesday afternoon a young man named Miller was

struck by lightening while at work on the farm of U. G. Kise, about 13 miles

above Louisa. He was carried into the house and lived until yesterday morning.

He was twenty two years old and was married. He was a son of Erastus Miller of

George’s Creek.


Boiler Explosion: One Man killed and Mill Wrecked

A disastrous and very sad accident occurred at Torchlight, five miles about

Louisa, last Wednesday afternoon. No long since, John T. Jones removed his

saw mill to that place. The boiler used was an old one in bad order and the

explosion was the result of weakness of the boiler. Hance Jones, son of the

owner, “tried the water” and turned to walk away, when the explosion occurred.

He was blown a distance of fifty feet and killed instantly. The body was badly

mangled, being almost cut in two, both legs broken, and the head crushed. The

body was not found until the smoke and dust cleared away. One or two other

persons were slightly hurt and the mill was slightly wrecked.


Hance Jones was in his 22nd year and was a young man of honor and very

industrious. The News sympathizes deeply with the relatives.


Miss Augusta Wills, of Ashland, aged 27, touch rough on rates and died last



Col. John B. Herndon, an old-time newspaper man, died suddenly at his home,

Desha Valley, near Maysville.


June 29


Floyd County: Prestonsburg: Mrs. Ida Butler gave birth to a little girl on

Friday, it died Saturday


JULY 1894


July 6


The funeral of little Herbert Castle will be preached the fourth Saturday in July

at Burgess Chapel by Rev. French Rice.


Janie, the three year old daughter of A.R. Queen and Columbia Queen

serenely left the shore of time for that land from whose bourne no traveler as yet

ever returned on June 23rd, 1894. at her home near Kinner, KY ( I could not find

where Kinner is?). She was afflicted with acute spinal affliction for nearly

seventeen days. Her sufferings were intense and seemed almost unbearable, yet

so young she bore them with all the patience and meekness that could have

been possible of one of more mature years. All possible earthly assistance was

rendered for the restoration of her health by never tiring, loving, tender hands of

relatives and friends, but the Almighty God saw fit in His goodness to take her

from their midst. We bow in humble submission to him whose chastisements are

meant in much mercy and who doeth all things well. While little Janie will be

missed from her home, missed by her playmates, missed by brothers and sisters

she is not dead to them. She will be as a bright shining start which will be ever

near her father, mother, brothers and sisters.

God in his divine omniscience needed one more angel child in Paradise, so he

bent his loving arm and clasped little Janie’s hand and wafted her beyond this

veil of tears where sickness, sorrow, sin, nor death are felt and feared no more

there to be one of His precious jewels and sing songs of praise to Him. She will

remain there while countless ages roll their solemn rounds as a true treasure and

a divine incentive to relations and friends to become as little Janie; for of such as

she is the Kingdom of Heaven composed.

We in unison with entire community extend to the bereaved parents and relations

our heartfelt sympathy and ask that this be published in the Big Sandy News.


July 13


Fatal Family Fracas: Six Cousins Engage in a Small War: Over on Mill Creek,

in Wayne county W. V., Pearl Thompson was shot and killed by his cousin Sam

Thompson last Wednesday evening. Also Wade Thompson, Jr., what shot in the

arm. The dead man’s brother escaped injury by fleeing from the scene.

The difficulty was a result of a feud which originated at a dance about six months

ago when Sam Thompson was severely stabbed in the course of a general row.

He thought Drew Thompson did the stabbing but learned a few days ago that it

was done by Pearl. Upon learning this he swore he would kill Pearl at first sight

and he made good his threat.

On one side were Sam and John Thompson, brothers and Jim Huff, a cousin. On

the other side, Pearl Thompson and a brother, and their cousin Wade Thompson,

Jr. They were all young men, some of them in their teens, and all cousins to each

other. Sam killed Pearl and John shot Wade in the arm. The others came out of

the fracas unhurt.

The participants in this affair are members of families having a bad fighting

record. Sam and John are sons of Wade Thompson, who was implicated in

several killings and who was himself killed a few years ago by Sam Pratt.


