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Mrs. Fanny Curnutte, widow of John Curnutte and mother of Mrs. Henry S. Young, of this city, died at her home on Cherokee, this county, on last Saturday. She is survived by 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters. She was buried on Sunday, the funeral being attended by Louisa relatives and many others. Big Sandy News, Aug 27,1915


DEAN, Henrietta

A death that brings the deepest grief to family and friends occurred at Zelda a few days ago. Miss Henrietta Dean, a bright girl of 17 died after an illness of only 9 days. She was a daughter of Sam Dean, deceased, and a granddaughter of the late Rev. Clifton Dean. Big Sandy News, Aug 27, 1915



A very distressing accident which resulted in the death of a little child, occurred at the home of "B" queen on East Fork, this county, on Monday last. What are known as fly cups, containing a liquid intended to kill flies, had been placed in the home, and Mr. Queen's son, a child about 2 years old, drank the contents of one of the vessels. Medical aid was summoned as soon as the accident was discovered but in spite of all that could be done death took place about 9 o'clock in the evening. Funeral services, conducted by the Rev. H. B. Hewlett, were held the next day at the Garrett Chapel, followed by interment in the Queen graveyard. Big Sandy News, Aug 27, 1915


SEE, Lizzie Florence

Miss Lizzie Florence See died at the home of G. L. Burke at Maybee, MI, a few days ago, after a long period of ill health. She was a daughter of Mrs. Kizzie See, of Walbridge, and a sister of F. M., W. D. and U. G. See. She was a retiring disposition and spent her life closely at home, but in her circle of friends she was highly regarded and her death is deeply mourned by her relatives. Big Sandy News, Aug 27,1915



AKERS, Charley


On the left fork of Beaver Creek in Floyd County Charley Akers and John Newsom were killed a few days ago. The trouble started on the day of the primary election. A pistol was taken from a drunk man who was causing trouble, Charley Akers got the pistol and took it home, it is said. Fred Newsom, the officer who took the pistol from the drunken man went to Akers' home some time afterward to get the pistol, Akers was not at home, but he got the revolver from a trunk, and also took a banjo to hold until Akers paid costs claimed by the officer. Akers was infuriated by this action and went to Newsom's home during his absence and took the banjo by force from the women. That night the officer went to Akers' home accompanied by 2 of his brothers and another man. They called for Akers and his wife answered that he was not at home. The men were ordered to surround the house. Akers appeared in the doorway with an automatic shot gun and immediately shot John Newsom, a brother of the officer, killing him instantly. Akers fell dead an instant later from a shot fired from a back window. Akers leaves a wife and one child. He was a son of King Akers. Newsom was unmarried. Summing up the whole affair "we find that whiskey started the trouble. A pistol and banjo were the other disturbing elements and 2 lives were given up for possession of them. Big Sandy News, Sep 3, 1915


BADGETT, Virginia

East Point--Mrs. Virginia Badgett of Little Paint, who has been very sick for several weeks, died and was buried Monday. She was about 80 years old and was an honorable Christian lady, and loved by all who knew her. She maintained a pleasant home where the preachers, her friends, and even the casual passerby found a welcome. She will be greatly missed in her community. Big Sandy News, Sep 24. 1915


BLEVINS, Richard

Mrs. Robert Keggs of East Carter Avenue, received a telegram today, announcing the death of her nephew, Richard Blevins, at Palatka, FL. He has been down south for 3 or 4 years in company with his aunt, Miss May Wortman, who kept a boarding and rooming house for tourist in Tampa, FL. they started to Ashland a few weeks ago on a motorcycle and expected to make the trip through, but on reaching Palatka, Fl, stopped to visit friends, and both were stricken with typhoid fever. Word came this morning that Richard Blevins had died last night and his aunt was very low. The deceased was 18 years of age last June. His mother and father are both dead. He is well known in Ashland and his many friends will be grieved to learn of his death. His body will be brought to Ashland and the funeral services will be in charge of the Christian Science Church, either Wednesday or Thursday. His remains will be carried to Hamden, OH, and laid to rest beside his mother, who passed away when he was very young. His father, Frank Blevins, C & O conductor, died several years ago from a wound he received while trying to maintain order on his train.--Ashland Independent. The dead boy was born in this city where his parents lived for some time on Lock Ave. Big Sandy News, Sep 24, 1915


BOND, Winnie

Denton--Mrs. Winnie Bond, who was said to be about 98 years of age, passed away at the home of her son, William Bond, on Glancy Fork, Wednesday, Aug25, and was buried Thursday in the Fortner graveyard just below Denton. Big Sandy News, Sep 3, 1915


BRYAN, Robert M.

Dr. Robert M. Bryan, one of the most widely known and popular veterinarian surgeons in Central Kentucky, committed suicide at his home in Lexington on Thursday last by sending a pistol ball into his brain. He died without regaining consciousness. Dr. Bryan was a brother in law of Dr. W. B. McClure, formerly of Louisa and is survived by a widow and a son of 15 years. Ill health is given as the cause of the rash act. Big Sandy News, Sep 10, 1915


CALLOWAY, "Aunt" Lina

Ulysses--"Aunt" Lina Calloway, as he was called, died Aug 27th. Her death was due to the infirmities of old age being almost 85 years. Big Sandy News, Sep 10, 1915



The 22 months old son of County Superintendent of Schools, M. F. Campbell and Mrs. Campbell died here of Cholera Infantum last Monday afternoon after a considerable illness. The little body was taken to the home of its grandfather, Thomas Campbell, on far Chloe Creek for interment, Tuesday. Rev. M. C. Reynolds, pastor of the First Methodist Church, preached the funeral sermon and quite a number of neighbors and friends gathered around to take a last look at the little one and to offer consoling sympathy to the sorrowing father and mother. Big Sandy News, Sep 17, 1915



Polly Carter, an inmate of the county infirmary, died a few days ago at an advanced age. Big Sandy News, Sep 3, 1915



Ulysses--Lewis Castle of Lowmansville died Aug 22nd of pulmonary tuberculosis. He was 33 years old and leaves a wife and 2 small children. Big Sandy News, Sep 10, 1915



In and but loving remembrance of our dear father Moses Childers, who died Auth the 7, 1915, our hearts and homes are broken, our home is home no more since our darling father left us, left us forever more. You have left us and we miss you sadly, miss you, father dear keep green dear God a grave that lies beneath the wife and starry skies of keep sweet with sleep and give him rest, whose hands are folded on his breast. We miss you from home dear father, we miss thee from thy place, a shadow o'er our life is cast, we miss the sunshine of thy face, we miss thy kind and willing hands, thy fond and earnest care our home is dark without thee, we miss thee everywhere. From his loving wife and family. Big Sandy news, Sep 24, 1915


CONLEY, James A.

James A. Conley of Bonanza, passed away Thursday, Aug 31. He was born Sep 14, 1845 and was 69 years old. He had been a member of the United Baptist Church 42 years and was also a minister of that church. He was a Mason, having been a member of that fraternity since 1889. Funeral services were conducted by the Rev. William Honeycut and interment took place near his home at Bonanza. He is survived by his wife and 4 children. Big Sandy News, Sep 10, 1915


DEAN, Henrietta

Zelda--On Aug 24, 1915, the death angel entered the home of Mrs. Alice Dean and took her devoted daughter, Henrietta, age 17 years. We sincerely deplore that one so young and lively should have a life so brief. Be, it therefore resolved, That Buchanan Chapel Sunday School has lost a jewel member and the church a faithful worker. Resolved, That we extend to her family our heartfelt sympathy, and point them for consolation to Him who doeth all things well. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be spread on our Minutes and a copy be sent to the bereaved family, and one to the Methodist Layman Herald and Big Sandy News for publication. Big Sandy News, Sep 3, 1915


FRAZIER, Mrs. M. C. (Elizabeth)

Mrs. M. C. Frazier, aged 30 years, died Monday at her home near Zelda, and was buried the following day at Buchanan Chapel. She was a daughter of "Red" Queen and is survived by a husband and 4 children. Tuberculosis was the cause of her death. Big Sandy News, Sep 10, 1915


Mrs. Elizabeth Frasher was born Sep 18?, 1881, died Sep 6, 1915, aged 33 years, 11 months, 21 days. More commonly known as Bettie Frasher. She was the wife of M. C. Frasher, died of tuberculosis, leaving a husband and 4 children, viz: Garrett, Lummie, Stephen, Emma Belle. She had been ill for some time, yet when the summons came she sank peacefully to rest in the arms of Jesus. Surrounded by her children and friends, who had done everything that loving hands could to relieve her suffering yet to no purpose. God called her to himself. Funeral services were held at Buchanan Chapel, with the honors of the order of I.O.O.F. conducted by Rev. Robert Billups of Big Hurricane, WV, who in beautiful and touching words gave a brief and concise account of her life. Bettie had lead a devoted Christian life for the past 15 years, being baptized and joined the Missionary Baptist Church. Big Sandy News, Sep 24, 1915


GEORGE, Herbert

Ulysses--Herbert George, son of Alex George died of typhoid fever. He was 21 years old. Five weeks ago he was married to Miss Gertrude Miller, of this place. He is survived by his wife, father, mother, 2 brothers and 4 sisters. Big Sandy News, Sep 10, 1915



McCarr--The infant child of Rev. Gibson and wife died Sep 10 and was laid to rest in the Stafford graveyard. Big Sandy News, Sep 24, 1915



The infant son of Bascom Hale and wife, of Bluefield, WV, died in that city Sep 9, aged 6 weeks. The following day the body was brought to Louisa for interment, which occurred on Saturday in the Fulkerson Cemetery, after appropriate services conducted by the Rev. L. M. Copley. the body was accompanied to this city by the parents and Mrs. Jeff McClure. Big Sandy News, Sep 17, 1915



The body of Howard Hornbuckle, aged one year, 3 months and 12 days , son of Mr. and Mrs. Luke Hornbuckle of Twin Branch, WV was taken to Ashland for burial. Death was due to cholera infantum. Big Sandy News, Sep 24, 1915



The death angel visited the home of David Hughes and called for its victim his son, Bert, age 22 years 9 months and 21 days. He was confined to his room for a few months with that dreadful disease tuberculosis, but God in his wisdom saw fit to call Bert home where sickness and pain is no more. All was done that loving hands could do but earthly help was unavailing. He bore his suffering patiently. He told his father although his suffering was great there on earth he would soon be at rest. Bert cant not come back to you but you can go to him, prepare to meet him around God's throne where he has joined his precious mother and sister, who have preceded him to the great beyond. Big Sandy News, Sep 3, 1915



The body of the Rev. G. C. Hutchinson, who died Monday night at Charleston, SC following a lingering illness with typhoid fever will arrive here tomorrow morning and at 7 o'clock will be taken to Salt Rock, the former residence, for interment. Rev. Hutchinson was well known in Huntington. He is survived by his widow, 3 children, his parents, and many other relatives.--Huntington Dispatch. Mr. Hutchinson was a former pastor of the M. E. Church, South, this city. He served one year, succeeding Rev. O. F. Williams and was succeeded by Rev. W. L. Reid. Big Sandy News, Sep 10, 1915


JOHNS, Josephine

On Friday night last, Josephine, the bright little daughter of John Johns and wife, died after a short illness caused by diphtheria. She was 4 years old. Because of the contagiousness of the disease the funeral service on the following day was private. Rev. L. M. Copley officiated. The bereaved parents desire to express their thanks for beautiful flowers and for the kindly attention and ministrations of friends on the sad occasion. Big Sandy News, Sep 17, 1915



