Jan 5

Mr. A. W. Walters, father of Mrs. C. D. Norris, dies at this place the 25th of December. He was 74 years old, a resident of Baltimore, and was here on a visit to Mrs Norris. The long trip from Baltimore greatly fatigued him and he was never able to be out of the house after his arrival here. The remains were taken to Baltimore for burial by M C. D. Norris and Mrs Vowinkle, another of Mr. Walters’s daughters who was here at the time of his death.


Jan 12



Jan 19

Alex. McGround, a prominent farmer of Russell county, committed suicide last week.


Jan 26

Died, in Cassville. on last Monday, Mrs. Rosa Damron. The funeral was preached on Wednesday by Rev. Suddish of this place.


Webbville: Died, Jan. 8th, Missouri Hicks, of pneumonia fever, Also the wife of Calvin Perkins, on Jan. 9th


Feb 2

Died, yesterday at her home near this place, Mrs. Mary Johns, mother of M. H. Johns, of this place.


Rockville: A infant child of Lindsay Layne died last week of spinal meningitis.


Feb 9



Feb 16

Edmonds Branch: James F. ( not sure if E or F since paper torn) Estep, son-in-law of D. J. Casey, Esq,. was killed in the coal mines of Caperton, W. Va., on the 5th inst. His body was brought here and interred at the Casey cemetery on the 8th inst. His death was a most shocking occurrence. He was an amicable and clever gentleman, and the affair has cast a mantle of mourning around many a hearthstone. His widow is now at her old home and has the deepest sympathies of the community. His father and other relatives that followed his remains here returned their thanks to the community for their kind attention to them in the sad bereavement.


Little Blaine: Mrs. Garfield Berry, died a few days since. Also Aunt Cinda Packwood died a short time ago. The afflicting hand is visiting our little creek at almost every house.


Feb 23



March 1

Died, at his home, near this place on Tuesday night. Mr Lewis Wellman. He was one of Lawrence county’s oldest citizens, his age being 88 years.


Died, on last Sunday evening, the infant daughter or Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Prichard. The child was eight months old, and had been in ill health since birth. The funeral was preached by Dr. Cook and the interment took place in Pine hill cemetery on Tuesday afternoon. The sympathies of the community are with the bereaved.


March 8

Little Blaine: Uncle James Moore, died February 18th. The cause of his death was cancer. He was over 80 years old.


Little Blaine: Pamela Jordan, daughter of Jerry and Fannie Jordan, died Feb. 20th, age 23. She joined the Church at the age of fourteen years. Our sympathies are with the bereaved parents.

Little Blaine:
Parker Wallace, died at Asher Miller’s. in the 17th of February.


Little Blaine: Also Annie Burton, wife of S. P. Burton died on the February and left a good husband and several children to grieve after her\


Little Blaine: The little daughter of Henry Cochran died on the 15th ult.


March 15

Died , on last Tuesday, at his home on Tug River, about four miles from this place, Wm. Fraley, on of the oldest citizens of the county.


Charley, KY: Died, on the 9th inst. Thomas Moore,. He leaves a wife and daughter to mourn his loss.


March 22

Little Cru Workman, aged tow years, died at Capt. Freese’s on Tuesday night of last week, of membranous croup.


March 29

Rockville: Died an infant child of Lafayette Burns.


April 5



April 12



April 19



April 26

Paintsville: Died, recently a little child of Mant. Conley



May 3

Edmunds Branch: Miss Fannie Cooksey, daughter of the late Wm. Cooksey , departed, this life on the 30th ult, at the age of 15. She leave a large number of friends and relatives to mourn her loss.


Died, at her home in Lawrence County, little Nellie Hawes, daughter of Leander Haws, of measles. On the 19th day of April she fell asleep and has gone to rest. He life ended just as she began to grow attractive and she was called away to the land of light and glory to live with God and the angels forever. Deaths enter the happiest of homes and claims the most loved as his own. We press dear the dear hand for the last time, we whisper one sweet, sad good-by, and the loved face is hid from our view.


Not in cruelty or wrath,

The reaper came that day

Twas an angel visited the earth and the bore the flower away

I know that Nellie is happy, with angel plumage on: but our hearts are very desolate, the think that Nellie is gone ( John Hutchinson)


May 10



May 17

Harvey Poe, a much respected young man, departed this life at Jas. Cooksey’s at Falls of Blaine on the 1st inst,, of consumption.