The Deplorable Catlettsburg Affair: The bloodiest affair which ever occurred in

Catlettsburg, and one of the worst tragedies in the history of Northeast Kentucky,

took place at ten o’clock last Friday night.


Charley and Dave Justice were the principal on one side and John and Ballard

Faulkner on the other, and three of them were killed and the other mortally



The trouble came up only a short time before the fight, over the public

denunciations of the City Council by Charley Justice. Ballard Faulkner was a

member of the Council and protested against the denunciations. After a hot

controversy the parties separated, but met again a short while afterward on the

street in front of Carpenter’s store and the trouble was renewed


The Justices were under the influence of liquor and had been talking loudly about

the Council failing to care for a low woman who fell drunken fit on the street.

Lewis Cole, son of J.O. Cole, the wealthy member of the timber firm of Crane &

Cole, was with the Justices. The Faulkners had just closed their saloon and

started home when they met the trio. There had been hard feelings between

them for some time and at this meeting Charley Justice opened the would by

applying a vile epithet to John Faulkner who was unarmed, saved a heavy

walking stick. Faulkner struck Justice and the latter began firing. John was killed

almost instantly. Ballard then shot both the Justices and himself shot tow or three

times-once in the heart. About fifty shots were fired. A younger brother of the

Faulkners came near being killed by one of the Justices after he was lying on the

ground., but the course of the pistol was turned by Faulkner. Ballard Plymale, a

bystander, was shot in the thigh.


Charley Justice died a few hours afterward, but Dave is still alive with little

hope for recovery. It was claimed that Cole did some of the shooting. Thos.

Ewing swore out a warrant stating that he saw Cole fire the shot which killed

John Faulkner. Cole was arrested and jailed and a guard was appointed to

prevent lynching.


The Faulkners, though saloonists, were sober men and well respected. The

Justices were tough characters. Cole is a great “sport” and associated with the

Justices. He is of a high family. The Faulkners were married the Justices were



The examining trial of Cole began at Catlettsburg yesterday but only the

witnesses of the prosecution had been heard the adjournment until to-day was

taken. A strong defensed is expected to be made. The general opinion seems to

be that there will not be a strong case against him, but that he, will be bound over

to the Circuit Court.


Note from 7/20- Dave still alive but his chances fro recovery seem to be growing

less and his death is expected at any time.


Note from 7/21- Dave Justice, the sole survivor of the Catlettsburg street duel, is

steadily improving and he is expected to get well. He is now lying in jail in default

of a $1000 bail, having waived examination. It is thought he will give bond.


Sulphur Springs: While bathing last week, Mr. See Triplett was drowned in

East Fork, He leaves a wife and two children.


July 20


Near Shelby Gap, in the upper end of Pike County, Terrell Cox, a desperate

outlaw and whiskey peddler, was waylaid and shot from ambush, three balls

penetrating his body and killing him instantly. Cox is the youngest of three

brothers, two of whom have been killed the past two months, the other now being

laid up with a fatal gunshot wound that may prove fatal.


Died at Pennington Gap, Va., July 12 Elizabeth S. wife of Dr. L. H Clapp, who

lived at this place for nine years, and who was known and is remembered by

most of our citizens.


Felix Webb, died at his home a short distance over in West Virginia a few days

ago of heart disease. The first attack of the trouble was about six weeks ago,

since which time he had frequent severe attacks. He was 25 years old and was



A Preacher Killed: Rev. Wm. Dickerson, pastor of the Baptist church at Fort

Gay, W. Va., was the victim of an unusual accident recently. His mule was

hitched to the top plank of a fence when Mr. Dickerson suddenly threw a sack full

of meal across the animal’s back. The mule sprang backyard and pulled the

plank loose, the end of it striking Mr. Dickerson with great force on the head, just

back of the ear. He died from the effects of the injury last Saturday. The burial

took place Monday and was a very largely attended.


Considerable excitement was created at Wayne county, W. Va., a few days ago

but the finding of a boot and overshoe containing the skeleton of an ankle and

foot. It was identified as that of Jas. Bing the lawyer who was drowned in Twelve

Pole four years ago. An extensive search for the rest of the body is going on



July 27


Floyd County, Prestonsburg: The infant son of L. H. Gormly died Sunday at

4 o’clock pm. It was an only child. The parents have our sympathy.