Isaac, 14 year old son of P. S. Johnson, was killed by an N & W train at Naugatuck, WV while walking across a bridge. the burial took place at Oppy, Martin County. Big Sandy News, Sep 10, 1915


KENDALL, Martha (Davidson)

Winchester, KY, Aug 31--Mrs. Martha Kendall died this afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. T. Perry, of infirmities. She is survived by 4 children, the Hon. Joseph M. Kendall, former member of Congress from the old Tenth district, Mrs. Stephen Pieratt, of Mt. Sterling, Mrs. Perry, of Winchester, and John Bebel Kendall. Her husband, John Wick Kendall, was a member of Congress and died during his term of office in Washington. The son was chosen to fill his father's unexpired term and later was elected to the office. Three brothers are living, A. J. Davidson, John and Samuel Davidson of Prestonsburg. Big Sandy News, Sep 3, 1915


KILLEW, William

Greenup, KY, Sep 2--Mr. William Killew, aged 65 years old, suffocated by smoke at his home in Beattyville, this county, a few days ago, when a lamp was overturned, setting fire to the contents of the room. He was alone in his home and before assistance could reach him he was dead. Big Sandy News, Sep 10, 1915



McCarr--The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kimble died last Thursday night and was taken to their home on Pond Creek for burial. Big Sandy News, Sep 24, 1915



Little Freda Lawson, age 3 years died at Denton, August 31st. Big Sandy News, Sep 10, 1915



Rev. Patton J. Lockheart died at Cedar Bluff, Iowa, recently, age 73. Big Sandy News, Sep 10,1915



Coon McCoy, a farmer living on Raccoon Creek, pike County, died from poisoning after taking his usual morning toddy last Tuesday. His wife, Polly McCoy, who had been at Pikeville for several days prior to her husband's death, was arrested a few hours afterwards and placed in the Pikeville jail pending investigation of the grand jury into circumstances surrounding the tragic death. The bottle containing the whisky from which he had taken the fatal draught was submitted to physicians here for examination, and it was found to have been heavily charged with strychnine and that enough of it was present to have caused the deaths of at least 50 men. It is regarded as a miracle that McCoy was the only one who drank from he bottle, otherwise, there would have been more deaths. It is said domestic troubles had existed between McCoy and his wife for a long while and that he had once beat her into insensibility and left her for dead. It is known that she lived in dread of him, but whether this furnished a motive for the crime, and whether she prepared the poisonous draught for him, as is claimed, is a matter yet to be determined. The stomach was taken from the body of the dead man and sent with the whisky to the state chemical authorities for analysis. Big Sandy News, Sep 17, 1915


MCCOY, Naomi

Miss Naomi McCoy, a Wayne County school girl, died of appendicitis at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. McCoy, of Lynn Creek last week after undergoing an operation. Big Sandy News, Sep 17, 1915



The body of a man was found near the railroad track just east of Ashland a few days ago. He was evidently killed by a train and is thought to be Joney Napier, of East Lynn, WV. Big Sandy News, Sep 10, 1915


NEWSOM, John see under Charley Akers



Prestonsburg, KY, Sep 20--Miss Lexie Patton, 22 years old, daughter of the late Jeff Patton, committed suicide here last night by drowning herself in the Big Sandy River. She had been in ill health nearly a year. She talked much of her father and mother lately and asked a neighbor if she thought one would be saved if he lost his mind and destroyed himself. She lived near the river bank and after her brothers awoke and missed her this morning they discovered her footprints in the dust of the street. At the river they found the body in 6 foot of water. Miss Patton went to the river barefooted taking care to bind down her clothing around her feet. Big Sandy News, Sep 24, 1915



After a long period of ill health, following a stroke of paralysis accompanied by the infirmity of age, Dr. B. B. Porter, died at his late residence in this city, on Friday, Sep 10th, aged 78 years. On the following evening the body was taken to Dwale, Floyd County, where it was buried the next day. The funeral was attended by one of the largest assemblages ever seen on a similar occasion in Floyd County. Dr. Porter was born in Martin County, but practiced medicine in Floyd County 50 years. He moved to Louisa in 1908, but on account of poor health practiced medicine very little here. He was married 6 times. He was the father of 8 children, 6 of whom with his wife, were present when he died, and all attended the funeral. Those present at his death were Mrs. Sam Newberry, of Inez, Mrs. William Deskins, of Borderland, Ben Porter, of Dwale, Henry Porter, of Allen, Ted and John Porter, of this city. Big Sandy News, Sep 17, 1915


POWELL, Emily Layne

Mrs. Emily Layne Powell, wife of John W. Powell, at their home at Praise, Pike County, KY near Elkhorn City, passed quietly out of this earth life into the Heavenly Life on Aug 12, 1915. She died of infirmities incident to extreme age. She and Mr. Powell had spent over 60 years of loving married life, and reared a large family of children. He now past 86 and blind, is truly a lonely man. Through his life he had been one of Pike County's best citizens, an honest, upright man. He is a confederate veteran of Col. May's Regiment, having followed the flag of the Lost Cause from Ivy Narrows to Appomattox. Mrs. Powell was a daughter of old Uncle Tandy and Aunt Betsy Layne, living on Big Sandy in upper edge of Floyd County, were close neighbors to the father and mother of Mrs. R. T. Burns. The closest old time friendship existed between these families and Emily and Caroline were little playmates and spent many of their childhood happy hours together on the mossy banks of the upper Sandy, laying the foundations of friendship and affection which, increasing, continued through life and will, as I believe, through all eternity.


Aunt Betsy was a daughter of old Col. Tom Johns, was born and reared on the Johns' plantation adjoining Louisa, was a sister of Mrs. Emily Burgess, wife of George R. Burgess, for whom Mrs. Powell was named. A cousin to Mrs. Emily Carey, wife of William Carey, and to Aunt Ellen Waldeck and closely related to Mrs. Aug. Snyder and Mrs. M. F. Conley, Mrs. A. M. Hughes and quite a number of other good people in and near Louisa.


"Cousin Emily" as I always called Mrs. Powell, was a Christian from early childhood--a good wife and good mother. She died with more than 4 score years behind her, an unblemished spotless life. It is hard to say the last word about this good woman. But I must close and do son with a silent prayer that the Hand of Him "Who doeth all things well" may gently lead this sad and blind husband the few remaining days of his life and comfort and bless him and all their children and grandchildren. And by laying this little tribute upon "Cousin Emily" new made grave. Pikeville Papers, please copy, Sep 14, 1915. R. T. Burns. Big Sandy news, Sep 24, 1915



PRESTON, Hereford

Johnson County--Hereford Preston, one of the oldest and most prominent citizens of the county died at his home near the mouth of Paint Creek Saturday night after a long illness. His death was no surprise to his family and friends as he had been in a serious condition for some time. Mr. Preston was related to a large family and was liked by all who knew him. His remains were laid to rest in the old family burying grounds. The sympathy of the entire community is extended to the bereaved family and relatives. Paintsville Herald. Big Sandy News, Sep 10, 1915


QUEEN, Thomas Edward

On Aug 23, 1915 death visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. V. B. Queen and took their only child, Thomas Edward. His death was caused by poisoning. He was sick only a few hours and although dreadfully sick. He knew everyone until his precious little spirit took flight to that great beyond. He was one year and 10 months old, a bright little fellow. He had a bright smile for everyone which made him the favorite of the neighborhood. His last words to his heart broken parents were" a kiss mother, a kiss daddy". Big Sandy News, Sep 17, 1915


RIFFE, Mrs. Jerry

Mrs. Jerry Riffe died Thursday morning at her home near Yatesville. She was 84 years old. She is survived by her husband, who is about the same age. Also, by several sons and daughters. One of them is John B. Riffe, of Louisa. Big Sandy News, Sep 17, 1915


Yatesville--Died on the 16th inst. Mrs. J. M. Riffe. She was nearly 84 years old and leaves a husband, J. M. Riffe and a host of relatives and friends to mourn their loss. Grandma Riffe, by which name, she was commonly known by all the little children of the neighborhood, was one of the kindest hearted women of our community, she being not only a mother to her own children and grandchildren, but a mother to all the poor and needy children within her reach, irrespective of relationship. The burial services were conducted by the Rev. John Thomas, of the Christian Church and who on the occasion and from start to finish used very appropriate words. Big Sandy News, Sep 24, 1915


SAMMONS, Charles

Summit--On Sunday morning Sep 19th, the angel of death knocked at the door of the home of Charles A. Sammons and bore away to the realms of the blest the pure spirit of little Charlie, infant son of Charles A. and Mary Sammons, aged about 9 months. The fatal brain fever struck him on the 17th and it was apparent from the beginning that he would have to go. All that could be done by tender and loving hands was done for him. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon at the family burying ground near the home, conducted by H. W. Lambert and W. D. See. Big Sandy News, Sep 24, 1915


SAMMONS, Mrs. Ulysses (Stella)

Mrs. Ulysses Sammons died a few days ago at her home near Gallup, after an illness of considerable duration. Big Sandy News, Sep 3, 1915


On Monday last, Aug 30th, 1915, the death angel visited the home of U. G. Sammons and claimed for its victim his wife, Stella. Stella, leaves a husband, 4 children, a mother, 2 brothers, and one sister and a host of friends to mourn their loss. She was always kind and affectionate to everyone alike and loved by all who knew her. It is hard to realize that Stella's form will never more be seen on this earth, but weep not dear friends, for only a few days it will seem until we all hope to be with Stella again where parting is no more. Numbers of relatives and friends followed her dead form to its last resting place in the Sammons graveyard at Summit. Big Sandy News, Sep 17, 1915


SHANNON, Nina Ruth

Nina Ruth, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Shannon, was born My 2, 1915, departed this life Sep 11, 1915, aged 11 months and 9 days. She had not been well for some time and her illness never assumed a serious character until only a short time before her death. All was done for her that loving hands could do. But God saw fit in his infinite wisdom to call her from this earth to her eternal abode. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Rickman and she was laid to rest in the Shannon graveyard. Big Sandy News, Sep 17,1915



The countless friends throughout Mingo County of Mr. A. J. Spaulding, will be deeply shocked to learn of his death which occurred on Friday of last week at his home on Jennies Creek. Although advanced in years, being 75 or 76, Mr. Spaulding until a short time ago was as active as a young man and apparently in good health. The cause of his death wad dropsy from which he suffered acutely only a short time. About 3 weeks ago he came to Williamson for treatment, but nothing could be done in the way of permanent relief and he returned to his home knowing his days were numbered, taking the fate stoically and bidding farewell to many of his friends. Mingo Republican. Big Sandy News, Sep 24, 1915



Death visited the home of the Stambaugh family and took away their dear father, Thomas Stambaugh, to live and reign in heaven with the King of Glory. Bro. Stambaugh had been suffering for almost 5 years with a liver trouble, and about 2 weeks before he died he fell from a wagon and was mortally wounded. The people of the whole country visited him through his illness, and at his death they bitterly mourned the loss of their best friend. He leaves many friends, a wife and 7 children to mourn his loss. He was honest, reliable, and industrious and was a man of splendid character and was loved by all who knew him. During his illness he was waited upon by 3 of the best doctors in the state. But it was God's will that took him away from his dear ones where he will received a harp and a golden crown and sit down at the right hand of Jesus and sing with the angels that beckoned him to come and dwell with his Savior. He left a good legacy for his wife and each of his 7 children. His youngest child was 15 years old, there being 6 boys and one girl. Bro. Stambaugh was a kind, accommodating moral and religious man. He was 59 years 1 month and 12 days old, and had been a member of the church of Christ 30 years and lived a consecrated Christian. He died Sunday, Sep 12, 1915, was buried on his own farm Monday. the funeral services were conducted by the Rev. William O. Dixon of Blaine. It is hard to give up our father but the power of God extends beyond that of man. Big Sandy News, Sep 24, 1915