Also, on the 5th inst., Mrs. Polly Bradley, an aged Christian lady, breathed her last at the home of her son-in-law, Lafayette Cooksey. The relatives of the deceased ones have the heartfelt sympathies of the community.


In Memoriam:

James Asberry Boldman, little son of F.M. Boldman and Minnie Boldman, departed this life May 4. 1888. He was nearly fourteen months old, having that part of his childhood which represents all that is sweet and lovely in human nature. Mentally and physically he appeared to be almost a perfect specimen of the human species for one of his age.

Being such a sweet and lovely child he was a great favorite of his grand parents, Judge Asberry Hawes and wife, with whom he and his parents had recently gone to live, but “he is now at rest where other blessed infants be, on their Savior’s loving breast”.

We mourn with them that mourn; but we say to his parents, grand parents and friends that if their faith fall not he will be theirs forever.

May Asberry’s lot be our forever:

May nothing our soul from bliss sever

May we be ready when we die,

To go to Asberry on high.


May 24

Peach Orchard: Bud Savage’s little girl, aged 18 months was burned to death Tuesday, the 13th.


May 31

Reuben Hall killed John Hall on what is known as Left Beaver in Floyd County, on the 19th inst., and a few days afterward surrendered to the Jailer of Floyd County. He pleads self-defense.


The latest in regard to the killing of Deputy Sheriff Holifield is that upon demanding admittance to the house in which Hall was concealed, a shot was fired through the door and took effect in Holifield’s hand. Holifield then turned and started from the house when Hall fired another shot, striking his victim in the left side. He died within a few hours. Hall still defies arrest and Sheriff May has offered a reward for him. It is probably that a reward will be offered by the Governor.



June 7

Died on Peck’s Station, on the ?th inst,. Mrs J. M. Preston. She was a daughter of Mr. James Y. Brown.


June 14

A Fatal Fracas, Two boys engage in a deadly encounter

On last Sunday, a difficulty occurred near the forks of Hood in this county, a short distance from the Johnson county line, between Giles Green and Leander Bryant, which resulted in the death of the latter. The particulars as we have learned them are as follows:

Green was going home from church with a girl and was followed by five young men ( Bryant being one of them) who were not on friendly terms with him. They used vulgar and insulting language purposely in the hearing of Green and the young lady and subsequently threw dirt on him and annoyed him in various ways. Green told them to get in front, and they replied that they “would not be driven by a d….d dog” and added that he “must go or die”. Bryant then struck Green with a club, when the latter drew a knife and cut his assailant in the hand and across the abdomen. Bryant died on Mon. evening from the effects of his wounds. Green’s skull is probably fractured and his wound may prove fatal. Both Green and Bryant are said to be under twenty years of age.


June 21

Another Killing - This Time in Martin County

On last Saturday night at about ten o’clock, Ale Aldrich, living on the “near” fork of Rock Castle Creek in Martin County, shot Semore Boling, a son of Wm. Boling. The particulars are as follows:

Aldrich had recently placed a large farm bell near his dwelling, to be used instead of the common “dinner horn”. Some mischievous boys and young men of the neighborhood had frequently been annoying Aldrich by ringing the bell during the night, and he at last declared that he would kill the next one who rung the bell. The boys were not frightened by the threat, but seem to have been only encouraged in their mischief, as the procured a long grape vine which they intended to tie to the bell-rope on that night which proved to be fatal to one of them.
On Sunday night Aldrich expecting a visit from the boys and had previously prepared to execute his threat. He pushed some of the “chinking” out of the side of the house next to the bell; and after building a small fired near the bell he put a wash-kettle in such a position that the light would not reveal his “port-hole” in the house. The boys came with the grapevine, which they intended to tie to the bell rope, so that they could get under a steep bank near by and ring the bell at pleasure without being in danger. Aldrich was lying in wait, and seeing their object, he shot Boling just as he took hold of the rope. A shot gun loaded with a very large shot was the weapon used, and the load entered Boling’s bosy at the lower edge of his ribs on the left side. Dr Swetnam, of Peach Orchard, was summoned, and an examination showed that a number of shots went to the “hollow” and that the would would probably prove fatal.