Serious Shooting: Whiskey Responsible as Usual: On last Sunday night Jerry

Riffe, Jr., shot and dangerously wounded Lee Mosely at Webbville in this county.

It occurred on an E. K. railway train which was just returning with an excursion

party which had been to Greenup county. Both parties were drunk but were the

best of friends. They had been cursing each other “ for fun” and Mosely had his

knife in his hand, Riffe took out his revolver and something was said between

them about cutting and shooting. Riffe’s revolver was of the “self acting” kind. It

was discharged and the ball entered Moseley’s abdomen. The shooting is

thought to have been accidental, the result of the careless handling of the

revolver by Riffe, who was very drunk. He is out on bail, awaiting an examination

set for tomorrow. Both parties are unmarried. Mosely is a brother to the man who

was killed by his father in law, McKinney , several months ago.


Later: Mosely died Tuesday.


Johnson Ferguson, who went to the West Virginia prison for killing Jamison

Ferguson died a few days ago of starvation. He refused to eat, drink, or talk.

Miss Minnie Woody, telegraph operator at Lavelette, Wayne county, W. Va.,

met a horrible death by being thrown from a dog cart by the horse running away.

Her foot caught in the cart and her head was dragged over the ground four

hundred yards. She was badly mangled, Her age was 18 years.


Johnson County Paintsville: Died on last Saturday evening Miss Fannie

Walker, daughter of E. H Walker. Funeral services were held at the M.E. Church

by Rev. Robinson assisted by Rev. Wm. Walker. Fannie was a good girl. To her

parents and relatives we and the community extend our heartfelt sympathies.

Died three miles below hear on last Saturday night, Mrs. John Davis, a very

aged lady.




August 3


Prosperity: Died, on the 28th of last month, Miss Dovie Haws, daughter of Lis

Haws of typhoid fever. She leaves many friends and relatives to mourn their loss.


Later article: Adds daughter of U. GL Hawes.


Another article: Spring Dale Sunday School: When our Sunday school

convened last Sunday at the appointed time there seemed to be a great sadness

when we looked around and saw the seat of one of our best members and

workers vacant, one that added pleasure to our school and was a friend to all

except sin and Satan. She was the daughter of U.G. and Plina Haws. She was

afflicted with malaria fever at first, resulting in typhoid. Her sufferings were

intense and seemed almost unbearable, but yet she bore them will all patience

and meekness possible. All possible earthy assistance was rendered for the

restoration of her health by never tiring, loving, tender hands of physicians,

relation and friends, but the almighty God saw fit in his goodness to take her from

our school, relation and friends. We bow in humble submission to Him whose

chastisements are meant in such mercy and who doeth all things well. While

Dovie will be missed in our Sunday School and by all who know her she is not

dead to them. She will remain while countless ages roll their solemn sounds as a

true treasure and divine intervention to all her classmates and friends to become

as Dovie is. She was converted at Spring Dales last winter at a series of meetings were being conducted by Rev. R. F. Rice and she remained a true and zealous worker in the

cause of Christ.


James Welsh, died last Sunday morning, at Fuller’s station of cancer of the

stomach. The remains were taken to the old home place near Paintsville for

burial. Mr. Welch was one of the oldest and best known steamboat pilots of this



Died about two miles from this place, the wife of Oliver Hardwick, after an

illness of about three weeks. She was a good woman, and was the daughter of

Mordical Wilson. Her husband and a number of children survive her.


August 10


Inez: News has reached here that Mr. Thomas Farley, of this county, was run

over by an N&W passenger train and killed Sunday. Nothing positive has been

learned yet.


A little child of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rice died last week, and was taken to the

tunnel where Mrs. H’s parents live for burial.


Lena Riffe, died last Saturday of what supposed to be Scarlett Fever,. she was a

highly respected young lady and had many friends to mourn her loss.