Sidney Tackett, a constable of Pike County, who was shot on Beaver Creek in Floyd County, Saturday, Sep 4th, died from the effects of his wounds late last week. From the report of the trouble reaching here, it appeared that Sol Fleming, a deputy Sheriff of Floyd County was trying to place Tackett under arrest, and Tackett resisted, saying Fleming had no warrant or other authority, and was acting in bad faith in seeking to "get even" for having been arrested by Tackett on a previous occasion in this county, It is said a discharge from Fleming's gun blew Tackett's arm off, and while badly injured he shot at Fleming and the bullet struck Johnson in the leg and it is said he is in a critical condition and may die. Fleming was captured by the Floyd County authorities Monday. Big Sandy News, Sep 17, 1915



The Rev. A. J. Thompson, better known as "Uncle Andy" Thompson, and one of the oldest and best known citizens of Lawrence County, died at his residence at the forks of Little Blaine, Sunday, Sep the 19th. Death followed as the result of a stroke of paralysis, which occurred Friday, Sep 10th and from which he never entirely regained his consciousness. Interment was made on Monday afternoon in the home burying ground. Appropriate funeral services were conducted by the Rev. French Rice, a life time friend, and the Rev. Mr. Booth, pastor of the church of which the deceased belonged for many, many years. The presence of so great a number of people at a week day funeral testified strongly to the esteem in which the old patriarch was held, not by his neighbors alone, but by the entire community. For a long time before the final stroke Mr. Thompson had been in very poor health, suffering from a number of bodily ailments, so that with his weight of years, 83, the paralysis was too much for his weakened body, and in spite of the best medical skill and the most careful nursing, the old man died, surrounded by wife and their 12 grown children, an equal number of each.


Uncle Andy was born nearly 84 years ago, not far from the place where he died. He had lived for 65 years in the house where he died, and it is a singular fact that the day and hour of his decease, 11 o'clock a.m., Sep 19, 1915 was the 65th anniversary of his marriage to the aged woman who survives him. Mr. Thompson was for many years a member of the M. E. Church, South. He was a local preacher of much ability. He was a deeply religious man, attending on the meetings and services of his church. He was kindly and hospitable, his home being open to all who sought its friendly shelter. He will be missed and mourned by many. His surviving children are: Mrs. A. L. Burton, Louisa, KY, Mrs. Lee McComas, Adams, KY, Mrs. Jerry Williams, Maben, WV, Mrs. Hester A. Carter, Yatesville, KY, Mrs. Fanny McComas, Boyd County, Mrs. Allen Burton, Auxier, KY, Lewis Thompson, Medley Thompson and Johns Thompson, Boyd County, John B. and C. S. Thompson, Adams, KY and W. K. Thompson, Hickory, WV. Big Sandy News, Sep 24, 1915



On Monday morning as the workmen were excavating under the pavement in front of the new McGlothin Garage, a quantity of bones were unearthed which were thought to be those of an Indian. Tradition runs that at one time this locality was an Indian burying ground. Sandy Valley Call. Big Sand News, Sep 3, 1915


WATKINS, Mrs. Deresa (Berry)

Mrs. Deresa Watkins died near Louisa this week, age 91 years. She was the mother of Luke Watkins, with whom she had lived for many years. The maiden name of the deceased was Berry and she is the last of a large family of brothers and sisters. She was an excellent woman. Big Sandy News, Sep 3, 1915



Mt. Sterling, Aug 28--Mary Ella Williams, a negro woman, was shot and instantly killed here this morning by a negro. The woman was killed while lying asleep in her bed, 3 shots being fired into her breast, any one of which would have caused instant death. The murderer caught a freight train and escaped. Big Sandy News, Sep 3, 1915



On Thursday of last week Earl Wilson, aged 20 years and a native of this city, was accidentally drowned at Firebrick, KY, where he was employed as a watchman for the company, which is constructing the government dam near that place. When he was missed search was made for him and the body was found in the water between 2 flat boats. There were some bruises on the body which lead to the suspicion that he had been foully dealt with. Before he was employed by the dam people, the young man had been a soldier in the U. S. Army. When the body of the unfortunate body was found his relative was notified and the remains prepared for burial. The body was shipped to Louisa where it arrived Saturday evening and was taken to the home of Jerry Endicott. Interment was made on Sunday afternoon in Fulkerson Cemetery, following funeral services conducted by the Rev. Olus Hamilton, of the Louisa Baptist Church. It was largely attended, the friends of the family manifesting their sympathy in a profusion of beautiful flowers. Earl Wilson was the son of Zeke Wilson of this place. He is survived by his father and a young brother and sister. His mother died several years ago. His untimely death was a sad one and is much deplored by his relatives and friends. Big Sandy News, Sep 17, 1915




Ashland, KY, Sep 22--Eldo Bigley, of Racine, OH, a night watchman on the Big Sandy steamer Mildred, went to sleep and fell into the river, being drowned. His brother, Rigg Bigley, is here today making every effort to recover the body, which has not been found. Big Sandy News, Oct 1, 1915


BOGGS, John H.

In sad but loving remembrance of our dear papa: John H. Boggs, who died Sep 13, 1915. Our hearts and home are broken, our home is home no more since our darling papa left us; left us forever more. Gone, but not forgotten. A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled. All was done that loving hands could do, but it was the Lord's will to take hi. He trusted in his Lord and loved to go to meeting so well. Won't there be a happy meeting when we all get there. He leaves a wife, 3 children, father, 2 brothers, 2 sisters and a shot of friends to mourn his loss. Big Sandy News, Oct 22, 1915


BURTON, Esther

Miss Esther Burton, daughter of A. J. Burton, died at her home near Zelda Sunday night after a lingering illness, caused by tuberculosis. She was 28 years old. The funeral was held on Tuesday at Buchanan Chapel conducted by the Rev. Mr. Cassady. Big Sandy News, Oct 29,1915


CARTER, Luther ???

Little Luther ??? Carter, was born ???? .... and pride of his home for 4 years and 20 days. but on the 11th day of October, an angel visited the family fireside and for its victim swept their darling from their arms. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dock Carter, near Adams. All his young life he was troubled with tonsillitis. He rapidly grew worse and at the end of 2 days intense suffering he fell asleep to wake in a bright world. He was laid to rest in the family graveyard, the burial services being conducted by Bro. Boothe. Little Luther left a father, mother, brother, 2 sisters, grandparents and a host of relatives and friends to mourn his absence. Big Sandy News, Oct 22, 1915



Tom Chaffin, died Monday in the Miners hospital at Welch from pistol wounds sustained at the hands of Flem Muncey. It is stated that there were no eye witnesses to the shooting although a number of people were in the neighborhood, the scene being the West Virginia side of the bridge leading to R. W. Burkirk's house booze joint opposite Matewan. Chafin was struck 3 times, 2 of the balls penetrating his intestines, the other passing through the liver. Dr. William R. Triplett rendered medical attention and also accompanied the wounded man to the hospital, assisting later in the operation which was performed in the hope that the young man's life might be saved. Before the operation was attempted Chafin's dying declaration was taken and it is stated it tends to establish against his slayer a strong case of unwarranted murder. The dying boy declared that some weeks before he and Muncey had a difficulty in Kentucky but that they had met later and apparently had made friends. On Sunday night, shortly before 12 o'clock, Chafin states that Muncey came up to him near the bridge and said "You had the advantage over in Kentucky but it is my turn now." With this Muncey fired. Chafin claims that he attempted to run. Muncey made no attempt to escape but proceeded to Matewan where he found A. D. Hatfield and gave himself up. He was brought to jail here and so far no effort has been made to secure bail for him. Mingo Republican. Big Sandy News, Oct 8, 1915


DEAN, Henrietta

Henrietta, daughter of Samuel and Alice Dean was born Jun 13, 1898, departed this life Aug 23, 1915. She professed the saving power of Christ in Nov 1914, joined the M. E. Church South the following January. Nettie was a bright, intelligent girl, loved and respected by all who knew her. She was sick only a few days, yet she bore her suffering with patience and meekness. While Nettie will be missed in her home, missed by her classmates, missed by her brothers and sister, yet she is not dead to them, but shall be in their memory a bright and guarding star. Big Sandy News, Oct 1, 1915



The message reached her late Friday afternoon that Mr. R. W. Embrey had passed away that day at his home in Graham, VA. Mrs. Frank Tyree, a sister in law was at the Embrey home at the time. Mr. Embrey had for many months been in failing health and his death was not unexpected by relatives and friends. He was widely known in this city, where he resided for many years and where he married his first wife, Miss Lotie Hutchison, who preceded him in death several years ago. He leaves besides a widow, 2 daughters, Miss Embrey Derrick and Miss Katherine Embrey. Sandy Valley Call. Big Sandy News, Oct 22, 1915


FISH, Martha

Mrs. Martha Fish died at her home near Fort Gay a few days ago. She was about 80 years of age and was well known by many people as a woman of more than ordinary intelligence. Big Sandy news, Oct 1, 1915



A son of John Hensley of Chadwick Creek, Boyd County, who had gone to Williamson, WV to testify in the trial of a case was found dead on the railway tracks Friday and his body was brought home Saturday for burial. His friends think he had been lured to a secluded spot, murdered and his body placed on the track. There may be s???? developments. The body was found on the N & W tracks near Kermit. Big Sandy News, Oct 29, 1915



The funeral service over the remains of Aunt Minda Honaker, who died on the 17 day of March, at the ripe age of 75 years, was held at the Academy, near Coal Run, last Sunday morning. Many from Pikeville attended, including Mrs. Barbara Marrs, S. M. Cecil, and Mrs. Honaker's son, Robert O. Honaker, who is a contractor and builder of this city, and his wife and daughter and a number of others. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. R. T. Gillespie. Big Sandy News, Oct 1, 1915


HORTON, Talmage

Blaine--Talmage Horton one of our most esteemed young men and one of Lawrence County's most popular teachers, died at his home at an early hour Oct 6th. He was a victim of typhoid. Big Sandy News, Oct 15, 1915


Talmage Horton, the son of Mrs. Hester Horton, of Blaine has fallen asleep Wednesday morning about 7 o'clock, Oct 6, 1915. He was sick but a short time, but when the death angel said he should no longer live he sank peacefully to rest with the bright and loving smile on his face. The corpse was taken to the church and funeral was preached by Revs. Lafe Walters and H. B. Hewlett. (Note: there is more but too faint to read.) Big Sandy News, Oct 15, 1915



Floyd County--The 3 months old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Isom Hughes died Saturday. Rev. Jackson of the M. E. Church, South, conducted the funeral at the home of Mrs. Hughes sister, Mrs.C. Ferguson. Big Sandy News, Oct 8, 1915