Aldrich is in jail in Eden, together with four of the boys who were connected with the bell-ringing.



Died, at her home on Caney fork, a few miles from this place, on the 8th inst., Mary , wife of Levi Webb, after a brief illness. She leaves a husband and eight children to mourn her loss.


June 28



July 5

At Maysville the other morning, Lucy Rice shot and killed Barbara Ballinger, jealousy.


Derefield: Died on the 28th ult., an infant child of Booker Mullins.


George’s Creek: Died, last week, Martha Vanhoose, daughter of Wm. Vahoose.


George’s Creek: Mrs Abram Gr…. (middle not eligible) who died last week was buried on Sunday according the the rules of the Farmers Alliance. She leaves a large family of children.

July 12

Buchanan: Mrs James Caldwell died July 4th of consumption on Long Branch of Blaine, Her funeral was preached at the grave by the Rev D.K, Leslie to an attentive audience of sorrowing friends.


July 19

An unusual tragedy occurred at Red River, a hamlet of Wolfe County. For some time it has been understood that Henry or Harvey Pike was to marry Mira Haskins, the daughter of a general store-keeper in the village. Some weeks ago a young man named Everhard, a timber buyer, supposed to be from Philadelphia, has been about the place , and boarded at Haskins’. He and Miss Haskins became great friends, and spent much of their time together in the evenings. Pike became exceedingly jealous of the stranger, thought there is nothing to indicate that the lady was untrue to him. On Sunday night Pike called at Haskins’ residence, and learned that his sweetheart and Everhard were out walking. He sat down for awhile, chatting good humoredly with the family, then saying he wouldn’t wait any longer, left, all supposed for his home. Instead, where by accident or design, he walked out the road taken by the absent couple, and them a half mile away. What passed between them will never be known, but when later a searching party, alarmed at the long absence of the two, reached they spot they found all three dead. Everhard had been shot in the head, Miss Haskins was fifty feet away, the back of her head crushed by a bludgeon which had fallen by her side. Across her body, Pike lay, feebly gasping, with a bullet hole in the roof of his mouth, when he had sent a bullet into his brain. He died inside of an hour. The position of the bodies indicated that Pike had shot Everhard in the the head without warning. The girl started to run away, when Pike pursuing her, struck her with the club, killing her instantly. He then probably laid down across her body, placed his pistol, a large-sized Colt, in his mouth and fired. When found, one hand clasped tightly the right hand of his sweetheart.



July 26

Mrs. Julia Hanley, died at Ironton, OH, on the 23rd inst, and was buried about four miles below the place. Mrs Hanley was a sistger to A.P. and A. J. Ferguson of this place.


Emma: We are sorry to note the death of Wm. Moore’s little son.


Derefield: Died, last week. a little child of Thomas Gillam.


Edmond’s Branch: Died, on the 15th inst., an infant child of Harrison Kelley and his wife.



August 2

Jungle City: Died, recently at this place, an infant child of James and America Watson.


Brushy: Died, recently a child of W.G. Kouns.


Webbville: Died, on the 28th inst., an infant child of J. C. Webb, of flux


August 9

Died at his home in Louisa, on last Friday, I R Hooser, aged 48. He leaves a wife and several children.


The aged wife of the deceased Judge Borders. of this county, died at Calettsburg a few days ago, and the remains were taken to Peach Orchard Tuesday for interment.


August 16

Glenwood: Died, on the 12th inst,, Daniel Riffe, He was a member of the Baptist Chuch, and will be missed. (latet article from 8/23 says died from heart disease)

Also from 8/23: We are sorry to note the death of Daniel Riffe of Glenwood. He was found dead in his bed on the 13th inst. He had been complaining for some time of trouble in his breast. He wife was sitting up with with sick folks in the neighborhood and there was only a small boy in the house. He was one of Big Sandy’s pioneers and had been a strict member of the old baptist church about forty years. He laves and a wife and many friends to mourn his loss.


August 23

Ed. Hughes attended the funeral of his friend Will Geiger, at Ashland this week.