Wallace Grims’ baby died last Monday. It was one a pair of twin. The other

died about two weeks ago.


Dr Lafe Lawson, a prominent young physician of Logan county, W. Va., son of

Dr George Lawson, was killed by a train running over him. He had gone out in

the night to take a train and it is supposed he fell asleep on the track.


Prosperity: Died, on the 7th of this month, Charlie Gartin, of typhoid fever. He

leaves many friends to mourn their loss.


August 17


Due Bill: We are sorry to note the death of Daniels Thompson’s baby which

took sick Sunday and died Wednesday. We sympathize with the bereaved family.


Zeek Pigg, of a fews miles out in the country, died Tuesday of consumption,

from which he had suffered for a long time. He lived in the west several years

and married. His wife is with her home folks in Illinois.


Johnson County Paintsville: Mrs. Jeff. Walters, whose sickness was

mentioned last week, died last Friday evening, and was buried at Ward City

Saturday. She leaves a husband and two children. All who have had typhoid

fever at this place recently are improving.


Ella Davis aged 7 years, was killed at Ceredo ( not sure if this spelling is right but

this is what they had?) last Saturday by a run away horse,



August 24

At West Liberty, Mrs. R. F. Prather while sitting and nursing her 1 year old

baby, was struck by lightening, the other day and both were killed instantly.

Prosperity: The funeral of Sarah Curnutte, wife of J. H. Curanutte will be

preached at the Curnutte grave of yard Sunday by Rev. Bob Rose and Drew

Grimsly. A good meeting is expected. ( had last name spelled both ways. Not

sure which is correct- another article which was not about death but a different

story on person with same name had it spelled with a?)


Judge John D. Ross, aged 85, died in Boyd county Monday.

Mrs. Jas. McCoy, an aged widow lady, living at Catlettsburg with her six maiden

daughters dropped dead without warning last Monday of heart disease. Up to

that day she had been in comparatively good health. Capt. Jas. Combs, her

brother died the same day.


Mudlick and Vicinity: Mary Stewart (daughter of Marshal Stewart), died last

Saturday, August 11 of typhoid fever. She was a highly respectable young lady,

and her loss is mourned by all who knew her.



August 31


A. J. May of East Fork, Boyd county, was killed by a runaway team on Thursday

of last week, while returning from market. He leaves a wife and seven children.




September 7


Mrs. John Chapman died in lower Louisa last Saturday afternoon, of fever. A

husband and two small children survive her. The remains were taken to the old

plan on the head of Blaine for burial.


Political Fracas: One Man killed and Four Wounded:

The fight between Wilson and Camden forces in West Virginia has been growing

hotter and hotter until in some sections it has reached fever heat. This is

especially the case in Wayne, our neighbor county. Wilson spoke at the mouth of

of Trace Tuesday evening to a large crowd, composed largely of factions having

differences of long standing. At the close of the speech Wilson drove away and

U.S. Marshall S.S. Vinson took the stand for a brief reply. This incensed some of

the Wilsonites, who started an effort to prevent Vinson from speaking. The

attempt was met with resistance from the Vinson men, and from the use of rocks

and clubs the participants soon began to use revolvers. A great number of shots

were fired, resulting in the killing of James Frazell, and the wounding of Tobe

Ferguson, Bob Frazier and Bob Bailey. Sam Ferguson was not engaged in the

row, but was found on the roadside asleep and was struck in the face with a rock.

Neither of the injured parties is seriously hurt. Frazell was not taking part in the

row, but was in a conveyance starting from home. The ball struck him in the

breast near the heart and passed entirely through. He lived about 12 hours. It is a

deplorable affair.


The primary which is causing all the trouble will take place tomorrow. The feeling

is so intense that a speaking and a disturbance almost always go together,


In Memoriam: Potter KY, August 29


Our hearts were made sad on yesterday evening on receiving news of the death

of little Ida Caines, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Caines. The little on

lingered only a short time after she became ill, until God in his provident saw fit to

gather one of his precious lambs into the fold. We did not believe that God wills

the death of an innocent babe, yet it forms an inseparable tie that shall ever exist

between it and the father and mother who so regretted to part with the loved one.