LAWSON, Wallace

Wallace Lawson was instantly killed and his brother, Tony, was mortally wounded by Noah White at the mouth of Elk Creek on Pigeon, just across the line in Mingo County, at about 11:30 Sunday morning. The affray is said to have been the result of a long standing feud between the men, and occurred during the progress of a revival meeting and before quite a number of people. Immediately, after the shooting, which followed a heated quarrel and the exchange of blows. White disappeared, but he later went to Williamson and gave himself up to the Mingo authorities, claiming that he acted in self defense. Logan Democrat. Big Sandy News, Oct 1, 1915


LESTER, Olive Pearl

On Saturday evening, Oct 16?, 1915, the death angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mose Lester and took from them their darling little baby, Olive Pearl. She was only 5 months old, a bright sweet and loving little child. ..... too faint to read.... She was laid to rest in the Christian cemetery. Funeral services were held by Bro. Jacob Puckett. Big Sandy News, Oct 29,1915


MAYNARD, Charles

Charlie Maynard, a former Pikeville boy and a son of Mary Maynard, was killed in a motorcycle accident at Newport News, VA Oct 16, according to reports reaching here, and his brother, Claude, was so badly injured that he is not expected to live. The machine on which they were both riding crashed into a telephone pole when Claude, who was driving, turned about to see Charles, who had lost his balance and fallen from the machine. Both were taken to a hospital and it was first thought that Claude was the most seriously injured of the two, but internal injuries resulted in the death of Charles only a few hours later and Claude is lingering between life and death. Charles Maynard was 36 years old and is survived by his wife and 3 small children. John Maynard, the youngest of the 3 brothers was also painfully injured only a few days before by being knocked against a wagon when he stepped from a street car. Big Sandy News, Oct 29,1915



Williamson, WV--Davie Maynard, a young girl about ?? years of age, committed suicide yesterday, in the west end of this city. She shot herself through the heart with an U. S. army revolver and died instantly. She was standing before a mirror when she committed the act and never spoke and when her mother reached her she was dead. She left a note but there was nothing in it to denote the cause of the deliberate suicide. The coroner's verdict was "Came to her death by a pistol shot fired by her own hand." Williamson News. Big Sandy News, Oct 22, 1915


MCCLURE, Jayne (Borders)

Mrs. Jayne Borders McClure, widow of the late George C. McClure died at her home at Gallup, this county, in her 84th year, Thursday of last week, after an illness of a few weeks. She had been at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. T. Atkinson, at Paintsville, for 5 week and became ill while there. She was removed to her home only a few days previous to her death. The funeral was held on the 23rd at the old homestead and the body was laid to rest beside her husband, who died 3 years ago. the funeral was conducted by Rev. Cyrus Riffe, who was her pastor ?? years ago assisted by Rev. Hill, the present pastor of the M. E. Church........??..... Jayne B orders was born March 21, 1831 and died Oct 21, 1915, aged 84 years and 8 months. She was a daughter of Hezekiah Borders, one of the pioneers of the Big Sandy Valley. She grew into young womanhood amid all the difficulties incident to those strenuous pioneer days, but not withstanding the great difficulties which ..... unreadable.....


She was married to G. C. McClure on the ? day of Nov 1849. To this union were born ?? children, ? boys and ? girls of whom 7 are living today, who with 2? grandchildren and ?? great grandchildren. ??? brothers and a large number of relatives and friends survive to mourn her loss. Shortly after her marriage she with her husband settled in a little cabin home which stood near the present McClure homestead, where for many years the true Kentucky hospitality has been dispensed with a lavish hand. Under the splendid guidance of this saintly woman the home became an ideal Christian home from whence each of the children received instruction and inspiration to go forth .... unreadable....


She is survived by the following children: Joe P. McClure, T. S. McClure, J. M. McClure of Gallup, KY. L. T. McClure of Louisa, Mrs. O. D. Garred, of Huntington, WV, Mrs. Dr. W. T. Atkinson of Paintsville, and Mrs. G. C. Burgess of Kise, 5 sons in law and 4 daughters in law. Big Sandy News, Oct 29, 1915


OGLE, Lucy

When Lucy Ogle, 20 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lave Ogle, prominent residents of near Manchester, OH did not return home from an errand as soon as she was expected her mother started in search of her. A few moments later she was horrified to find the body of her daughter floating in 12 inches of water in Brush Creek near their home. Big Sandy News, Oct 8, 1915



Dr. Alex M. Parsons, age 49, who formerly resided in Catlettsburg, was shot and instantly killed Sunday evening at Branchland, WV by an unknown assailant after he had shot and mortally wounded J. W. Breils, age 52, a prominent farmer of Branchland. The double tragedy occurred, it is believed, over a doctor bill which Breils is alleged to have owed Parsons and refused to pay. Daner Colgrove, 18, has been arrested in connection with the murder and the authorities are looking for Noah Briels, 20, son of the man who Dr. Parsons shot. Big Sandy News, Oct 8, 1915


PERRY, Squire J. W.

Illness Started with Pain in a Toe and Death Came Next Day (Note: this is the headline the rest is too faint to read). big Sandy News, Oct 29, 1915


Griffith Creek--James Perry, an aged and respected citizen, died last Friday of neuralgia. He was taken Thursday morning with a several pain in his foot and leg spreading over his body and taking his life Friday evening. Mr. Perry was one of the best known citizens in our county. He leaves a wife and several children to mourn the loss of a kind and devoted husband and father. Big Sandy News, Oct 29,1915



PETERS, Mrs. Millard

Mrs. Millard Peters, aged 26, died at her home near Clifford at an early hour Thursday morning after an illness of 2 weeks of typhoid fever. She is survived by 3 children, the youngest a child of 6 months. Her husband is also living. Mrs. Peters was the youngest daughter of Albert Ratcliff, who died about 2 year ago. Burial will occur on Friday at the old Ratcliff graveyard. Big Sandy News, Oct 22, 1915


PRICHARD, Henry Lewis

Henry Lewis Prichard, son of Dr. ? Prichard of Charleston, died at the Sheppard and En??? ???? hospital in Baltimore Saturday. He had been in ill health for some time and had gone to the hospital for treatment. Mr. Prichard was born at Grayson, Carter County, KY, Dec 25, 18?9. He attended school at the University of Notre Dame from Sep 1886 to June 1890, when he graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science. Ashland Independent. Big Sandy News, Oct 22, 1915


REID, Dr. C. F.

Dr. C. F. Reid died at Erlanger, KY, Oct 7th. The above announcement fills us with surprise and sadness. We have had no particulars of the good man's going away, but supposed that he was on the road to health and renewed labor. Dr. Reid ahd done a man's work in home and foreign fields. He was all aflame with his Lord's spirit. (Note: there is a more but the print is too faint to make out). Big Sandy News, Oct 22, 1915


RIFFE, Martha Jane

Martha Jane Riffe, of Yatesville has fallen asleep. The day time of her life has failed from the west an within her kind eyes there can never be the trembling luster of another dawn. On the 22nd day of January 1832 the gate of life was opened to her and on the 16th day of September 1915 the gate of death closed to her at the age of 83 years 7 months, and 25 days. She was married to J. M. Riffe Nov 20, 1856 and they lived together as husband and wife 58 years 9 months and 27 days, and to this union there was born 8 children, 3 dead and 5 living. Those living are Mrs. Mary Holbrook, J. B. Riffe, W. J. Riffe, J. H. Riffe and G. L. Riffe, and from this union there are 85 descendants, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren and for the consolation of the dear companion the loving children the kind neighbors and friends of Grandma Riffe weep not for her. You did all for her you cold do but could not stay the hand of death but thank God there is no aching heads or burning brows or death bell chimes in that fair clime to which she has gone, but all is joy, peace and love. Big Sandy News, Oct 1, 1915



Mr. John Starr of Wayne county, son of John "Bu?k Starr of Pigeon Creek, who has been working for the Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company in this city for several weeks. was instantly killed today at ???? while helping sink a telephone pole at the corner of Logan and Wall Sts. near the subway and just opposite the passenger station. Mr. Starr and several other men were placing a telephone pole in the ground and unfortunately in some way the hooks with which the pole was being raised slipped and the pole fell, striking him in the head. His head was crushed to pieces. He died instantly and never spoke. Williamson News. Big Sandy news, Oct 29, 1915



B. F. Vanhorn died Aug 15th at Rove Creek, Lawrence County, and was buried the 16th in the Vanhorn graveyard. He left 9 children, 4 girls and 5 boys, 45 grandchildren and a host of friends. The cause of his death was cancer. His age was 87 years, 6 months and 16 days. God bless all of his children and grandchildren. Big Sandy News, Oct 1, 1915



Pearly Wellman, aged about 40 years, fell from a work car of the electric street line in Huntington on Wednesday and received injuries from which it is said he can not possibly recover. He was an employee of the car company and was at work when the accident occurred. He fell on his head and fractured his skull. Wellman is a son of James Harvey Wellman, of this place, and has a wife and several children. Big Sandy news, Oct 22, 1915



Injuries suffered by Caner Williams, age 23, when he was hurled 40 feet from a handcar near Fullerton Wednesday morning, when it was struck by a C & O engine, proved fatal. Williams passing away at Portsmouth hospital Wednesday afternoon without regaining consciousness. His skull was crushed and was injured internally. Caner was a son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Williams, well known residents of Soldier, and the body was shipped here Thursday for burial. Williams was born and reared in Soldier and was well and favorably known in that vicinity. Big Sandy News, Oct 1, 1915



Floyd County--Mrs. Fannie Williams, wife of Lank Williams, died last Monday morning at her home on Third St. in this city from a long standing pulmonary weakness. The funeral service was held Tuesday at noon at the Christian Church, Rev. George F. Tinsley, the pastor, preaching. A great number of people attended the service at the church. The body was taken to Coal Run for interment beside other relatives and quite a large crowd of people from here went with the funeral party to attend the closing obsequies at Coal Run. Mrs. Williams leaves her husband and little daughter, among many other surviving relatives, to mourn for her. Big Sandy news, Oct 8, 1915



Aunt Tilda, wife of W. Henry Williams, livery stable owner of Pikeville, passed away at her farm on John's Creek last Saturday after an illness extending over several weeks. Mrs. Williams had been in failing health for several years prior to her death, and general infirmities are given as the cause. The news of her death brought deep regret and sorrow to many of her neighbors and friends at Pikeville, in whose regard she held a high place. She leaves a number of children, among whom are Robert Williams, of this city and Mrs. Sallie Hatfield and Mrs. Jack Akers, both of John's Creek. The remains were laid to rest in the cemetery on the farm, with many people from the neighborhood and also from Pikeville present to pay their last tribute of respect to a good mother, kind neighbor and friend. Big Sandy News, Oct 8,1915




Near Wanda, L. B. Bocook, colored, was struck and killed by a train. Interment was made in the Logan Cemetery by undertaker Harris. Big Sandy News, Nov 5, 1915



A young child of Will Bowling of Whites Creek was burned to death by the ignition of its clothing while at play in front of a grate fire. The Bowling family is prominent throughout Boyd County. Big Sandy News, Nov 12, 1915


BURNS, Caroline (Hatcher)