Glenwood: Died of heart disease, Mrs Bartley, also a little child of M.D. Rice


August 30:

An eighteen months old child of Mont Bussey of Busseyville, died on last Sunday.


Waldeck Jordan’s little three year old son was drowned at the Falls of Blaine one day last week. He was playing at the water’s edge with a child of about the same age and fell in, and before help arrived he was drowned.

Also in different section has this: A small child of Waldeck Jordan was drowned in the mill pond at the Falls of Blaine on the 23rd inst. Mr Jordan has the deepest sympathies of the community.


Derefield: Died. on last Thursday, a little child of Wm. Kitchen.


September 6

Ramsey Workman was drowned near the Fall of Tugs, on last Saturday, while attempting to land logs by swimming out to them. His body has not yet been found. He leaves a wife and three small children.

Later: His body has been found about twenty feet from where he was drowned.


Died on the 30th ult.. Mrs. A. Brummil. She was buried at the mouth of Blaine.

Also on the same day a three year old child of Shedwick Ward.

Sept 13-


Sept 20

Hickory Gap; Died, on the 13th inst., old Aunt Emily Short. She leaves a husband and ten children to mourn her loss.


Sept 27

A Mrs. Bancroft was thrown from a horse and killed in West Virginia, a few miles from this place, last week.



Oct 4

Died, on last Thursday, at his home about 12 miles above this place, Garred Ratcliffe, of Dropsy. He has been sick for several months.


Oct 11

Mrs. Jas. McDonald, a daughter of Marcus Hodge, died a few days ago and was brought to her father’s home in Fort Gay for burial. Her husband is dangerously ill with fever and is not expected to recover.


Killing in Johnson: A difficulty occurred between Henry Castle and Pierce Daniel about three weeks ago on Tom’s Creek in which Castle beat Daniel over the head with a hoe handle and otherwise beat and kicked him, from the effects of which he died last Friday morning. Daniel’s wounds were not thought to be serious fro several days, and in the meantime Castle gave bond in the sum of $150 for assault and battery. As soon as Daniel died another warrant charging Castle with murder was issued. Castle was arrested in Greenup county Sunday by Geo. Vanhoose and Jno. S. Williams and was brought here Tuesday morning and placed in jail. ( Paintsville Paragraph)


Oct 18

Blaine: John Steal died at his residence last week.

Little Blaine: Died, on the 6th inst,. on the Brushy Fork of Blaine, John Castle. He leaves a wife and several children.


Oct 25

Five Mile Shoal: Died, at this place Uncle George Miller, aged 84 years.


Nov 1



Nov 8

Died, in Louisa, on Tuesday, Mrs. Mary Drennen, of fever. She was buried in Pine Hill Cemetery yesterday. Her father Judge Burns, of Ashland, was present at her death and burial.


Nov 15



Nov 22


Nov 29

Died, last Saturday in Fort Gay, Sam Frasher, Jr., aged 18 years


Died, yesterday at one o’clock, at his residence above this place, Ulyses Garred, aged seventy-five years. he had been in very ill health for several months, and his death is not a surprise to those acquainted with his condition.

We have never been called upon to announce a death which caused deeper regret than this demise. “Unfortunately Lys” as he was familiarly called, was known throughout this section: and wherever known he was loved and reverenced. His beautiful home (“Stone House”) has always been pointed to as a model of hospitality. A better man than Uncle Lys was seldom lives.The loss to a community of a man exerting the godly influence of the deceased is inestimable and irreparable.

Mrs. Garred died a fews years ago, and one son and two daughters survive the venerable couple. They have the sympathy of their many friends.


Dec 6



Dec 13


Dec 20

There is no double that the notorious Johnson Hatfield of the well know Hatfield gang died last week at Granville Thompson’s a few miles from this place. Some time since, a party passing through the country in a wagon was compelled to leave the deceased, owing to his serious sickness, at Mr Thompson’s. The sick man’s name was given as Vance. After a few days some of the party returned for the comrade but found him too ill to be removed. He shortly afterward died as as their was suspicion is was Hatfield an investigation was made. He was identified by one or two parties who knew him and there is little doubt that is was Johns’ Hatfield. The remains were cared for by the county.


Mr. John Roberts, Sr., died at his home on last Saturday morning, aged 83 years.