But sill they are submissive to the decrees of Him who doeth all things well. May

the endearment of this little child to be enough to cause the father and mother to

reflect and realize their relation to it and heaven, and may they ever be ready to

greet their dear babe when the time fro their departure shall come. In this life we

meet her no more- a sorrowful thought, but we rejoice in our Savior, that “beyond

this land of parting” we shall meet her again and hear her voice as it mingles with

the Heavenly choir.

We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the parents and all the members of the

family, and when they shall fall by reason of death, may little Ida meet them at

the beautiful gate and escort them to the throne of God. When he calls may we

be ready to say, so one of old “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away;

blessed be the name of the Lord.


September 14


Sarah Bates, aged 16, took morphine and died at Ashland, Wednesday.

Brooding over the unfounded talk of gossipers caused it.


At Lowmansville Al Borders was killed by John Stevens with a knife. Political




September 21


A Centerville, Wayne county, W. Va., during a quarrel about a woman, John

Murphy shot Hampton Stephens dead and fatally injured Stephen’s 18 year old

son, who went to the rescue of his father.


Potter: Dave Hurt’s little child died last week of throat trouble. The parents

have our sincere sympathies.


In Memoriam; Another bright jewel has been taken from earth to Heaven,

Bertha, daughter of John. M. and Grace Diamond, departed this life August 2,

1894, aged one year and four days. While we miss her sweet, innocent prattle

and behold her sunny face no more, we would call her back, since Jesus has

said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me”. We would therefore, thought it

be with grief-stricken hearts, bow in humble submission to his well. One less at

home, the charmed circle broken, a dear face missed day by day. But such is life,

while in the world of sin and sorrow and death; and while we surround the little

mound beneath which her peaceful ashes sleep., by faith we look beyond the

darkness and gloom of the grave to the city of our God, where the tender ties that

have been severed by the ruthless hand of death will be united again no more to

be severed.


John Holt, brother of W. A. and Bernard of this county, died on Mill Creek,

Wayne county, Wednesday.


Mrs. W. H. Davis, died at this place last Saturday after an illness of several

weeks. The body was taken to Martin county and buried Sunday. She was a

good Christian woman. She was 59 years of age and her only child is Mr.

Ranson Marcum a merchant of Knot county. Her husband also survives her.

Floyd County Prestonsburg: Little Bob Mars died Sunday night, after months of

suffering from heart trouble. He was a bright sweet boy and all who knew him

loved him.


September 28


Alex. Dixon, aged 70 was struck by a train and killed at Ashland last Saturday.

He was a a respected citizen.


Walker Rollins, of Wayne county, who was shot last Saturday morning while

engaged in an altercation with his brother, has since died. The murderer made

his escape and is now in Kentucky.




October 5


Died. last Sunday, the little three-year-old son of U.G. Kise, of Kise Station.

Brain fever caused his death. He was a bright little boy and his sudden removal

excites the sympathy of all who know the family. The burial took place Tuesday.


On Beech Fork, W. Va., a man named Mays killed another named Adkins, son

of Sherd Atkins. The tow men began wrestling in a friendly way, but finally grew

angry and engaged in a fight which Mays cut Adkins throat, causing death.

Lick Creek: The funeral of Lafe Moore’s son will be preached at the See school

hours the second Sunday in Oct


October 12


A three year old child of Mart Sester’s of Martin county, was drowned last

Tuesday by falling backward into a kettle of water. Help arrived too late to save it.


A Miner Killed: Joe Spence crushed by Falling Slate: At the Peach Orchard

mines last Monday a man named Joe Spence was killed by a large piece of

slate falling upon him. He was badly mangled. The piece of slate was five by 6

feet and eight inches thick. The unfortunates man’s brother was in the same

room at the time of the accident. An inquest was held and the jury decided that

no one was to blame. The room was properly timbered, but a flaw which was not

discovered caused the accident.


October 19


Brighton, W.Va., Oct 17- At the close of school Tuesday a quarrel among boys

developed into a shooting and cutting scrape, in which Willis Gardner, aged 15,

was shot to death and his little brother, aged 8, fatally stabbed. The teacher,

Morris Pickersing, was also fearfully cut while trying to preserve order.