After years of ill health and months of intense suffering, Mrs. Caroline Burns, beloved wife of R. T. Burns, died Tuesday morning last. Two of the children, Mrs. L. S. Johnson, of Frankfort, KY and Mrs. C. H. Williamson of Memphis, TN, were not present when their devoted mother breathed her last. Mrs. Burns died of a complication of diseased, made incurable by the infirmity of advanced age. She had many improvements and many relapses during her protracted sickness, more than once being considered to be at the point of death, but a rally would come and her family and friends would become hopeful. During the long suffering Mrs. Burns was not always confined to her bed or even to the house. On-Go-T--Sunday School day, in April last, she was carried to the Court House and it was thought the journey did her harm. this was her last going on the street. She became worse on Monday, losing consciousness during the night, remaining so until death closed the scene. She died peacefully and without a struggle or a sigh. Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon, conducted at the house by the Rev. L. E. McEldowney, pastor of the M. E. Church, South. The interment was in Pine Hill Cemetery. Caroline Hatcher Burns was born in Floyd County, KY, Nov 21, 1836. She would have been 79 years Sunday. She was reared by Christian parents in a truly Christian home, joined the M. E. Church, South, when a child was converted when 10 years old and was married to Rowland T. Burns Jul 9, 1858. Died Nov 16, 1915 at 4 a.m. Six children were born unto them, Kate, Alexander H. Thursa, Elizabeth, Mary and John G. Alex died May 21, 1885. Kate April 17, 1892. (There is more here that looks like the sermon preached at her funeral that I chose not to include.) Big Sandy News, Nov 19, 1915


BURTON, Esther

Esther Burton, daughter of Mary and Andrew Burton departed this life Oct 25, 1915, aged 22 years 11 months and ? days. She was converted and baptized Oct 21. She died in great faith. She urged her loved ones to prepare to meet her in that better land where sickness, sorrow, pain and death are felt and feared no more. She fell a victim to that awful disease consumption which has slain multitudes there fore it is an earnest call especially to the young people to repent and get right with the Lord for when that disease get a hold on a person there is no discharge till death sets them free. This dear girl was sick about 8 months. Her funeral was preached by Rev. B. H. Cassady at the Buchanan Chapel using the text One thing is needful and Mary has chosen that good part which shall not be taken away from her. After which she was given into the hands of the Rebeccas a branch of the Independent order of the I.O.O.F. who with tender care escorted her body to its last resting place and after appropriate ceremonies by the Rebeccas and the church her remains were interred in the beautiful cemetery at Buchanan Chapel. Big Sandy News, Nov 19, 1915



J. P. Crager, better known as "Pat" Crager, formerly of Blaine, but for many years a resident of West Jefferson, OH, died at his home in that city Thursday, Nov 11th, after a very short illness. He had been imprudent in eating, which brought on an attack of acute dysentery which caused death in a short time. The funeral was held in Sunday last and was very largely attended. Mr. Crager was an uncle of A. L. Burton and a brother in law of Mrs. R. S. Chaffin, of this city, who with Mr. Davis Burton, of Georges Creek, were among the many who paid the best tribute of respect to a very worthy man. Mr. Crager left this county about 20 years ago, to try to improve his prospects by going to Ohio, and when he and his family reached West Jefferson he had 35 cents left. By industry and economy he fared well, being worth at the time of his death about $25,000. He was 51 years old and is survived by a widow and a son and a daughter. Big Sandy News, Nov 19, 1915



Pike County--Uncle Bob V. Damron, who for years had been one of the best known farmers in the Shelby Creek country, died at his home on little Creek, a tributary to Shelby last Friday. Mr. Damron was advanced in years at his death and had enjoyed the good will and respect of his neighbors during a long life. He leaves many relatives and friends to mourn for him. Many attended the funeral at the cemetery near the home Sunday. Big Sandy News, Nov 26,1915


HAYS, Elizabeth

Mrs. Elizabeth Hays, whose critical illness was noted in this paper last week, died Friday last, Nov 19. She died peacefully, in the sure hope of a blessed life beyond the grave. On the following Sunday her funeral was preached at the Baptist Church near the Hays home, by the Rev. H. B. Hewlett, of this city. The exercises were very appropriate and were attended and listened to by a great number of friends and relatives. At the close of the exercises the body was buried in the Hays burial ground, not far from the home where the good old mother in Israel had lived so long. the infirmities of old age closed her mortal career at the ripe age of 79 years. She was the widow of John Hays, one of the best known men in this county, who preceded her to the grave not many months ago.


Mrs. Hayes was born Sep 1, 1836. To her and Uncle John were born 12 children, namely: Mrs. Lucy Justice, of Hood; Mrs. Nancy Preston, Louisa; Sarah, who lives at home, Hester, dead; Zed, dead, W. T. Hays, Lafe Hays, Major Hays, Green Hays, John Hays, Leander and Joe Hays both dead. From one who is not of kin to the deceased the NEWS learns that she was in every case a good woman, or as he expressed it "a good, kind, motherly woman." This speaks much, although the words are few. He further said that he felt sure that she was ready for the change that comes to all mortality. She was entirely in her right mind to the latest breath and knew that the end was approaching. Big Sandy News, Nov 26, 1915



Noma, the 13 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Hughes, died last Thursday night of pulmonary hemorrhage after a lingering illness of tuberculosis. She was buried on the following Saturday in the Bussyeville graveyard, following appropriate services conducted by the Rev. H. B. Hewlett. The deceased was a bright and affectionate girl. The family as the sympathy of all in their sad bereavement. Noma was the fourth of the children to fall a victim of consumption. Big Sandy News, Nov 26, 1915


JOHNSON, Elizabeth

West Virginia--Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, widow of the late R. M. Johnson, died at the home of her son, M??? Johnson in Kenova, Tuesday morning, Nov ?? aged ?? years. Mrs. Johnson's illness was of short duration. Only about a week ago she was taken ill of pneumonia and gradually grew worse until the end came. She was a member of the Baptist Church and had lived a Christian life. Wayne News. Big Sandy News, Nov 12, 1915


LEWIS, Gordon

Gordon Lewis, colored, aged 28?, was run down and killed by a train at Peach Creek on last Thursday. The body was shipped to the unfortunate man's home at Pendleton, VA by R. B. Harris of the Logan Mercantile company. Big Sandy News, Nov 5, 1915



E. E. Long, son of Prof. John R. Long, deceased, formerly of this county, died at his home in Morgan County last Tuesday, Nov 2. Mr. Long formerly lived in Paintsville and engaged in the Singer Sewing Machine business. He was afflicted with that dreadful disease tuberculosis. He is a grandson of Judge A. H. Cooper of Magoffin County and a nephew of C. M. Cooper and Judge J. H. Cooper of Paintsville. Paintsville Post. Big Sandy News, Nov 12, 1915


LOWE, Subert

West Virginia--Subert Lowe, age 28 years , single, was run down and killed near Peck's Mill by a freight train late last Friday night. The body was literally cut to pieces and it is evident that the entire train must have passed over it. Logan Democrat. Big Sandy News, Nov 26,1915



A. Kirk, of Princess, appeared before Squire C. W. Hatfield today and swore out a warrant for James Matney, aged 24 years old, charging him with murder, the victim being Mr. Kirk's son in law, Joe McCalvin, also of Princess, and a brother in law of Matney. McCalvin was shot through the side, just above the hip with a shot gun, the shells for which Matney is alleged to have borrowed of a neighbor just previous to the shooting, which followed some trouble the 2 men are alleged to have had after a visit to Ashland Monday evening. Ashland Independent. Big Sandy News, Nov 19,1915



Mr. John A. Murphy, a pioneer citizen of Pike County and a splendid man, died last Saturday, Oct 30, 1915. He was 66 years of age, was born Feb 4, 1849 and died from a second paralytic stroke. He had been a sufferer for the last 5 years. He leaves a wife and 9 children and 3 brothers, among whom was Mr. Floyd W. Murphy of Nolan, this county, Williamson News. Big Sandy News, Nov 5, 1915


MURPHY, Dr. John H.

Dr. John H. Murphy, prominent physician of Martin County, KY, near Naugatuck, passed away at his home Monday after an illness covering the pat several years. The interment was held Wednesday at the family cemetery on Long Branch and was largely attended. The deceased is survived by a loving wife and mother, one grown daughter and 2 sons. His death will be keenly felt in his home community, where he numbered his friends by legion. Mingo Republican. Big Sandy News, Nov 26, 1915


PERRY, James

On Friday, Oct 29, the death angel visited the home of Mrs. James Perry and took her dear companion. His death was due to neuralgia. Uncle Jim as he was called will be greatly missed. He was a kind hearted man and was ever ready to help the distressed. He was a Civil War veteran. He leaves a wife, 3 daughters and 2 sons. Miss Kentucky, single, Mrs. John Chapman, of Gallup, Mrs. Henry Adkins, of Dunlow, Fred and Arnold Perry of Gallup. He was only sick a short time only lived about 24 hours after he was taken sick. All was done that loving hands could do. The attending physician was Dr. Atkinson of Paintsville. Big Sandy News, Nov 5, 1915


PETERS, Jessie (Ratcliff)

Glenhayes, WV--The death angel came on the 21st of October to the home of Millard Peters and claimed for its victim his darling wife, Jessie. She had been sick only a few days and her almost sudden death was a shock to her many friends, but we feel sure our loss is heaven's gain. She was converted 9 years ago and lived a devoted Christian life ever since. She left a husband and 4 small children, the baby 2 months old. Also a host of relatives and friends to mourn her loss. She was a daughter of Albert Ratcliff, who died 4 years ago. She was a loving wife and mother and a good neighbor. Big Sandy News, Nov 12, 1915


RICE, Benard W.

Benard W. Rice was born Apr 9, 1855, departed this life Oct 27, 1915, aged 60 years 6 months and 18 days. He joined the M. E. Church, South and was converted 30 years ago and he lived a true, honest Christian life. His sickness was of short duration. All was done for him that could be done but could not stay the hand of death. He left a wife and 3 children and many friends to mourn their loss but thank God he went home where there is no sickness, pain or death. His work is done, his earthly toil is ended and he is at rest, forever rest. He called Dr. Brice, R. H. Cassady, Mrs. Sarah Scott, Jeff Ramey and others to the beside and asked them to meet him in heaven. He asked Bro. Cassady to preach his funeral, which he did using the 14 verses of the 14 chapter of Johns, after which his remains were consigned to earth overlooking his little home. Big Sandy News, Nov 19,1915



Pike County--The 4 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Blythe Robinson, who live in the narrows above town, was badly burned Tuesday and died from its injuries Tuesday night. It is said the little one was standing by the fire while Mrs. Robinson, had gone out after coal. The child's dress caught from the grate, and it ran to the door screaming, and Mrs. Robinson instantly put out the flames, but it appears that the child sucked one of the tongues of flames down its throat, inflicting a fatal injury, which with other injuries caused the infant's death after much suffering. Big Sandy News, Nov 19, 1915



A highly respeced young woman Miss Thurza Shortridge, daughter of John W. Shortridge, formerly of Louisa, died at Normal, KY last week and the body was taken to Fallsburg for burial. Tuberculosis caused her death. Rev. H. B. Hewlett preached the funeral. Big Sandy News, Nov 5, 1915


THOMPSON, Deresa (Berry)

Mrs. Deresa Thompson, mother of Judge T. S. Thompson, of this city, died Tuesday, Nov 9, at her home on Rich Creek, this county. the funeral occurred at the Milt Thompson place on the following day. The services which were numerously attended were conducted by the Rev. William Copley. Mrs. Thompson had suffered long from the infirmity of age and died at the age of 74 years. Mrs. Thompson was a great woman and neighbor, highly respected by all who knew her. She was the daughter of Thompson Berry and the widow of Isaac Thompson. She is survived by the following children who mourn the loss of a devoted mother. Mrs. William Shannon, Mrs. Co Carter, Mrs. L?? Prince, T. S. Thompson, B??? Thompson, David Thompson, Milt Thompson, John Thompson. Big Sandy News, Nov 12, 1915