Mrs. Joe. M. Ferguson died at Ashland after a long illness. Mrs. M. J. Ferguson

and son H.W. went down yesterday to attend the funeral.


A daughter of Jos. Hutchinson died a few days ago. She had sick for a long

time, and death was doubtless welcome to her. She was a fervent Christian.


E.D. Crum, prosecuting attorney for Wayne county, W.Va., died last week. He

was a very deserving young man who had attained success wholly by his own



October 26


A child of Wm Pearce’s died last week, several miles out in the country.

David Derefield, an old citizen of this county, died a few days ago and was

buried at Fallsburg. ( unable to read full last name in this article but one below I

think is same person)


Johnson County, Paintsville: Little Abbie Astrap, of this county died last

Sunday. He was fifty two years old and had never weighed to exceed forty five



Edmonds Branch: Mrs. Milton Elkins, of Cat Bridge, departed this life on the

15th inst., leaving a husband and one small child to mourn their loss. Her disease

was consumption. We heartily sympathize with each and all the relatives of the



2nd article: In Memoriam: Mrs. Ida Elkins, wife of Milton Elkins, departed this life

October 17. She was followed to her last resting place on earth by a large crowd

of relatives and friends. She leaves a husband and one precious child, two

sisters and three brothers to mourn. She was loved by all who knew her and was

patient during her sickness. She was true in faith and has gone to meet her

parents that were beckoning her to come. Prayer by Rev Jerry Riffe at the grave

and a deep impression was made by all present.


Edmonds Branch: David Derefield, departed this life on the 16th inst. leaving a

wife and several children and grand children to mourn their untimely loss. Uncle

Davy’s sickness was very short and sudden. His disease was ulcer of the

stomache ( they did put e on end) combined with a wound that the received in

the late war. His aged was 67 years.




November 2


Johnson County, Paintsville: Col. Nichols, of Flat Gap, died this morning from

the effects of a fall received on last Tuesday. He was seventy-nine years old,

was a native of Penn., and during the oil excitement of Flat Gap he married the

widow Pelphrey. His remains will be sent to Penn. for burial


November 9


Floyd County Prestonsburg: Died at the residence of R.S. Friend, Jim Layne

of Laynesville, Saturday at 10 o’clock p.m., of fever.


November 16


The latest killing in Greenup county occurred on Indian Run where John Deer hit

Henry Stanley on the head with a hoe, crushing his skull.


At Grayson, Carter county, on the day of the election, Lewis Kitchen aged 68

years, dropped dead just as he was leaving the polls where he had acted all day

as Judge. He was a Democrat.


Johnson County: Paintsville: News has been received here that two men by

the name of Fletcher had some trouble about one’s hogs getting in the other’s

corn. The quarreled and afterward met on the road, when one killed the other.

They were cousins and lived in Magoffin county. The dead man was literally cut

to pieces. His ear and his head were cut off, and he received sixteen other knife

wounds. The murderer is now in jail.


Another horrible murder has been in committed in Wayne county. For some time

an ill feeling had existed between Will Bates, a well-known citizen of the

county, and Dock Coffey, a Negro living at Monticello. The met in the post office

at that place, when Coffey drew a revolver and shot Bates through the heart

killing him instantly. Coffey walked out of the office pistol in hand. When on the

street he discharged it again, this time sending a ball through the thigh of little

Jimmy Liar, a boy, who stood near. The ball penetrated the large artery, and

came near resulting in death from loss of blood. Coffee claims the last shot to

have been accidental. He was arrested in placed in jail. Excitement runs high,

and summary punishment may speedily follow.( article spelled Coffey and also Coffee)



November 23


Blaine: In memory of Harrison, a little son of James and Minnie Ferguson,

and a grand son of James Boggs, who departed this life Nov. 17, 1894 in the

sixth year of age. Whereas, it has pleased the Supreme Ruler and Governor of

all things to take from our midst, by the hand of death, the bright and beloved

jewel who has passed from earth to Heaven; While we miss his sweet, innocent,

prattle and behold his sunny face no more, we would not call him back, since

Jesus has said “Suffer the little children to come unto me”.