Matewan, WV, Oct 29--Two girls, 2 years old and a boy 9 years old, children of Colonel M. D. Tiller, of Pigeon Creek, near here, were cremated today when a stable in which they were playing was destroyed by fire. The children were in the stable, where hay was stored. Big Sandy News, Nov 5, 1915


VANHOOSE, Garfield

During a friendly call from Mr. Jeff Vanhoose of Catlettsburg yesterday, he referred to the tragic death of 3 of his boys and the probable death of the fourth. Readers of the Independent are familiar with the death of his son, Jeff Vanhoose, Jr., who was struck by a train and killed last week not far from his home in the lower end of Catlettsburg. The fourth son referred to by Mr. Vanhoose is Garfield Vanhoose, well known in both Ashland and Catlettsburg as a solder. Garfield Vanhoose was a soldier in the Spanish-American war and he seemed to enjoy the experience very much. After the war he joined the regular army and served there for some 8 or 10 years. When the war broke out in Europe, Mr. Vanhoose went to Canada, volunteered in a Canadian regiment and shortly after this was transported to the firing line in Europe. He participated in the battle of the Marne and wrote his father a number of letters while in the trenches. During the close of this noted battle he was separated from his tent mate and had not been heard from since. Mr. Vanhoose received several letters from Garfield while he was in the trenches, but has not received a line from him since the close of the battle of the Marne. However, he received a latter from his tent mate saying that he feared Garfield Vanhoose was dead, as it had been impossible for him to learn anything of his whereabouts. Mr. Vanhoose said that his son informed him that there was a large number of Americans in the Canadian regiment to which he belonged and that they had all joined through love of adventure and in order to get some of the real experience of war. Judging from the number of fatalities in the big battles on the Western Front in Europe, we are of the opinion that Mr. Vanhoose is correct in his belief that his son, Garfield has been killed. Ashland Independent. Big Sandy News, Nov 26, 1915



Catlettsburg, KY, Nov 14--Jeff VanHoose, 22 years old, was killed by a Chesapeake & Ohio train here this morning. His brother Harry met a similar death in Cincinnati not long ago and Captain John VanHoose, another brother, a Baldwin detective, was killed by a bandit on the N and W. Railway some time ago. Big Sandy News, Nov 19, 1915



Pike County--Albert Wright, a tipple employee, was instantly killed by a runaway mine car on the incline at the Edgewater mines near Hellier last Saturday morning. It is said Wright was standing near the foot of the incline while the loaded car was descending the hill, and that the drum cable parted and the car came down the hill with lightning speed, jumped the track and struck Wright knocking him down through the tipple and that the force of the impact was such that nearly every bone in his body was broken. He died instantly. The car also, it is said, did great amount of damage to the tipple. Big Sandy news, Nov 19, 1915




ADAMS, Mollie

The death angel has again saddened the home of Green Adams by plucking from its garden the sweetest flower, Mollie Adams died the 9th of November, age 65. She joined the church and was converted in her youth and lived a devoted Christian until our supreme being saw fit to call her home to heaven to live with her 2 sainted daughters that had passed on before to the land where she will never return or say farewell to friends. She leaves a husband, one daughter and many sorrowing friends to mourn their loss. She was a kind submissive woman, had a good word for all she met. The neighborhood will miss her smiles as well as her husband and affectionate daughter. There was a large crowd to see Mollie laid to rest in the Hooser cemetery. Her husband has gone to Missouri to live with his daughter. Big Sandy News, Dec 24, 1915


AUXIER, Joseph D.

East Point--After a long illness Joseph D. Auxier died at his home near this place Saturday night. He was a useful and highly respected citizen, a social, intelligent man, and had a host of friends by whom he will be greatly missed. He also leaves a wife, 2 daughters and 6 sons. His family was greatly devoted to him and in constant attendance at his bedside for weeks before his death doing all they could to alleviate his suffering. He realized the end was near, but said he was well prepared and calmly awaited the summons. Deceased was 68 years of age. Big Sandy News, Dec 17, 1915


Joseph D. Auxier, a farmer and business man, died at his home at East Point, Saturday, Dec 4th from the effects of a complication of ailments, principally that of a cancerous condition of the stomach. He had been in bad health for several months but only recently became bedfast. He spent 3 weeks at French Lick Springs recently, but it was too late to get results. Mr. Auxier was well known in the valley and had the profound respect of everyone who knew him. The funeral and interment ceremonies took place Monday, being conducted by the Revs. Diles, Dunnegan, and Short, 3 able ministers. Diles and Short of the Christian church of which he was a faithful member and Dunnegan of the so called Church of God. Besides the religious obsequies the Odd Fellows Lodge from Paintsville of which he had long been a member and the same lodge from Auxier, besides host of friends and relatives, paid the last tribute of respect to the dead man. He was 70? years old and leaves a wife and 8 children besides many other relatives to mourn for him. Big Sandy News, Dec 17, 1915


BATES, James N.

James N. Bates, a grandson of David Bates, well known in this county, died Thursday in Ironton. On Sunday afternoon the body was brought to this place and was taken to the home of the widow Caperton, in "Italy". On Monday the remains were carried to the See graveyard and interred. The burial service was conducted by Rev. W. M. See. Big Sandy News, Dec 17, 1915


BOWLING, Joseph R.

Mr. Joseph R. Bowling of Wilbur, died very suddenly at his home on Wednesday night last. Since Monday he had not felt quite well, but went to bed on the evening mentioned saying he was a little better. He had not been in bed very long, however, before he complained of being very sick and having a severe pain in his side, and died about 2 hours later. The NEWS has been informed that the funeral will occur Friday about noon. Mr. Bowling was about ?60? years of age. He was a son in law of M.? Swetnam and is survived by a widow and 4 children, 2 sons and 2 daughters. He was a brother in law of John L. Hibbard, who married Mr. Bowling's sister. Mr. Bowling was an excellent man, a good citizen, neighbor, husband and father. His sudden demise is much deplored by those who knew him best. Big Sandy News, Dec 10, 1915



John F. Burchett, better known as "Fiddler" Burchett, aged 86 years died at his home on Cow Creek last Friday from a paralytic stroke. Mr. Burchett was once jailor of Floyd County. He was widely known for his musical ability, especially that of playing the violin, for which he has received many prizes. He is survived by 4 sons, namely, T. O. Burchett, of this city, and Flem, Albert and West Burchett, of Cow. His aged wife died 4 years ago. His funeral was preached at the old home and was largely attended. Big Sandy News, Dec 3, 1915


BURNS, Caroline (Hatcher)

The following is from the Portsmouth, OH Star and was written by John D. Littlejohn, the editor of that paper.

Mrs. A. A. Wilson of 1637 Highland Avenue, has recently received the sad intelligence of the death of her aunt, Mrs. Roland T. Burns, aged 79, who died at Louisa, Lawrence Co., KY, Tuesday, Nov 16. The deceased was a splendid old fashioned mother and her husband a plain old fashioned lawyer of extraordinary brilliancy and whose head was not turned by honor or prominence. They lived to a ripe old age as lovers. Their home was full of cheerfulness that made the visitor glad and self-confident that they were welcome. Way back yonder when the writher was a boy in that good little town where the Tug and Louisa prongs meet forming the Big Sandy River we were often about the Burns home and we remember a kindly motherly face who welcomed us at the door and took us back through the dining room and kitchen halting to give us a piece of cake or pie, a bunch of grapes or some other delicacy that her angel hands had prepared. And about this time it usually happened Uncle Roland came in with that friendly beam in his eyes looking over his spectacles and saying, "there you young fellow, I didn't see you in your accustomed spot last Sunday", it meaning I had played hooky and didn't attend the Sunday school at the Methodist Church, South, the very pillars of which were Roland T. Burns and his angel wife who has been called to her maker.


I can see constantly before me her husband, as superintendent of that school, the deceased wife teaching a class, and Mrs. F. T. D. Wallace at the organ, each giving a zealous offering unceasingly to the building of religious characters into the persons who attended that Sabbath school. The weather was never to inclement or the sun too warm to keep these noble characters from being at their place of duty. It is with a sigh of regret breaking through a hallowed memory of things gone before, that we record the death of Caroline Hatcher Burns. She lived to a ripe old age--a life filled with good works and noble deeds done in the blessed, simple and earnest way that leaves an imprint upon the minds of those who knew her so indelibly impressed that they will be remembered for as long as time lasts. Big Sandy News, Dec 17, 1915


CAINES, "Jamie"

"Jamie" Caines, son of Harmon and Fanny Caines, (both deceased), died Sunday, Dec 19th, aged 29 years 7 months and 5 days. The funeral services were held in the Hulett Branch school house, conducted by the Rev. L.M. Copley. Interment was made in the Caines burial ground, Fallsburg, with the honors of Odd Fellowship. The deceased was unmarried. Big Sandy News, Dec 24,1915



Fumes from burned gas were responsible for the death of G.E. R. Castle, 35 years old of Paintsville, who was found in his room at a local hotel Sunday morning. Castle is supposed to have turned the gas fire too high when he laid down across his bed Saturday night. In the morning the gas fumes were detected in the halls of the hotel by a chamber maid and an investigation made. The heat of the room was so intense that the door know of the room was almost too hot to hold. The body was prepared for burial at the Johnston Undertaking morgue and shipped to Paintsville for burial. Castle's people are engaged in the undertaking business at Paintsville, being survived by a father and several brothers and sisters. Herald Dispatch

Edwin Castle was a son of Mr. John Castle and a nephew of Mr. George Castle, of this city. He was a deaf mute 29 years old and had been married but was divorced and had one child, who survived him. He had passed the night in the hotel where he died, but rose very early, paid for the room and went out. He shortly returned and lay down on the bed without undressing. the fire was burning and the door and all the windows were shut. When found one arm was extended toward the fire, as if to turn off the gas. He lady so close to the fire that the breast and one shoulder were burned. The body was taken Monday to Paintsville where interment was made on Tuesday. Big Sandy News, Dec 24, 1915



Miniard Curnutte, married, aged 36 years, was instantly killed Wednesday morning by a fall of slate in the mines of the North East Coal Co., at Auxier. On receipt of the news of the fatality Mr. and, Mrs. Henry Yung, of this place went to Auxier and accompanied the body to Louisa, the victim of the casualty having been Mrs. Young’s brother. On Thursday, the remains were taken to Cordell, Mr. Curnutte’s former home for burial. He was a son in law of Labe Griffith and leaves a widow and 4 children. Big Sandy News, Dec 31, 1915


DAVIS, William J.

On the evening of Friday, Nov 26, near the store of Mont Bussey, at Busseyville, some 6 miles west of Louisa, Webb Holt, a well known citizen of this county, shot and almost instantly killed William Davis, an oil well pumper for the Venora Oil Company. The weapon used was a shot gun, and the entire load entered the throat of Davis carrying away a portion of his chin. Davis was in the automobile belonging to Robert Shank, a son of T. W. Shank, of this city. Physicians were summoned from this place and Dr. Ira Wellman, responded, but his services were not needed. The body was brought to this city the same evening and was taken to the undertaking establishment of Snyder Bros. where, about one o'clock Saturday morning an inquest was held by Police Judge Billie Riffe. the verdict of the jury was that Davis was killed by a shot from a gun fired by another. On Saturday morning the body was embalmed and later was taken to the residence of Frank Pigg. On Sunday, a brother of the wife of the dead man and 2w of her brothers in law arrived from Salem, WV. They took charge of the remains and on Monday, on N & W No. 3 they and Mrs. Davis and her son, a lad of about 17, left for the home of Mrs. Davis.


The NEWS has been to some trouble to get the details of this tragedy and it believes the following is reliable:

Davis, whose home was about half a mile from Busseyville, had been to Huntington on the day of the shooting. He returned to Louisa on the afternoon C & O train, about 5:30 and engaged Robert Shank, who had an automobile, to take him to Busseyville. When they were ready to start Davis said there was a girl named Hall at the home of Mrs. Romans, who wanted to go too. Shank told him "all right--that he was paying for the trip." They went to Romans residence, where the girl got in, sitting on the back seat with Davis. On the front seat, with Shank, was a friend of his, Emmett Callahan, of Huntington. Not long after they left town, Davis, who was somewhat under the influence of liquor, began to discharge his pistol, not at any particular object, but at the ground as they passed along. Shank remonstrated with him, asking him to quit and put up the pistol.


It is reported that one or more shots struck Mr. Holt's residence. Mr. Shank says he is sure that he fired at no one or at any house on the entire trip. When they arrived at Davis' home all the occupant sof the car got out and went into the house. Soon after they went in Davis announced his intention to go back to Louisa, saying he was going to Huntington. His wife begged him not to go, but he insisted and the entire party got into the car. Before they left the house Davis, put his pistol into a holster which he carried under his left arm. Davis sat on the front seat to the right of Mr. Shank, the driver. the Hall girl, Mrs. Davis, her son and Callahan, occupied the balance of the car. the car then started for Louisa. When near the Bussey store they saw another car which was said to be the one owned by Henry Bussey. It had all its lights burning and faced the Shank machine. Shank stopped his car, when 2 persons, one on each side of the machine, approached and one of them demanded "Is William Davis in the car?" Some one said "yes". Instantly there were 2 shots fired, one by the holder of the shot gun, Webb Holt, the other by William Davis, fired so close together, that Shank was unable to say which was fired first. When the car was halted, Mrs. Davis, her son, and the Hall girl had jumped out. Callahan says "they hardly waited for the car to stop." Davis fell forward upon receiving his death wound, almost covering Shank with his blood. The body was not taken from the car, but it was fastened with ropes and made so that it would not fall out, and Mr. Shank, Callahan, and Dr. Joe Bussey brought it to Louisa about 11 o'clock where it was disposed of as told in the foregoing. Early on Saturday morning Holt came to Louisa and surrendered himself to County Judge James Clayton. Friday, Dec 3 was set as the time for holding an examining trial. The defendant gave bone in the sum of $5000 for his appearance which he gave with Mont Bussey security.


Davis came to this section from West Virginia 2 or 3 years ago as a well driller. His first job was to drill the Tabor's Creek well, and since that time he has followed similar work in this vicinity. Webb Holt is a brother of Mont Holt, of this city, and holds a position with the Busseyville Oil Co. Between him and Davis some hard feeling had existed for some time, and it is said that only a short time before the shooting Holt had told Davis that he would give him 24 hours to leave the country. Whatever might have been the cause of the trouble the tragedy is greatly deplored in this county. Mr. Holt is known as a sober, honest young man. He is unmarried and lives with his sisters. It is said Davis had made threats against Holt and had displayed a pistol with which he expected to shoot Holt. Big Sandy News, Dec 3, 1915


DILS, Anna (Ratliff)

Pike County—Mrs. Anna Dils, aged 95, died after a short illness at her home on Main Street last Sunday night, senility being the principal cause. The funeral service was held at the hoe Tuesday afternoon, and Rev. M. C. Reynolds preached the funeral sermon. Interment ceremonies were held at the Dils Cemetery just across the river with an unusually large number of people attending. Mrs. Dils was the daughter of General Ratliff, and was the wife of Col. Dils of Civil War fame. She was married at Pikeville before the war and had lived here ever since. She was well known and was the object of great public veneration and respect because of her neighborly goodness, refinement and Christian character. Of late years she had been subjected to considerable sickness, but never for once lost that wonderful mental activity for which she was so well known. Her life up to its closing day was an example of industry, kindness and devotion to home and family and she was generally regarded as a mother to the town and its people, for this reason mourning for her loss is not confined to her relatives and descendants, but is general among all the people. Her life’s history is fraught with many events of interest and her stories of the fighting days were entertaining and full of local history of the times in Eastern Kentucky. Big Sandy News, Dec 24,m1915


DIXON, Mrs. Mart (Mary Bradley)

On Monday, Dec 13, Mrs. Mart Dixon died at Kise, this county and was buried on the following day. She had been in poor health for several months, and suddenly grew worse last Friday, sinking rapidly, until she closed her eyes in death. She left a child about 4 months old. Her husband also survives his young wife. She was 23 years old. She was a daughter of Mrs. Ella Bradley and several years ago she attended two sessions of the Kentucky Normal College. Big Sandy News, Dec 17, 1915


On Dec 11, 1915, Mary Bradley Dixon, beloved wife of Mart Dixon was visited by the angel of death and was borne away from this transitory world to her eternal home. She was the only daughter of Ella Bradley, was married only for 2 years. To this union was born one child which I only 3 or 4 months old. Mary was only 22 years old when she sank back into the earth from which she sprang. Mary was always known as a girl of great kindness, also a lover of flowers and many a time you would see her coming with a basket of flowers on her arm and a kind greeting for all. Se was baptized in July of the present year was converted sometime before this and her last days seemed to be her happiest. She said before her death she saw views of heaven and how can we doubt it. Big Sandy News, Dec 24, 1915



FITE, Thomas Twyman

Thomas Twyman Fite, aged 6 years , son of Rev. W. A. Fite, pastor of the First Christian Church died this morning from injuries received Sunday evening when an outing flannel night robe which he had on, caught fire from an open grate, from in front of which the child had removed a fire screen. The boy had been confined to his room on the second floor of the Fite home on Winchester Ave near 22nd for several days on account of a cut on one of his hips, which he suffered when he fell on a piece of glass while playing. Mrs. Fite was down stairs arranging the table for the evening meal and Mr. Fite who had preached at Catlettsburg earlier in the afternoon, was lying down resting at the time of the accident. Mr. and Mrs. Fite were attracted to the room in which Thomas and his sister Ruth, aged 3 and a half years, had been left, by the screams of the children. As soon as Mr. Fite reached the child above whose head leaped angry flames, he tried to extinguish them by means of a rug and when he saw this method was too sloe, he threw the little fellow on the bed and smothered out the fire by means of the bed clothing. Physicians were hastily summoned but the boy was past all human aid, and died at an early hour Monday morning. The body was taken to Independence, MO the former home of Mr. Fite for burial. Independent. Big Sandy News, Dec 3, 1915


GREEN, George

George Green, father of Rolla Green and Mrs. Ida Hager, of this city, died at his home at Salt Lick last Wednesday. He was sick only a few days. Paintsville Post. Big Sandy News, Dec 3,1915



Ashland, KY, Nov 26--Mrs. Eliza Gullett, who came here about 6 months ago from Salyersville to make her home with her daughter, Mrs. Dan Shultz, at Pollard, just outside of this city, was burned to death today. She was sitting in the yard smoking when sparks from her pipe set fire to the leaves, then her clothes catching fire. Her body was burned almost to a crisp before her daughter could reach her. She was 80 years old. Big Sandy News, Dec 3, 1915


HALE, Matilda

“Aunt” Matilda Hale, an aged colored woman who was for many years a resident of Louisa, died in Huntington a few days ago, the result of burns. She was sitting near a grate when her clothing caught fire and before the flames could be extinguished she was nearly burned to a crisp. She had many relatives in Louisa. Big Sandy News, Dec 31, 1915



Oliver Hardwick, a well known and much respected citizen of this county died very suddenly at Torchlight Thursday morning. He was at work on the roof of a new building which was being erected by the coal company when he leaned up against a fellow workman saying he felt very bad. He asked to be taken down the ladder, but he died before this could be done. His body was brought to Walbridge and taken to the home of his son, Jay, with whom he had lived since the death of his wife a few years ago. Mr. Hardwick is survived by several grown children. He was a native of West Virginia where he has several relatives, including a brother, Mr. John Hardwick. Dr. Hardwick of Huntington and Dan Hardwick, a lawyer. Interment will probably be made Saturday. He was about 60 years of age and was a son in law of Mordecia Wilson, of this city. Mr. Hardwick was a good citizen, a quiet, sober industrious man, respected by all who knew him. His sudden taking off was a shock to the community. Big Sandy News, Dec 10, 1915



Henry Hatten of Neal, aged 60 died Friday, Dec 10 of pneumonia. Funeral services were held by Rev, Fallen and Rev. Murray of Ceredo Sunday morning. The deceased was a member of Ceredo Lodge I.O.O.F. and funeral ceremonies of the order were held prior to the burial of the body. Big Sandy News, Dec 24, 1915


HOLT, Mrs. John

The widow of John Holt died Wednesday at the home of a grandson, Claude Holt, on Mill Creek, not far from Fort Gay. She was more than 90 years old, and her death was due to the infirmities of this advanced age. Mrs. Hole had many relatives in Wayne and Lawrence Counties. Big Sandy News, Dec 31, 1915



Mary ? Hooser, wife of John W. Hooser, was born Feb 18, 1847, died Dec 10, 1915, aged 68 years 9 months and 22 days. She was converted in the early part of her life and joined the M. E. Church and lived a consistent Christian until she was called to her home in Heaven. She leaves a loving husband and 8 children to mourn the loss of a loving mother. Two children had already passed on to that shining shore and were waiting there for mother, ??? hearts and home are broken, our home is home no more. We ill miss you sadly, miss your kind and willing hands, your earnest care. Our home is dark, we miss you everywhere. All was done that loving hands could do, but it was the Lord's will to take our darling loved one home. A place is vacant in our home that can never be filled. Big Sandy News, Dec 17, 1915



Pike County--Aunt Allie Leslie, aged 82, died from the effects of pneumonia at her home near Coal Run last Wednesday and her remains were laid to rest in the family cemetery near the home Thursday, Rev. M.C. Reynolds preaching the funeral sermon. She had been sick for several weeks before her death. Mrs. Leslie is a relict of Harvey Leslie, and she leaves a host of relatives and friends to mourn for her. Big Sandy News, Dec 17, 1915


LUCKHAUPT, Annie (Wilson)

Mrs. Annie Wilson Luckhaupt, aged 31, daughter of Mrs. Lizzie Wilson, died suddenly Friday night, Dec 3, near Marshall, ??. The body arrived here Thursday morning accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Nannie Davis, of Portsmouth, who had gone to Marshall upon the receipt of the news of her sister's death. The time of interment is not now known, but it will probably be Friday. Deceased is survived by 2 children, her mother, 3 sisters, Mrs. alice Collins of Columbus, OH, Mrs. Nannie Davis of Portsmouth, and Mrs. Floyd Merricks of Whites Creek. WV. Because of the suddenness of the death of Mrs. Luckhaupt, and of some other facts connected with her death the theory of poisoning had been advanced. To clear up the matter an inquest was held and the body examined before the remains were sent to Kentucky. No trace of poison ??? ??? character were found. Big Sandy News, Dec 10, 1915