We would therefore, though it be with grief stricken hearts, bow in humble

submission to his will. One fewer at home, one fewer at school, the charmed

circle broken, and a dear sweet face missed day by day. We grieve to know that

he has passed away, and in common with many friends participate in the anguish

of heart with those bound more closely to hime by the ties of nature. Still our grief

is not without comfort for we feel assured that he has passed to the presence of

that Heavenly Father, who ever deals gently and in loving kindness with his little

ones. Little Harrison was an exceedingly bright boy and every one that knew him

loved hi for he always carried a pleasant smile and had a loving word for

everybody. He will be greatly missed at school for he has been in school enough

for his teachers and classmates to love him dearly. He bore his sickness patiently

and his dying words were “mamma don’t cry, I have to go”. He bereaved parents

and grand parents have our heartfelt sympathy.


Johnson County Paintsville: William Collins (known as Bishop Collins) died

suddenly last Friday from heart trouble. He was buried by the Grand Army on last

Saturday and his was funeral was preached by Rev. Hunt, pastor of the M.E.

Church on last Sunday. To his bereaved family we extend our sympathies.

Phil K. Gray, oldest son of Dr. I. E. Gray, editor of the Pikeville News, died

recently at Pikeville.


November 30


Peter Webb, aged 30 was instantly killed near Harrisville, W. Va., by a tree,

which he was felling, falling and crushing his skull.


Died , infant child of Dan E. Preston, on yesterday. The funeral services were

conducted to-day by Revs. Robinson and Hunt at the M.E. Church South. The

bereaved parents have the sympathy of the entire community.




December 7


Buchanan: Died, on the 3rd inst., of cerebral meningitis, little Evert, son of Mr.

William Mikels of this place. He was buried on the next day in the family

graveyard over in Round Bottom. Rev. J. T. Johnson preached the funeral

sermon and conducted the burial services.


Mrs. Geo. Norris. died at her home in Fallsburg last week of consumption. She

was a good woman and her death is a great loss to both the family and the



2nd article: Fallsburg: Died, at her home in Horseford on Nov 26, Mrs. G. W.

Norris. She leaves a husband and four children and a host of friends to mourn

her loss.


It is reported that Green Patrick of Webbville, this county. committed suicide a

few days ago by hanging himself. He was 56 years old and leaves a large family.

He had become temporarily insane from a long illness.



Burned to Death: Vangle, the little five year old daughter of Lafayette Vinson,

Jr., who lives a few miles above Louisa, died a few days ago from injuries

received three weeks ago previous by her clothing catching fire. She was badly

burned and suffered terribly until her death brought relief. Such an accident

always calls forth sincere sympathy.


Died. last Tuesday, of membranous croup, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Joe McClure, seven miles above Louisa. The child was sick but a few days. She

was about two years old. This is the second child these parents have lost from

that fatal disease. In their heavy affliction they have they sympathy of the entire

community. Mrs. McClure and another child are also sick.


A.H. Clawson, died at Catlettsburg last week.


December 14


Unknown ambushed and fatally shot Mrs. Teddy Arthur, a notorious woman at

Hart Creek, KY.


Hiley Rosebaugh, of Ashland, shot and killed his cousin Andrew Hackworth, in

a drunken row.


At a church in Carter county, George Fultz, his son and son-in law were shot

and killed in a fight with Thomas James, whom Fultz accused of having ruined

his daughter. Another affair is reported as occurring near Kings Chapel in the

same county in which Williams Phillips was killed and Stanton Phillips and Able

Low fatally wounded


December 21


Marie the little daughter of J.P. McClure and wife of Gallup KY, departed this

life Tuesday , Dec 4, 1894, aged about 2 years and 6 months. That dread

disease, diphtheria, caused her death. Marie was a beautiful little girl, and

exceedingly bright and winsome in her ways; being just large enough to run

about and to say so many sweet little words that sink deep into the heart; just

such a darling as makes the home bright and cheerful; just such a jewel as

causes the heart to almost break to have to give up that monster death. But, oh,

bereaved ones. look up to the Healer of all wounded souls and behold what he

has done for your sweet little Marie. Look through the rifts of clouds and behold