Floyd County--The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. Martin died Sunday and was buried Monday. The Rev. Pope of the Baptist Church conducted the funeral services. Big Sandy News, Dec 10, 1915


MAYO, John Wesley

John Wesley Mayo, age 73, died Tuesday and was buried Thursday in family burial grounds near Dawkins Station, 2 miles above Paintsville. He was a brother of Mr. T. J. Mayo, of Paintsville. Big Sandy News, Dec 31, 1915



After a brave fight for his life, in which the best skill and attention did all that could possibly be done, Carl Moore, of Cordell, this county, died at Riverview hospital last Friday morning. Several weeks ago Mr. Moore was attacked by peritonitis and appendicitis and soon afterwards he was brought to the hospital and was operated upon. He was apparently doing well for a short time, but his condition soon became serious then critical and finally hopeless. The day after death occurred the body was taken to Cordell, where on Sunday it was buried with the ceremony belonging to a Masonic interment. The attendance was very large, it being estimated that fully 400 people were present. Mr. Moore is survived by his widow, his mother and one child one year old. He was a son of Felix Moore, deceased, and a grandson of Eli Moore. He was a nephew of Lock Moore, of this city. Carl Moore was an excellent young man, a prominent teacher and good citizen. He was preparing to take a course in medicine and was expecting to go to Louisville next month to attend lectures at a University. His untimely death is deeply mourned by scores of relatives and friends. Big Sandy News, Dec 17, 1915



Mrs. Mary Parsons, died suddenly at the home of William Riffe, on East Fork, in this county, on Wednesday night of this week. The time of her death is not known, as it occurred in bed, long after all had retired. Mrs. Parsons had lived with this family for a long time. A child was sleeping with her at the time of her death and it was the crying of this child that finally took some member of the family to the bedside. It was then discovered that Mrs. Parsons was dead. She was past middle age. Big Sandy News, Dec 24,1915


PIGG, Cora (Hutchison)

On Monday night last Mrs. James O. Pigg, aged about 32 years, died at her home near the mouth of Little Blaine. Interment was made in the Hutchison graveyard on Wednesday morning after services conducted by Revs. Lindsay and William Copley. The deceased is survived by her husband and 3 children. Details later. Big Sandy News, Dec 24, 1915


PRESTON, Mrs. Frank

Mrs. Frank Preston, aged about 20 years, died near Columbus, OH, on Thursday last. The body was brought to Charley, her former home on Friday for interment. Puerpural septicemia was the cause of her death. She was a daughter of Elija Hays and is survived by her husband and 2 children. Big Sandy News, Dec 17, 1915



One child, a 2 year old girl, is dead and another, her 4 year old brother, dying, as the result of an Indian game played by the 3 children of Henry Prichard, of Holden, Wednesday. The 6 year old son of Mr. Prichard started a fire in a piano box where his brother and sister were playing. before the children were rescued the girl was dead and the boy so badly burned that his death is expected at any time. Big Sandy News, Dec 3,1915


P'Simer, J. G.

Tuesday evening, Nov 25th, witnessed the passing of Mr. J. G. P'Simer, one of Morehead's old and honored citizens. Pneumonia was the cause of his death and he was ill only a few days. Deceased was in the 84th year of his age, and up to the time of being stricken he enjoyed excellent health for one of his advanced years. Mr. P'Simer was a native of Paintsville, KY and taught school in Lewis and Johnson Counties until 1882 after which he devoted himself to farming in Lewis County for a number of years. In 1902 he purchased a farm near Hilda, this county, but soon after moved to Morehead and retired from active life and settled down to enjoy the pleasure of a ripe old age full of honors and well spent years. Big Sandy news, Dec 3, 1915


RICE, Adeline

Mrs. Adeline Rice, one of the oldest and best known residents of this part of the county, died at her home near the mouth of Two Mile Creek Tuesday night. She was buried near the old home Thursday afternoon, funeral services being conducted by Revs. French Rice and H.B. Hewlett. She was 81 years old and leaves a large number of descendants and other relatives. She was a daughter of the late John Crabtree and widow of Jake Rice, a prominent lawyer and Mason, who at one time was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky. Mrs. Rice had been in poor health for a number of years, more than once seemingly at the very door of death, but her demise was quite unexpected. She was fairly well for several days preceding her passing, but the last call was not long in being answered. "Aunt Ad" was a familiar figure in life of her neighborhood, known to hundreds of people. Just now it is impossible to give fuller details, but they will be forthcoming. Big Sandy News, Dec 24, 1915


RICE, James David

Rev. R. French Rice, called on friends here Monday and went to Huntington to visit Jacob Rice, also his daughter, Mrs. Sam Wheeler. Rev. Rice was called here to conducted the funeral of James David Rice which occurred at his home at Normal Monday. Decedent, was 53 years old. He is survived by a wife, one son, and 4 daughters. He had been ill for a long time and was an earnest Christian. He was a half brother of Ed, Bas, and French Rice, of this city. Burial took place in the Neal Graveyard, near the South side. Catlettsburg Dept. Independent. Big Sandy News, Dec 24, 1915



Ben Robinett, a C & O telegraph operator, was shot and instantly killed last Monday night at Prestonsburg, Yonda Auxier, another operator, was shot 3 times during the same altercation, but it is believed he will recover. A. J. Huff, a merchant of West Prestonsburg, is charged with the crime. Our Prestonsburg correspondent gives one report of the affair, which is probably as nearly correct as can be secured now. Robinett was about 25 years old. He has been in the employ of the C & O for several years. Last year he was one of the operators at Louisa. He was regarded here as a worthy young man, quiet and attentive to his duties. He leaves a father, mother, and 3 brothers who live at Harold, Pike County. Big Sandy News, Dec 3, 1915


SMITH, Mrs. Talby

News reached the city today of the death of Mrs. Talby Smith at Pinson Fork, KY. Mr. Talby Smith is a well known business man in Pike County and also in Mingo. Mrs. Smith was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John May of Pinson Fork. She was only 19 years of age. Mrs. Smith had 2 children, one 2 years old and a 3 months old baby. Her death was a shock to her numerous friends here in Williamson and Pike County, as no one knew she was so ill. Quite a number of friends from Williamson went up on the early Pond Creek train to attend the funeral and burial services to be held at the family cemetery near Peg, KY, today. The many friends of the bereaved family extend to them their sympathy. Williamson News. Big Sandy news, Dec 24,1915


VAN BUREN, Charles

Charles Van Buren, aged 71 years and 8 months, an old soldier, who was badly burned recently when his home on Garner was destroyed by fire, died Sunday at the County Home, where he was removed following the fire. His remains were buried this evening in the County Home burial grounds. Big Sandy News, Dec 17, 1915


VAUGHAN, William P.

For the third time within a year the angel of death has visited the family of Capt. William P. Vaughan, a prominent and respected citizen of the Big Sandy Valley, at his home in Catlettsburg, KY. In February of this year, his son, David B. Vaughan, died suddenly, and on the day following his death, the Captain's wife, who had been in poor health for many months, passed away. For the past few weeks Capt. Vaughan, has not been very well, though he was not taken to his bed until Tuesday last, at which time pneumonia developed, and at 4:45 this morning he passed away.


Capt. Vaughan was born near Parkersburg, WV, Sep 28, 1845?, there fore at his death he was 70 years 2 months and 16 days of age. He came to the Sandy Valley in April, 1858 and has lived in this section since that date dividing his occupation between timbering, farming and operating steamboats on the Big Sandy and Ohio Rivers. For many years he resided near Georges Creek, in Lawrence County, KY, and in 1879 married Eleanor Borders, daughter of David Borders, a pioneer citizen of the Sandy Valley. To this union there were born 8 children, 7 sons and one daughter. All of these children are dead excepting, Rector Vaughan, Jr., of Richardson, KY, Thomas Vaughan, wharfmaster at Catlettsburg, KY and Mrs. Jesse Hughes, who has made her home with her father since the death of her mother. The funeral services were conducted from the residence on ???? ??? in Catlettsburg, KY, Monday morning at ??? the Hampton Masonic Lodge having charge. Burial in Catlettsburg Cemetery, Ashland Independent. Big Sandy News, Dec 10, 1915



Fred Walker, a 19 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Hall Walker, of Ceredo, was instantly killed Sunday, when he attempted to board a moving freight train. An inquest was held by Coroner A. B. Brown. the same old story, When will young men learn to keep off of moving freight trains. A good many young men at Wayne and other points follow this habit. This may be their fate some day. Big Sandy News, Dec 24, 1915


WEBB, Carl

Carl Webb, a young man ?27 years old, came to his death ?????? Saturday evening, Nov 2? by accidentally shooting himself. Young Webb with Kim L??? and S??? Vance were out rabbit hunting and they stepped upon a log to watch for the game. Mr. Vance, said that Webb had his gun standing on his foot, and his foot slipped and .... rest is unreadable... Big Sandy News, Dec 3, 1915


WEBB, Mollie G.

Miss Mollie G. Webb was born Feb 27, 1887 near Louisa, KY and departed this life Dec 6, 1915 at Eureka, MT, surrounded by a host of friends and a part of her immediate relatives. Miss Webb was a good Christian girl and lived a noble life, was loved and respected by all who knew her and those whom she met during her travels. She loved all church work and anything pertaining tot he elevation of the mind. After she became unable to attend church and could hear the church bell ring she expressed a desire to attend church. She said that death had lost all its seriousness for her. She is not dead, but sleepeth the blessed sleep in Jesus that knoweth no troubled awakening. Big Sandy News, Dec 17, 1915


A message bearing the sad intelligence of the death of Miss Mollie G. Webb Monday, Dec 5, in distant Montana, was flashed over the wires to the Webb family living ar Riverside, Ark. Mollie was well known at Mammoth Spring where she taught in the High School and throughout Fulton County where she worked 2 seasons as a special agent for the Girl’s Canning and poultry club. Mollie Gambille Webb was born in Lawrence County, KY Feb 27, 1887, where she was reared and educated, finishing her course in the Kentucky Normal College, at Louisa, KY. She taught 4 terms of school in Kentucky, when her father, Joe Webb, becoming dissatisfied after the death of his wife, Mollie’s mother, sold out and emigrated with Mollie and her 3 sisters to Medford, a city in the beautiful Rogue River valley in southwestern Oregon, where she taught terms of school. The family moved to Mammoth Spring, Ark., in 1911 where she was employed in teaching until she received the appointment from the U. S. Bureau of Agriculture and farm demonstration work, as special agent for the Girl’s canning and poultry club, under which she labored with gratifying success.


Her health failing she went to northwestern Montana in May 1915, where she seemed to improve for a while, but as winter began to close in she became worse and soon succumbed to the deadly grip of the dread monster, tuberculosis. She leaves a host of friends in Kentucky, Oregon and Arkansas, where her pupils and club girls mourn with one accord. She was 28 years 9 months and 5 days old, and unmarried, having preferred to live single and spend her short life laboring for the good of others. She is survived by a father, 2 brothers and 3 sisters who mourn the loss of a dutiful child and a kind and affectionate sister. She was with her eldest sister, Mrs. Cynthia B. White, and her brother, Joseph, in Montana when she died, who did all that loving hands could do till the last, then they laid her to rest mid the evergreen hills of northwest Montana till the crowing day that’s coming by and by. Big Sandy News, Dec 24, 1915