your loved one safely housed in the golden city of God. Marie was indeed a

sweet, lovely and precious child. But being taken home to glory, she lost none of

her sweetness; she has lost none of her loveliness; she has lost none of those

endearments which are entwined about your sad souls. Then Marie’s soul is

beyond the snares and trials of this world; that her sufferings is over and she is

now with the Redeamer of the world. Think of the ties in heaven which bind your

souls mose closely to that place of the departed. The family is gathering on the

the other side of Jordan, and when this life is ended, God grant that there may be

a family reunion around the throne of glory


December 28


On Wednesday evening Dec. 19. at the homes of her parents at Buchanan Ky.,

Miss Cora Turman quietly passed from this life to join her sister and friends in

the home beyond. Cora was a bright and beautiful young girl of sixteen summers

and was loved by all who knew her. All that tender home loved could devise or

suggest was laid as a loving tribute at her feet, that her departure might be

delayed to the latest possible moment. There certainly remains to the afflicted

family the sweet consciousness of having done all they could in her behalf and

her death fills every heart in Sunday School with sorrow.

She is gone but not forgotten.

In that land so bright and fair,

All her friends and loving kindred,

Soon will meet their Cora there.

Only just beyond the river,

Only just a step across,

For the loving tender parents,

She will watch and pray and wait,

For her brothers and relations

She will meet them at the gate,

Hand in hand they’ll walk together

Down the streets all paved with gold,

Brothers, sisters, father and mother,

Safe with the Saviors fold.


Harold, infant son of A.L. and Belle Moore, born October 3rd, 1894 and

departed this life November 16th. They had two infant sons to preceded this one

a few years ago, Marrion and Ray. If in this life only we have hope in Christ of all

men we are most miserable.” They are not dead but gone on before”.

And now they seem to be bending o’er me

They whisper words of cheer,

Though their forms are not visible.

I feel their presents near.

He was laid very tenderly down to sleep beside his two little brothers on the point

above Wesley Moore’s until awakened by the trump of God.


Buchanan: Died, last Saturday night, Mrs Lee Madge, of Black Fork W. Va., and

the 25th, a four year old boy of Phil Buyington of Bear Creek.


Death of Phil. C. Montaque: This community was greatly shocked last Friday

morning on the receipt of the news of the death of this popular gentleman. He

had been making preparations for a hunt, and had gone to his wash house to

look for cartridges. HIs wife shortly afterwards heard the muffled report of a gun,

and becoming alarmed she called to her husband. Getting no reply she went to

find him and to her surprise and horror saw him sitting on the steps of the wash

house dead. He had a Winchester rifle between his knees, the muzzle upwards,

and the reasonable theory is that in descending the stairs the hammer of the gun

caught on a step and was so discharged. The 32 caliber ball had entered just

back of the chin, ranging up and through the brain lodging just beneath the skin

in the top of the head. The unfortunate man lived only a few minutes.

The burial occurred last Sunday from the South Methodist Church in Ashland,

which city had been Mr. Montague’s home for several years. The capacious

building was densely packed, every seat and every inch of standing room being

occupied, and the adjacent sidewalks were thronged with people who were

unable to obtain entrance to the house. The dead man had been a member of

the Masonic and many other fraternities, and these with hundreds of the citizens

of Ashland and neighboring cities, had come to pay a last tribute to a man so

universally liked. Rev. Mr. Simms, the pastor of the church, preached one of the

most eloquent sermons we ever heard. From text to close it was eminently fitting.

For many years “Phil” Montaque had been in close touch with the people of this

section. For many years he was a passenger conductor on this division of the the

C.and O. railway, and no man in a similar capacity was ever better liked. He was

skilled in his calling, polite, genial, honest and courageous to a degree- in fact

the ideal conductor.

Mr Montaque was about forty years of age, and left a wife and two young sons to

mourn the untimely death of a most affectionate husband and father.